Amanda was a normal teenage girl, except for the fact that she seemed to have no friends. When her choir teacher announces a day with a boy band, there is no doubt in her mind that it's her favorite band, One Direction. She creates a plan that will make the Irish swoon of the band fall in love with her. Or she hopes. Will her plan work? Or will she end up as just a crazed fangirl?


6. New best friends

"why lucky!? You're so great, and you can't choose a part. So we'll do both!" Louis tells me.
"I won't do it without either of you. I need aid on Zayn's part! I can't sing it! It's challenging! Too challenging!" I yell, trying to win this argument. 
"fine. Niall can sing with you on Harry's part, and I'll sing with you for Zayn's part since I can his his high notes. Let's try this now. We run through the song what seems like millions of times, and finally I hear the door open. Liam, Harry, and Zayn walk through the door. 
"Hey boys, this is lucky! She's our new best friend!" Louis yells when they sit down. 
"all she does is quote the diaries! It's adorable!" Niall says hitting my thigh playfully. 
"Yeah... I've seen them all 20 times at least, and I've memorized tour diary number UNO." I say trying to make myself seem less creepy. 
"seriously!?! Your--" Liam says before Louis and I cut him off yelling "GODDAMN COOL" oh my I love this band... 
"how'd practice go?" I ask Zayn. 
"it sucked... I hate your school." Zayn says with a grin. 
"me too!! Can I just live with you guys?!" I yell with a smile. 
"You can live with the love of your life. Your friend Nick is pretty interesting... And I quote; "Yeah. She's obsessed. Every word that comes out of her mouth is either profanity, Niall/Nialler, or some weird fact about you guys. She loves Niall. Honestly. I'll be texting her and every text will be about how she's listening to your music, or looking at Niall pictures, or I love Niall Horan. Heck! Her signature on her phone is -Amanda Horan!" end quote!" Harry says with his signature grin. I blush bright red and look at Niall and see that he's red too. 
"let me know how nick does... I want something to tell his mother after I murder him." I say sweetly to Harry. 
"Don't worry bout it lucky, some of our fans are pervs, others just are creepy, and then theres your type. The obsessive love type. It's my favorite type." Liam says with a 1, 2, 3, flip. I smile. 
"yeah, really. Dont worry about it. Now let's eat!!!!" Niall yells with a cute chuckle. I spread my lunch out and notice its about the size of Nialler's. I dig into my food, and finish it within 10 minutes.
"Holy shit dudes, she ate faster than Niall!" Zayn said with a grin. 
"okay. We have 10 minutes left. Let's just chill. What do you guys want to talk about?" I ask the boys as they finish their lunches. 
"Would you marry Niall?" Louis asks.
"ha ha me and my friend were just talking about this. I had said that I'd marry Niall whenever and wherever. And I wasn't lying" I say to the boys. 
"awww Harry look! Niall's blushing!" Zayn says pointing at Niall. Niall looks away. 
"Malik can I talk to you alone please?" Niall says with content. 
"yeah. Sure. Whateva." I hear Zayn mutter to his hot Cheetos. As Zayn and Niall leave the room Louis looks me in the eyes.
"take a picture it lasts longer" I tell him jokingly.
"do you love Nialler?" Harry asks me with a stare.
"yes. To death." I say with no doubt. 
"good." Liam says to me. 
"What's going on...?" I ask the three boys. 
"well, I think it's time me and Harry should be going. Get to work. I'll send Niall back in. Bye lucky!" Liam yells throwing away his trash. 
"nice meeting you pipes, can't wait to hear you sing again!" Harry says on his way out.
"Louis? What was that about?" I ask Louis. 
"you'll find out soon. I hope. NIALLER! Let's get working." Niall walks in the room and puts his guitar around his body. Why is he so damn attractive!? I try and focus on the lyrics, but I can't. Louis yells at me more more than once for stopping my pipes to get a better look at Niall. 
"Take a break lucky, I'll be back." Louis says leaving the room. I walk to Niall and wrap my arms around him. "i love you Nialler. I'm so happy I raised my hand today. Best day ever..." I say. I wipe my eyes from the tears I'm dropping. 
"Beautiful? Are you crying?!" he asks me with concern. 
"mhm... I can't stand it Niall! I love you. I love everything about you. I've tweeted you 3 times a day for three months. Now that I've met you, I love you more. I don't ever want to leave you again. But I have to. You have other girls. And it's not like I'm that one fan your looking for... I can deal with that... Okay... Maybe... But really? I hate my life. You are what keeps me going. I live to look at you Niall. And now to leave you again..." I finish with that and start to sob into Niall's shoulder. 
"we need to talk. Not now. After the concert. Meet me... I'll have Zayn pick you up. Right now, hair and make up. Well, ne'er mind. You don't need it. We have to go back onstage. Your fans are waiting." Niall says with a finishing smile as he kisses my forehead. We walk to the stage with our fingers interlocked. As we hit stage, he lets go of my hand but I know he's still there. The lights hit my face and i sigh. 
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