Amanda was a normal teenage girl, except for the fact that she seemed to have no friends. When her choir teacher announces a day with a boy band, there is no doubt in her mind that it's her favorite band, One Direction. She creates a plan that will make the Irish swoon of the band fall in love with her. Or she hopes. Will her plan work? Or will she end up as just a crazed fangirl?


1. Arrival

Chapter one
The steps of the bus thunk as I step down them. I've been waiting for this day to come since school started. For choir we get to come here to the target center and work with a famous band! Mrs Melding hasn't told us who they are yet, but i've had my suspicions all summer. Right after she told us about it, she played my favorite bands music... I wonder... Nah it couldn't be One Direction all of my friends say. But inside I have a feeling. Today. Today is the day I become the girl of Niall's dreams. I'm everything he's looking for! It has to be... I stand alone by a lamp post. I'm alone a lot now days. Most of my friends turned their backs on me halfway through the summer. The only close friends I have now go to different schools. So of course as everyone is filing into the arena, I try and make eye contact with my closest friend at school, Nick. I spot him right by the food stand that's closed. Ha ha Niall would cry at the sight of it. I look down to what I'm wearing. Perfect. A green kiss me I'm Irish shirt with my cutest red jean shorts. I check the bottom of my sparkly new flats I bought yesterday in a daze. Exactly what he wants. I made sure not to put any make-up on. Now I just have to hope my lunch and "beauty" attract him. Nick walks over towards me. 
"hey Manda. You nervous?" he says with a wink. 
"no shit." I say managing a smile. My hearts in my throat. Nick motions over toward Nate and Matt, his best friends. I understand he wants to go with them. I nod that it's okay and set off toward the seats. I land a front row seat, right on the end away from everyone else. I'm such a loner.. All of a sudden a voice comes over the speakers telling everyone to sit down so we can continue. I squirm a little as Mrs Melding gets on stage. 
"As you all know. There is a special group of boys backstage. They're full of energy, and amazing people. Before I say anymore I think it would be nice if you knew who I was talking about right?" she says with energy. Everyone nods with smiles and I just breathe deeply to keep from keeling over in excitement. All of a sudden the lights go out and a spotlight appears. Oh my carrots this is it!! I almost die when I hear a very familiar cute British accent... "Hello, I'm Liam Payne, and we are..." four more spotlights show up as the five hottest boys on the planet all unite onto the stage. " direction!!"
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