Stole my heart.

Alyssa Wood is just a normal young lady until one day she bumps into Louis Tomlinson and her life changes...


2. Home

I crept in the front door hoping not to be heard by my father ( My Mother and Father split up and then my mother died of a Brain Tumor ). 'SLAM' went the tatty, front door. Oh no.

"Alyssa?" Shouted a very deep voice from the living room. Uh Oh I was in deep trouble! " Alyssa, whre have you been?" He asked.

"Errrmm.. sorry dad, I didn't meen to be late. Honest! I met this boy from a band One Direction he's called Louis Tomlinson, oh! and he said we could hang out sometime. So I wond-" I was cut off as my dad walked down the stairs.

"Alyssa!" He screamed at me. " Give me a chance to breath, who is this boy? Where does he live? Do I know him? " He asked concered as the protective father he was.

" Calm down dad! He's only a boy that i met today and we are going to hang out this friday! Its fine he can'tt hurt me otherwise the press would be all over it!" I said trying to calm my dad down.

" OK then." He replied and then he walked back up the stairs to his room tocarry on watching telly. As for me I couldn't stop thinking about Louis and Friday. I couldn't wait! On the other hand I was so nervous and I wondered what he would think of me. Would he like me? I looked at the clock, it was already 9:30 PM! I had to get to bed otherwise i would be really tired in the morning and then my dad would get mad at me for being moody - I was really moody if I was moody in the morning.

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