Life's Just One Long Weekend

Hi. I'm Cecilia. I'm 18 years old and I have a best friend named Alyssa. I just call her Lyss for short. She's a few months younger than me, but honestly? She's my rock. My boyfriend of a year and three months, Randy, just broke up with me and she's been there for me when I had no one else. We've been the Terrible Two since the diaper days. Lately, she's been talking NONSTOP about this new boy band One Direction, but when she talks about them I usually just tune her out. 'Cause once she starts, she can't stop. I personally have never seen or heard of those boys. Little did I know, they'd soon change my life forever.


5. What Goes Around


    The boys spent the whole day after the party with us. At around 11 o'clock, I decided to go over to the supermarket to restock. Having all these people in my house really sucked me dry. We were in the middle of watching Taken when I got up to leave. "Where're you going?" Harry asked. "I'm going to the supermarket." I responded, taking my keys off the hook. "But the fridge is full." Zayn said matter of factly. I sighed, walked over to the fridge, opened it and stepped aside. "Where? "Don't sass me. I get enough of that from Louis." he rolled his eyes. "I do not sass you too much." Louis said to Zayn and they began to argue on the subject. I rolled my eyes and walked to the door. "C !" I turned around to see Niall, who was now in basketball shorts, a white tank, and a red and black SnapBack, grabbing his wallet from the table and approaching me.

     I closed the door and we began walking down the street, our hands intertwined. "I hope you don't think you're paying." I said when we began walking. "Oh hush up." he replied playfully. We'd just turned the corner when I heard someone scream. I quickly turned around, thinking someone was hurt or in trouble, and saw a group of about three girls covering their mouths and squealing. I took my hand from his and he looked at me me, his brows furrowed. "Oh my God! It's Niall from One Direction!" Girl 1 said as they were running up to us. "Hey ladies," Niall said, turning his attention to them "how are ya?" "Niall, Niall! Can we get a picture with you?" Girl 2 said while Girl 3 asked who I was. He took a picture with Girl 2 and walked back over to me. He took both my hands in his and looked down at me, his sneakers adding another two inches to his height so he towered over me. I happened to like that. "Girls, this is Cecilia." he said, gazing into my eyes. I blushed and looked away. Why? I had no clue. "Remember when I once said I was waiting for my princess?" He continued, keeping his eyes on me. "Oh my God, yes!" "Ahh no way!" said Girls 1 and 3. "Well, I've found her." He concluded, receiving a bunch of "aw"'s from Girls 1 and 3. Girl 2 just glared at me.  

     I blushed and looked back at Niall. He said goodbye to the girls and we continued on.He brushed his hand against mine as a way of asking to hold it, but I acted like I didn't notice and crossed my arms over my chest.  We got to the supermarket and Niall went to get me a cart. I went over the list of what I needed with the feeling of uneasiness in the pit of my stomach. I couldn't get that girl out of my mind. She had this look of hatred in her jet black eyes. Like, I get that she loved him, but did she have to glare?  I was thrown out of my thoughts when something lightly bumped into me. "What'cha thinkin' about?" Niall asked, leaning over the cart the was between us. "Uh. What I have to buy." I said quickly and began walking down the aisle, again turning down his offer of hand holding by placing both of my hands on the cart's handle. I stood quiet as the cart began to fill, constantly being asked by Niall is something was bothering me. A question in which I simply answered "Nothing" to. I was walking around to another aisle, looking at my feet when I bumped into someone.

     I looked up and gasped at the sound of the way too familiar deep voice. "You've always been clumsy, Jelly Bean." it chuckled. I froze in a panic, then cringed at the sound of Randy's old pet name for me. Niall walked over to me and wrapped his arm around my waist. "Sorry, bro. She wasn't looking where she was going." he said in this masculine kind of voice. The kind a guy got when he was in a confrontation with another guy. You know, before the yelling and fists. "I saw her. Cecilia, you never texted me back last night. I thought we were supposed to meet up at my place. What happened?" "Randy, leave me alone." I said, trying to walk past him. He tightly grabbed my arm and stopped me. "Answer me, C." Randy practically growled at me. Niall shoved him away from me with a threatening glare. "I suggest you leave her alone."  he said, standing in front of me, protecting me.

