The A Girl

Stella never thought she would escape the horror of her uncles trafficking she so unwillingly was a part of. Often being beaten and raped, she didn't know much more there was to life, until she met Liam.


1. "Why does it have to be this way."

I slipped my shirt back on over my head, rubbing my makeup infested face. My head was pounding, as I collected the money on the counter on my way out of the dumpy apartment. I pulled my hood up, bracing the cool crisp air, breathing in snow flakes, as I briefly strolled into the buzzing city. I dawned my favorite hole in the wall coffee spot, gripping the piercing cold metal handle to the door, freezing my fingers. I yanked it open, as the warm air brisked my face. I slipped my scarf off, and fumbled the messy bills in my pocket, fishing them out, paying my usual barista. I sat in a chair by the window, watching people stroll by. My lips curled around the warm plastic, sipping the straight black coffee. A young girl slipped in a chair a few seats away from me, flipping open an anatomy book. I remembered begging my mother to ship me to London to study, Never knowing what fate it held. My uncle welcomed me to his home, with an unspoken condition that had changed my life forever. Coming to London was a dream, but the consequences that came with it, pretty much crushed every bit of the picture I had embedded in my mind. I blinked, embarrassed that I had been staring at the poor school girl the whole time. I got up, noosing my scarf back around my neck, grabbed my coffee and braced back into the cold. My fingers felt numb in the freezing air, as my tiny body shook. I observed my wrists that shown through my size small jacket, bruises and nasty cuts littered them, stinging from the cold snap. I gently ran my fingers over them, choking up. It wasn't fair that it had to be this way. 
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