Faces In The Flames

14 year old June Ford is always alone. Her Dad is always away at work trying to earn as much as he can to keep them both going, as June's Mum and little sister both went missing while she was still a kid. Every night Ju sits around a old small bonfire and lights it while waiting for Dad to come home, it's always late. One night June sees a face in the flames, the face explains she is the chosen one to save the Underworld. June tries to ignore it but she starts seeing faces in the fire she lights every night, of her lost Mum, her sister and lots of other faces she doesn't know. They are all crying which tortures Ju, but one night it's up to her to stop the crying.


2. It's ok Dad

I yawn and look at the clock, it's getting late. Jasper was strange wasn't he, it's been a few hours since I saw him. What did he mean by saying I'm special and will go on wild adventures? Odd. Oh well, I quickly check the clock one more time, 11:25pm. Dad is supposed to be back by 11, I jump up and look outside for any sign for him. Nothing. I quickly race into the hall and into my room. We don't have an upstairs. I yank open my rusty drawer and pick up my cotton tank top and trousers which I use as pajamas.


As I pull my 'pajamas' on, my phone beeps. I check the small screen, it's Dad, I answer.

" Hi Dad!" I squeal into the phone.

"Hey Ju, sorry I'm late home from work again." He answers. " Look pumpkin, something popped up at work so I won't be home until one."

I sigh. " It's ok Dad, see you when you get home, bye." I quietly put the phone down. Another night alone.

I pad into the bathroom in my socks and brush my teeth, filling my mouth with a fresh minty taste, mmm minty! Pulling on my old boots I step into the hall and give a final glance at the clock, 11:59. I pull open the front door and step outside.


The sky is dark with twinkling stars scattered all around. Outside sits a small old bonfire, I use it every night. I place a soft rug on a nearby log so I can sit on it, then I light the flame. As soon as it begins I sit down. The flame is small but beautiful, while it grows the glow becomes bigger until it is quite large and illuminating everything around me, giving it a soft glow. I smile at the flame, when a face appears in the flame, it's a girl's face. "Hello June." it says. I scream.

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