the boy with the broken smile

when madison and her best friend sierra travel to london on a holiday they find one direction they get a behind the scenes look at their lives and maybe its not as glamorous as it seems


1. london

it is a sunny day. i look out the window at the clouds. i am so excited to be going to get to see the olympics in london. i have been doing swimming for 10 years. people say i have a gift. i am on the waiting list for the 2016 olympics so i am training harder then ever. however i am going on vacation with my best friend and her family to london for a month. shes from london but moved to america 2 years ago. we are staying in her grandparents flat. she is excited because her grandparents are rich and live in the same complex as one direction. the mega famous british-irish boyband. i was pretty excited too but i kept my cool. as i walked off the plane i was a bit overwhelmed. it was gorgous. just the airport was beautiful. we found out luggage and hopped on a double decker bus. i wanted to sit up top to see all the sights but i dont think i was prepared for the cold.i grabbed my beanie and threw it on. we drove over the london bridge. it was amazing. we passed big ben, and yes it was very big. we finally got to the complex. i saw all of the boys cars lined up. i walked off the bus and over by the complex. " my grandparents are on the 5th floor so you can start heading up. as i walked up the stairs i ran into the most handsome man i have ever seen. harry styles. i fell on the floor really hard."im so sorry' i say. harry puts out his hand to help me up. " thank you' i say."whats your name?" harry asks. "sierra" i say "oh hey im harry" he says and flips his hair. "youre not from around here" harry says. "i guess its that noticable" i say and look down. " your accent, your tan skin' harry says and smiles "its all american' just then you hear the rest of the boys come down and my best friend and her family come up. harry and i are standing in the middle. the boys behind harry, madison behind me. you can hear madison waving her arms but not squealing. " how long are you staying here?" harry asks me. " a month" i say. " boys this is sierra shes staying in london for a month" harry says. " hello" each boy says and gives me a hug. " we were going to go somewhere for a bite to eat. would you like to go?" harry asks me. " can my friend come?" you ask. " does your friend have a name?" liam asks. " its madison" she says and walks up next to me. each of the boys give her a hug. madison and i were both 17. " so do you two want to come?" harry asks me and madison mainly looking at me. " sure, you boys head down we will meet you at your cars. i need to set down my suit case" you say. " ok sounds good" harry says and then hugs me and kisses my cheek.

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