Amanda was a normal teenage girl, except for the fact that she seemed to have no friends. When her choir teacher announces a day with a boy band, there is no doubt in her mind that it's her favorite band, One Direction. She creates a plan that will make the Irish swoon of the band fall in love with her. Or she hopes. Will her plan work? Or will she end up as just a crazed fangirl?


4. Tears turn to smiles

"Hey, come over here. I told Louis I was doing this. He won't be worried. Come into this room quick. I want to talk to you." I quickly recognize this voice to be Nialler's and I turn and face the sexy boy that I've only ever seen on posters and the Internet. I nod and follow him into the plain white room he pointed to. 
"Can I ask you something?" he says as he takes a seat on a brown leather couch. 
"You just did. Try again" I say with a smile. I sit down on the opposite end of the couch as him.
"fine I'll just say it. Why were you sitting alone when we called you onstage?" he asks me.
My eyes start to water. I wipe them fast as I start to talk. My throat is on fire. 
"I only have one close friend at this school. The one who you know, humiliated me? And his friends don't like me. So I sit alone anywhere I go." I say as one tear drifts down my face. Damn, I didn't stop it. I wipe it fast and hope he didn't see it. Niall scoots closer to me and puts his hand on my arm. 
"It's okay, love. Why do you only have one close friend? A pretty girl like you shouldn't be sitting alone, especially with pipes like yours. I'd expect you to be sitting with a pink poodle, two girl friends and a football player boyfriend." I noticed his cliche there. I tried to fake a smile but it didn't work. 
"well. It was this summer. Everything just started to fall apart... My friends just.. They seemed like I was always the problem, and I felt like it too!" I manage to get out before I started sobbing into my hands. Niall pulls me closer and puts his arms around me and I cry into his chest. 
"I'm sorry... I know you hate when people cry.." I straighten up, and. Wipe my eyes. "and then, after half of my friends left... Well... " I rolled up my pant leg to show my worst regret. Niall's face automatically scrunched into a crying face. "oh great. I made the cutest guy on earth cry... What a jerk I am... Oh by the way, the reason I don't have a boyfriend, it's cause he moved to high school and cheated on me.. So thats why I sit alone." I sob even more. Niall starts to dry his eyes. "Don't worry about it love, I can deal with tears. But really, what tears me apart the most is that all of the girls who do this... They're all so beautiful! And seeing them rip themselves apart like this.." I hear him manage another sob. "I'm sorry Nialler... Er--Niall.. I hate seeing you cry.. Well I've only seen it on YouTube but, it made me cry too." I say with a bit of a smile. Niall sits up and rolls my pant leg higher. He rubs my scars. 
"Promise me you'll never do it again, love?" Niall says wiping his tears.
"I promise." I say with a smile. And then I hugged Niall Horan. I heard he didn't like when girls ask him for hugs, so I went for it. He hugs me back tight, and his head for tight in between my neck and shoulder. Now this a hug! I think to myself before letting out another sob. "What's wrong?" Niall asks. 
"I just achieved my biggest dream.. I can change my lock screen on my iPod now!" I smile and sniffle my nose as I pull out my iPod and press the lock button to show my "I NEED A HORAN HUG" wallpaper. 
"that's cute... Can I see your favorite picture of me?" he asks me sweetly. Gosh his accent is cute! I unlock my iPod and go to my pictures. I can't believe I'm doing this... I click on the frame of pink zebra and show him the collage I made of three pictures. Me; Niall Horan; and a picture I found that said "my boyfriend and Niall Horan are so similar!" and then it shows two pictures of Niall. I thought it was funny. I show him the collage, and he smiles. 
"You made that, love?" Niall said with a sweet smile. 
"um yeah I did.. It's a bit creepy I guess..." I say with doubt in my voice.
"My turn to ask you something!" I say with a smile.  He nods of approval and I think about what to ask... Oh great.. Two questions come to mind... I'll ask the other one later. This one's more important. 
"I read somewhere that you said the youngest age of fan you'd date is 14. Was that true?" I asked. 
"yup, total fact." he says with a grin. "wait how old are you?" he says quickly.
"I'm fourteen." I grin. "it's just that when I read that, I was 13. And I figured it was gonna be you guys that came, so I remembered that this year I turn fourteen, so I cried. Of joy of course... Ha ha" I say with a grin and a blush. 
"aw! That's so cute!" he says with a slick grin. Oh my gosh. Niall Horan. Ahhhhh! I have a mental scream. 
"Any other questions before we go work those pipes of yours?" Niall says shifting positions. 
"Yeah. Can you sing me something?" I say quickly. 
"what ya wanna hear?" he says with a smile. He looks uneasy.. I wonder if I should pinch his butt and make his smile more natural! Ha ha only kidding.
"Justin Bieber. I'd like to sing with you... If that's okay." I say with a smile, but it quickly fades. Too much in one day I think to myself. 
"okay, that's great. I love beliebers. Their great. But directioners are better. Way better. Do you know the song "Die In Your Arms"?" he asks me with a smile. 
"it's my favorite Justin bieber song! Like ever!" I say with a grin. 
We sing for what seems like hours when in reality it was just 20 seconds. I got caught up in his beautiful eyes and ended up singing Niall instead of a word and I made him laugh his cute little laugh. 
"okay let's go, my princess" he says with a grin. Oh my gosh! Niall Horan just called me his princess... Pet name? I think not. My dreams... AHHHHH!
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