Stole my heart.

Alyssa Wood is just a normal young lady until one day she bumps into Louis Tomlinson and her life changes...


3. Hanging Out

Two days had already gone by and I was having mixed feeling about meeting Louis. Would he like me? Or would he think I was a complete wierdo like most other people do? It was already 5:30 PM and I was starting to worry thinking over and over again what i would say to him.I would have to set of in two minutes and i needed to get dressed.

Firstly i quickly I ripped out some clothes from my wardrobe, I had pulled out a short, floral skirt and a plain, baby pink T - Shirt, I then slipped on some pink ballet pumps with a gold bow on. To finalise my outfit I slapped on some foundation and a bit of mascara then brushed my hair and put a navy blue and pink striped bow in my hair to keep it out of my face. I then picked up my brown buckled bag, opened the door and started walking.

I was ready. I set of walking down the street forgetting to look in the mirror, I hoped I looked alright. I got to the end of the street and croosed the road. I looked around and saw a big sign saying: The MOVELLES, i walked over and strolled inside, there I saw Louis sat down on a chair all by him self, I decided to walk over to him and say hi. we started talking about contestants on the X - Factor and he said that i should go round to him house the next day to meet the rest of the crew. " Ok," I said calmly trying not to sound so creepily excited like last time. It was then time for both of us to go again and once more we said good bye and went our seperate ways " Bye!" I shouted as he turned around and waved


Louis P.O.V

Wow Alyssa is a really nice girl and I can't wait to see her again and for her to meet the rest of the gang it will be really different to have a girl in the house for once ( but in a good way ).

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