     "Why was he protecting me? I'm not his girlfriend." I thought to myself as I looked from the man who broke my heart to the man that stood before me. I liked Niall, a lot. Especially since I'm the kind of person that doesn't just offer my body to anyone, but had been drunk enough to make an exception last night. My heart began to race as I looked up at his face, which was daring Randy to make a move. "Cecilia, you gunna let him talk to me like that? After all we've been through?" he asked, in fake shock. He actually thought I would defend him, so he put on a poker face and taunted Niall. "After all we've been through? Let's see. You've hi- uh- hurt me, time and time again. You made me believe that I was nothing and you were the only man who would ever want me. I gave you my virginity, I gave you my everything, and you shattered me. After everything we've been through, I'm glad you left me. I'm way better off without you." I spat through my teeth. He stared at me, dumbfounded. I walked up to him, pushing my limits and continued "And let me tell you something, Randy. Before me, you had no friends, you dressed like a dork, you had no talent at all. I introduced you to all your friends. I bought you your clothes and basically gave you the 'swag' you have now. I pushed you to take up baseball. You're NOTHING without me, and you will NEVER hear from me again." I walked back over to my cart and paid for the groceries, leaving Randy in a shocked state and Niall following.

     The walk back home was quiet. Well, between myself and Niall that is. Inside me, however, I was screaming. It took every ounce of energy I had not to shut down. I could feel Niall looking at me from time to time, but I just kept my eyes in front of me. When we got to the house, there was a massive pillow fight going on. They froze at our entering, just looking at us. I stopped at the door and looked at them, but I coudn't be bothered to say anything so I just walked into the kitchen.

Niall's POV:

     I followed Cecilia into the kitchen with a smile on my face, trying not to laugh at the scene in the living room. I closed the door behind me, set the bags down and looked at Cecilia as she was unpacking the bags. "What's wrong?" I asked quietly. "Shit !" she said so loudly that it made me jump. "I gotta go back, I forget the fucking mayo." she said to herself, looking frantically through the bags. "Damnit!" she exclaimed, covering her face with her hands and then running them over her hair, smoothing it out. There were tears in her eyes. Over some mayo? Do you think she'd cry over mayo? Yeah, neither did I.

     She grabber her keys from the counter and turned to leave without another word. As she passed me I grabbed her wrist, stopping her in her tracks. "Let me go. I have to get the mayo." she said quietly, wiping the tears from her eyes so they wouldn't fall. "No." I said, looking into her eyes. "Please?" she begged, switching from leaning on foot to another. "No. I said again bringing her closer to me and not breaking eye contact. She began to sob, burrowing her face into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, sliding us both down onto the floor so we were sitting. I let her cry for about five minutes. She would gently push against me from time to time, asking me to let her go. But I couldn't let go. She needed me. I knew because after she would push me, she would just hold on tighter than before. She needed me and I needed to be there for her. Then it hit me. Randy. Who ever this Randy person was, he had hurt her. But why? Who would hurt such a beautiful soul?

     The crying subsided and I let my arms gently rest on her lower back. She looked up at me, her eyes red rimmed and puffy. There was no smudging under her eyes, I thought she was wearing makeup? You're telling me she's naturally this beautiful? "I'm sorry." she said, looking down. "What for?" I replied to her, raising one of my eyebrows. "Your shirts wet." she chucked, patting my chest. I smirked at her and stood quiet for a while. She stood up, and I followed. I wrapped my arms around her waist and looked down at her, kissing her forehead. I watched as she closed her eyes as I kissed her, a smile playing at her lips. She sighed and placed her hands on my chest, backing away from me. She took her keys, then my hand, and guided me to the kitchen door. She opened the door and everyone looked up at us with worried looks on their faces. "Everything's alright." she offered with a small smile. "Yeah, we forgot the damn mayo." I added, shaking my head and purposely making my voice squeak at the end like if I was about to cry. I received laughs from everyone, including Ceci. That made me smile. We walked out the door and made our way back to the supermarket.

     She sighed and I looked at her, she was watching her feet as she walked. "I just got out of a relationship about a month ago. With Randy." she said, still watching her feet. "We were together for about a year and change. I gave him everything I had.  My time, my money, my heart. What I said about him in the supermarket was true. He did all that to me. He thinks I'm still his, but he's wrong." I stopped her and pulled her close to me. "What he did to you was awful." is all I could say. She looked up at me and smiled. "How tall are you?" she asked and we began walking again. "5'7". You?" I'm 5'5" and a half. I actually thought you were a lot shorter, but then I realized that it must've been the shoes I was wearing that made it seem that way." she giggled. I swear, as corny as it sounds, the sound of her laughter was like music to my ears.

