Amanda was a normal teenage girl, except for the fact that she seemed to have no friends. When her choir teacher announces a day with a boy band, there is no doubt in her mind that it's her favorite band, One Direction. She creates a plan that will make the Irish swoon of the band fall in love with her. Or she hopes. Will her plan work? Or will she end up as just a crazed fangirl?


3. So wait... Niall Horan?

"wow! You got some pipes!" Liam Payne says with a smile. "Uh.. Thanks.." I say in a daze. I try to smile. "Wait, why didn't you sing during Nialler's part? It's simple to remember? Did you like forget? Or what?" Zayn asks me. I think fast and manage to crack a joke. "You should have said Vas HAPPENIN!" I giggle a little. "and I don't know.. I just... I never sing to Niall's part ever.. Just cause his voice is so beautiful. I love hearing it. It just.. I don't even know. It sounds stupid I know." I say turning red saying Niall's name. I look to Niall to make sure I didn't creep him out too bad. 
"You seem to be a big Nialler fan eh?" I hear Zayn say with a smile. "oh and thanks for the reference of vas happenin." he smiles bigger. 
"oh no problem.. And um.. Yeah.. I sort of am." I say out loud turning red. I look to the stands and see nick raising his hand. Oh shit. This kids gonna embarrass me! 
"Yeah! You in the... I pork chop minecraft shirt!" Liam yells. 
"I'm her best friend. And I just wanted to clear this up. She isn't kind of a niall fan, she's the Niall fan. He's all she ever talks about. She has like, 600 pictures of him on her iPod!" nick yells loud enough for Liam to hear. I turn bright red. I look subtly at Niall and he's smiling. That's a good sign right? I guess I don't know.
"that's sweet!" I hear Louis tell Harry. 
"okay we'll move on now because I can tell Amanda is getting a bit embarrassed. Anyways! Today, Liam, Harry and Zayn are going to work with the whole of you, and you guys are going to sound beautiful. You guys are gonna sing one of our songs, and there will be a soloist should anyone come forward" I raise my hand "other than Amanda. Ha ha. Anyone?" no ones hands go up. "Alright it's settled! Amanda is our soloist. I'll tell you what to do next," Louis says fast to me. "so. First things first. What song do you guys wanna sing?!" Niall yells. Gosh he's cute... One hand goes up. 
"yes sweetheart?" harry says. 
"can we just sing that's what makes you beautiful? Everyone knows it practically and it's easy to learn if you don't." I recognize Mallory from my English class as the person asking the question. 
"that works! What solo do you want to sing, Amanda?" Niall asks me with a smile. "um... I like the whole song so it's up to you guys" I say with a blush because Niall said my name. I look at Harry who is playfully playing with Louis' hair. I'm a sucker for Larry Stylinson. I look to Zayn who looks intent in thought, like always. And Liam seems to be deciding what part I should sing. "we'll work that out later. Could you all split into your groups? Soprano, Alto, Baritone?" Liam yells towards the stands as everyone gets up to move where they're supposed to go. Liam and Harry walk towards me. 
"Ello love, you're gonna go backstage and to the right, second door. Your voice coaches will be waiting." Harry says with a subtle wink. I think I caught on that Niall and Louis are my "voice coaches". This should be fun. I smile as I nod a quick yes and walk towards the door to back stage. As I walk toward the right, I feel a hand on my shoulder.
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