Stole my heart.

Alyssa Wood is just a normal young lady until one day she bumps into Louis Tomlinson and her life changes...


1. 1.Oh my Gosh

I stood there in silence. Was it really him? Or was i just day dreaming as usual? No it really was , its was him definately.

Standing in the middle of London, just staring at what i thought was Louis Tomlinson. I hap hazardly made my way over to where he stood. I was gazingly staring at him until he finally spoke.

" Ummm... Hi, " He exclaimed, looking puzzled.

Oh, Hi! Sorry for staring," I Apologized, " I just thought... Well i wondered if you were, ummm... " I spulttered.

" If I was Louis Tomlinson? From One Direction? " He asked

" Yeah!" I replied. I couldn't believe it! It was actually Louis Tomlinson. " I'm a big fan!" I nodded.

" I bet you are. Ha! " He laughed, " Wanna hang out some- "

"Sure!" I said cutting him off. " Oh I'm sorry! I didn't mean to."

" Its fine, Friday night, The Movelles meet me there at 6pm sharp, seya I've got to go." I waved and we went our seperate ways. I headed of home.

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