Amanda was a normal teenage girl, except for the fact that she seemed to have no friends. When her choir teacher announces a day with a boy band, there is no doubt in her mind that it's her favorite band, One Direction. She creates a plan that will make the Irish swoon of the band fall in love with her. Or she hopes. Will her plan work? Or will she end up as just a crazed fangirl?


7. Performing and the park

As I come into view of the seats, I hear my name being shouted out by all sorts of people, and all different things... I think I heard marry me in there? I don't even know. The choir starts to sing background, And as I sing Liam's part with him, I hear Niall's voice in the background somewhere and I look over to him. He looks me straight in the eyes and sings the lyrics to what makes you beautiful straight to me. Or that's what it seemed like... As I hit the chorus in feeling better than ever and I take a break of singing. As Zayn's solo approaches, I find Louis and we start to jam together, and I look to Niall, and i make him come join our little party. After the next chorus, would be Harry's solo, and then it would pretty much be over. Then I'd get Zayn to drive me to wherever and I'd hangout with Niall! I can't believe this has happened. As we all hit the last note, I start to cry but stop knowing I'd be seeing Niall soon. I walk of stage with a bunch of good wishes and good jobs and all that stuff. I grab my backpack which louis grabbed for me, from the blue studio. I hear footsteps walking in and recognize Zayn in the mirror. 
"Hey! Great show!" I tell him.
"You were stunning!" he tells me, and he grabs my arms. "Come on!" he laughs and pulls me toward his car. He drives past four farms, a mall, and an airport in the way but he finally drops me off at an old park. I hear Niall calling my name from across the field so I run toward the voice, and come upon a daisy field. I pick some and run for the voice. I see Niall sitting on the park bench, and my heart explodes. Marry me now! I want to yell to him. 
"your too cute!" I tell him. I wrap my arms around his neck, and he puts his arms around my waist. I unwrap my arms but he doesn't unwrap his so I start to play with his hair. 
"I love that." Nialler says to me as I twist his blond hair. 
"I know." I say with pride. 
"okay. I called you here to tel--" he says but I dont let him finish. 
"can I ask you another question?" I ask him. 
"you just did. Try again." he says mocking me. 
"fine. What is your ideal girlfriend?" I asked him. As soon as the sound came out of my lips I felt scared if his answer.
"Let me finish please?" he says with a cute smile.
"yeah," I say with a smile. 
"As I was saying. I brought you here, because. As you probably know, ms Horan stalker, I trust Zayn with everything, and he always gives me advice. Well today I went to him for advice like usual. During our chat at lunch ya know? And he for the first time agreed with me on something. Now, what that something was, I can't tell you yet. Anyways, when you first got onstage and I found our you were a fan of mine I thought to myself "wow". That's all I could manage. I loved your personality right away, and the way your friend described your up all night thing or whatever, I loved that. So I brought you here." Niall smiles. "right now, my ideal girl... One word. You. Amanda. I love you, and I don't want to let you go either and now I'm gonna tell you what the one thing was. I go to Zayn for girl advice and I always tell him when I'm in love and he says ease up or whatever and when I came to him today he said "I've always said your girlfriend will be the luckiest girl in the world... That girl is completely lucky. Your my princess Amanda, I love you. We never have to be apart now." Niall says to me as my mouth drops. 
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