Cecilia's POV:

     We got back from the supermarket we all decided we were extremely bored. "What's there to do around here?" Louis complained, leaning back on Alexe's legs. "Well, there's always the pool." Carrie suggested to which the boys all replied "WHERE?" Ana, Carri, AlexeLyss, and I all giggled. Ana walked to the back door and pulled the shade. In my backyard was a huge pool and jacuzzi in stone. ( this is what it looks like). As the boys all walked to the backyard, excited at all of it and bugging out, we girls went up to my room to change. "So Alexe and Carrie have some explaining to do." I said to Lyss and Ana with a grin on my face. Alexe started. "Well, I was in the back watching Dag and Brandon play Beer Pong, waiting for my turn. Dag lost and I took on Brandon and won, as I usually do. Then Louis comes and takes the paddle, and HE BEAT ME! I wasn't going to be beat by a BOY, so we had a rematch. Eight rematches later it was 8-7. I won of course. Then we started dancing and talking and drinking and isn't he great?" she cooed, dropping onto my bed already changed into a bathing suit. The girls kept clothes here since we hold most of the sleepovers in my house.

     We were all changed. I was tying my two piece in the back as Carrie began. "I was dancing and Liam bumped into me. He apologized and smiled at me, then someone pushed me into him. One of my favorite songs came on and I started dancing and he joined me. Then we went outside for some air and started talking. We spent the whole night out there. I even forgot there were drinks, I was sober the whole night! Can you believe that?" she giggled. I told them what happened to me. "Cecilia Monroe Rodriguez! You naughty girl!" Carrie said, scandalized. "I know, I know! It's so not like me! But as drunk as I was, I'm surprised I remember it all. Every kiss, every touch..." I smiled to myself as I took all my hair to my right shoulder, and showing them the "love bites" as he called  them, on the left side of my neck. Then, they started asking me how it was, eager to hear more. I walked over to my door and closed it. "Amazing!" I whisper/squealed as I walked back to them. These were my best girl friends, we talked about everything. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I blushed as I told them the details of my night. I had shivers going up and down my spine as I recalled it. "You know what worries me, though?" I said as the smile on my face began to fade. "That I may never see or hear from him again after today, and I'll be nothing but a one night stand." I concluded.

     We went downstairs after I went into my brother's room and grabbing a few of his bathing trunks for the boys. My brother held sleep overs here too. So his friends, much like mine, kept their stuff here too. I walked out onto the patio with the girls behind me, and it was empty. The pool looked untouched. Where were they? I set down the suits and walked a little closer to the pool so I could better scan my backyard, my hands on my hips. Before I knew it, I was over someone's shoulder and under water. When I surfaced I looked around to find the girls struggling to stay out of the water as the boys tried to push them all in. Then I saw my attacker, Harry, swimming over to the pool's edge to get himself out. Not on my watch. I swam after him and as he lifted himself up, I pulled with all my might on his shirt (yes, he was still fully dressed) and pulled him back under. Once he was completely under me, I used his head as a stepping stool and pushed off to get out.  

     By this time, AlexeZayn, Liam, and Lyss were in the water and Liam and Carrie were still struggling. I had my girl's back. I snuck behind Liam and pulled down his pants, revealing is Calvin Klein boxer briefs. He blushed and scrambled to pick his pants back up. This was our chance. Carrie and I looked at each other and both, with one hand each, pushed him into the pool. Everyone got out the pool and the boys went to change, but before they went inside they walked over to us with Niall in the lead. Me and my girls stepped forward and met them half way, smirking and trying to look intimidating. "This isn't over, New York." Niall growled at me playfully, a smirk forming on his face. "Bring it on, leprechaun." I replied, crossing my arms over my chest. The boys walked away, Liam being the last one in. Before he entered the house to change, he looked back at us with mischief in his eyes and said "This means war." 


     Ah!! I know, I know. I haven't uploaded in a few days. I'm sorry! Honestly, I had writer's block. But don't fret my little babes, I got you. :) I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think! 

So, how are we feeling about Ciallia? Get it? Cecilia+Niall-ecil-N=Ciallia :) Comment and let me know what you think! :)



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