Amanda was a normal teenage girl, except for the fact that she seemed to have no friends. When her choir teacher announces a day with a boy band, there is no doubt in her mind that it's her favorite band, One Direction. She creates a plan that will make the Irish swoon of the band fall in love with her. Or she hopes. Will her plan work? Or will she end up as just a crazed fangirl?


2. Say what now?

I nearly die of excitement as a few screams from some girls erupt. 
"how many of you are familiar with at least one of our songs?" a very spiffy looking Zayn Malik asks. Almost the whole group raise their hands. "How many of you like one or more of our songs?" a great looking Louis Tomlinson says. A fraction of hands went down. Mine hasn't moved. "How many of you consider yourselves 'directioners'?" Liam asks. Only a few hands remain up, mine including. "How many of you have seen our video diaries?" Harry styles asks with a small flip of his curly hair. Only three hands left up, including mine. "How many of you would be courageous enough to get up here and sing one of our songs?" Niall Horan's adorable Irish accent asks the crowd as the remaining two hands go down making mine the only one up. "Great! We were running out of questions!" Louis adds. I hear Niall chuckle. What a weirdo, I smile. "You! On the end! Wait why are you alone? Never mind that, come up here!" I hear Harry Styles say from the stage in front of me. I walk onstage in a daze. Holy. Shit. I'm within feet of Niall! I'm gonna faint. No I'm not. I will do this. "what's your name?" Zayn asks me. I clear my throat. "Amanda.." I say with a quiver of my voice. "No need to be scared, we dont bite.. Unless ya steal my food. Then it's different." I hear Niall joke. His words seem slurred... Weird. "It's just weird being on the same stage as you guys..." I say. "Understandable. Now, anyways, you said you were courageous enough to sing one of our songs up here. Wanna try it?" I hear Liam say across the stage to me. 
"acapella?" I say-- more choke out towards Liam. "well yeah. For now. Don't worry about it it isn't that hard. " I hear Niall say from my left. "uh alright what song?" I say towards anyone with an answer. 
"umm... How about... More than this? You know that one?" Louis asks me. How couldn't I? It's my favorite. I manage a quick "yeah" as Niall walks toward me and hands me his mic. I look to the bottom to see the Irish flag right where it always is and smile. I look toward him and he gives me a look of wonder. Shit what does that mean? I ask myself as I hear Liam start ooooo-ing the beginning and I start singing. We get to the chorus and Harry starts to belt out his part and I keep right up with him. Now it's Niall's part I think to myself. I don't sing with him. He gives me a strange look as he keeps singing. Louis part starts again, and I just sing along as if nothing had ever happened. I think to myself during the next chorus, no. This isnt happening. I'm singing with one direction! Zayn's solo starts and I try and hit all of the notes and accomplish it. Last chorus, and I'm singing like I do in the shower. Without the soap. As I give Niall back his mic, I hear applause coming from the seats below. They're clapping for me? But they didn't clap for one direction when they got here? What's going on?!
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