Amanda was a normal teenage girl, except for the fact that she seemed to have no friends. When her choir teacher announces a day with a boy band, there is no doubt in her mind that it's her favorite band, One Direction. She creates a plan that will make the Irish swoon of the band fall in love with her. Or she hopes. Will her plan work? Or will she end up as just a crazed fangirl?


5. Big blue studio

I try not to fangirl as I walk into the big blue studio. Like when I say blue, I mean everything was blue. Different shades and different items. So weird. 
"Hey lucky girl! What's up?!" Louis says to me as I walk through the door. 
"Oh you know the usual... Spending the day with my favorite boy band and living my dreams... Nothing new" I say trying not to smile. But i can't pull it off because I made Niall laugh again and whenever Niall laughs, I have to too. 
"So, I'm gonna call you lucky. so Lucky. You've got some insane pipes you know!" Louis says to me with a huge grin. 
"yeah.. I guess I know.. I told myself that if you guys weren't the band mrs melding was talking about, that I'd go on American idol when I turned fifteen. I want to be just like you guys." I say with a grin towards niall. 
"So, your life story was being written by us? That's pretty fucking sick!" niall says. "oh dammit. Gotta cut back on the swearing, your little." he says in a mocking tone of voice. 
"oh shut up you big lug, i probably swear about as much as you do!" I say as a challenge. 
"ha! Doubt it!" Niall says with his cute laugh. 
"Ever since I found out what you like in a girl, I've been slowly leaning more toward that. I'm still myself, I just swear more, and i eat about the same haha, if you can't tell" I say slapping my stomach. 
"No I couldn't tell. Louis here is convinced I need to eat less" Niall says with a puppy face. 
"NEVER!" I yell to Louis. He looks a bit scared. "Sorry boobear!" I say with a concerned look on my face. That did it. Niall was laughing as if he resaw Louis spilling water on hisself, falling over the couch and trying to make it out the door, all while being blindfolded. Yes I am obsessed with the diaries. 
"Anyways. Since your pipes are amazing and you know the song by heart, right?" Louis says, and I nod. "I think we should have a little Q&A here. You're a fan, so you must wanna know stuff!" Louis says with a huge grin towards Niall. 
"Not really. I have one question for each of you. That's it." I say getting some weird looks from Louis, "I live on the Internet "stalking" you guys." I say with a grin. 
"Louis! I want to know why you and Eleanor are so damn cute!" I say toward Louis with emphasis on the DAMN for Niall's benefit. I smile. 
"Because she's so beautiful." Louis says and I have to turn red. 
"THAT'S CUTE!" I tell him as I look to Niall. 
"Excuse me for a minute, I have to go ask Harry a question about lunch. I'm gonna ask if you can eat in here with us guys." Louis says. 
"I'd love that." I say with a huge grin. 
"my dreams are coming true!!" I yell to the air, and I hug Niall again. When I hug him it's so sweet... I love the feeling I get. "Do you have Louis' number?" I ask Niall. 
"no shit!" Niall says with a roll of the eyes and a bright smile. 
"i love your braces by the way, and tell him to grab my lunch for me" I tell niall. 
"okay I will, and aw thanks." he says taking his phone out of his pocket. I quick grab it and run to the other side of the room. I go to contacts and select add new and slip my number in fast, and I give it back to him when he attacks me. 
"What'd you do you little.." he looks at his contacts and smiles at my new entry. 
"Lucky the ugly fan... What bullshit!" he says with a playful smile. He selects edit contact and I watch him 
change it from ugly fan to beautiful fan smiley face. 
"you should text me sometime.. My phones useless with only one person to text" I tell niall. 
"will do beautiful!" he tells me. 
"okay I get it, you think I'm beautiful. Why do you keep calling me that?" I ask him with wonder in my eyes... Or at least I hope it looked like wonder. 
"because. You need to be reminded, because if you forget it once you'll forget it again" niall says just before Louis walks in the door. I see my big lunch bag and so does Niall. 
"What the hell did you put in this thing?! The whole nando's restaurant??" Louis asks me. 
"no... It wouldn't fit!" I say with fake frustration. Niall chuckles. 
"Harry said that if we don't get working he's not gonna let you eat in here with us! So we need to work! You're too cool to be sitting alone" Louis says with a small smile. 
"Nialler! Grab your guitar so we can work." he says directly to Niall. "Now you, you love, are going to sing both parts!" Louis says with full excitement. 
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