Faces In The Flames

14 year old June Ford is always alone. Her Dad is always away at work trying to earn as much as he can to keep them both going, as June's Mum and little sister both went missing while she was still a kid. Every night Ju sits around a old small bonfire and lights it while waiting for Dad to come home, it's always late. One night June sees a face in the flames, the face explains she is the chosen one to save the Underworld. June tries to ignore it but she starts seeing faces in the fire she lights every night, of her lost Mum, her sister and lots of other faces she doesn't know. They are all crying which tortures Ju, but one night it's up to her to stop the crying.


7. Black out

As I close my eyes, my life flashes by, me as a baby, my sister after she was born, our whole family together, Dad crying over losing mum and May, me comforting him, and now.
My ears are filled with noises and then, silence. I slowly opened one eye, then the other. I'm in a small glade, patches of sunlight cover the ground and a gentle breeze whistles through my hair. There stands Amy.
"Hello June, welcome to the Underworld!"

Then all I see is black, I must have blacked out!
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