Faces In The Flames

14 year old June Ford is always alone. Her Dad is always away at work trying to earn as much as he can to keep them both going, as June's Mum and little sister both went missing while she was still a kid. Every night Ju sits around a old small bonfire and lights it while waiting for Dad to come home, it's always late. One night June sees a face in the flames, the face explains she is the chosen one to save the Underworld. June tries to ignore it but she starts seeing faces in the fire she lights every night, of her lost Mum, her sister and lots of other faces she doesn't know. They are all crying which tortures Ju, but one night it's up to her to stop the crying.


6. Hello again

It's been almost a week since I saw Amy. Seems like a dream now. Oh well.
"Hey Ju, I just got a call from work and I gotta go is that ok honey?" Dad called from the kitchen.
"Yeah, why wouldn't it be, you've left me alone before and till late at night too." I reply.
"I guess so, ok I'll be back at 11ish, love you!" He closes the door behind him.

I pull back the shabby red curtains and look outside, it's getting dark, I wonder what time it is? I turn round to see the clock behind me, 9:34pm. I know what I can do. I can light a fire and see if tonight is the night Amy needs me. I step outside and race over to the bonfire, carefully I light the flame and sit down. My beautiful flame begins, illuminating everything. I study the flame, searching for Amy, when she appears.

"Yay, You're here Amy!" I cry.
"Hello again, and as you probably guessed, your time has come." She replies. I sigh.
"Ok then, oh wait, should I leave a note for Dad? He has no idea about any of this."
"Oh no, a whole day in my world is only a second in yours. So this might only take a minute in your time!" We crack up laughing even though it wasn't that funny.
"Well, what do I do now?" I ask.
"You jump into this fire." Amy replied seriously.
"Are you kidding, I'll be burned alive!" I scream.
"Nope, c'mon June, you have to trust me. Do it for your mother." I fall silent.
"How do you know my mother?" I whisper.
"She was a close friend of mine, anyway, do it for her, and your sister."
"Ok." I close my eyes. "I love you Dad." I whisper. Then I jump.
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