a few people



1. a few

a few people in this world have gifts. Gifts where they can see things unseen by the human race. I am one of these people. And this is my story. I met a guy. He was everything I would've wanted. He seems perfect, he told me he loved me, and believe me, he did. until one day, I saw something.He was due to go his home town in Spain that day. i tried to warn him, but he pushed me away. He thought i was being racist, but i would never. I told him not to... it wasn't safe! but all he did was shake me off... I waited all day for the sign. that was the worst part the waiting, the knowing.As soon as the plane was supposed to land i called him. but no-one picked up. i turned on the news and wished with all my heart. "The horrendous air crash due to a breach in the security system." "Only three people survived." my heart raced as i longed for his photo on the screen."Brittany helms , a flight attendant, jodie piper,a child and..." And then i saw it his lifeless body at the bottom of the sea. he was clutching a note. "you were right, im sorry"  And that was the very last time i saw him.

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