The A Girl

Stella never thought she would escape the horror of her uncles trafficking she so unwillingly was a part of. Often being beaten and raped, she didn't know much more there was to life, until she met Liam.


2. Unfair fight

I tip toed up the front steps of what I guess I called home, my heart pounding as my sweaty palms gripped the door knob. I gritted my teeth as I slowly turned it, hearing the locks click. I pushed the door open slowly, taking in everything, sight, smell, sound.. Anything that showed HE was here.. I quickly stepped inside, shutting the door quietly, as my keys dropped from my shivering hands, clashing to the floor. I herd a faint, shrill scream, as I scooped them up, running to my bedroom door, my hands couldn't get it open fast enough..

Hands noosed around me neck, disabling me from screaming. Why would I anyways? It was no use. No one would hear. I struggled for air, as my bony fingers waged no war with his muscular grip. He released me, sending my petite body to the floor with a smack. Oxygen burned my throat as i gasped for it, Tears streamed from my eyes. I looked up to see my uncle, standing dominant over me. "Get up, Ya Heathen." He growled, as I scurried along the floor, helplessly. "NOW!"  his voice boomed, sending shivers down my spine. "Where's the cash he left you, you know I can't let my only niece have that much cash on hand," He smirked, narrowing his eyes at me. "I wouldn't be a good uncle then, would I?" I clutched my wrist in agony, realizing it was bent in an inhuman like way. Broken, from the fall. "WOULD I!" He wagged his meaty finger at me, then almost immediately slapping my face, sending me back onto the cold unforgiving floor. I wailed in agony, as his devious chuckles filled the tense air. His fingers crept up my thigh, "Poor little American girl.." He whispered, snatching the cash from my pockets, throwing a twenty back at me. "Get up, you might give my floor diseases you filthy Whore." I buried my face in my arms on the floor, as I felt a swift kick in the ribs, causing me to scream. I shriveled up in a ball, as I herd footsteps slowly pacing away, and a door quietly shut.
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