Life's Just One Long Weekend

Hi. I'm Cecilia. I'm 18 years old and I have a best friend named Alyssa. I just call her Lyss for short. She's a few months younger than me, but honestly? She's my rock. My boyfriend of a year and three months, Randy, just broke up with me and she's been there for me when I had no one else. We've been the Terrible Two since the diaper days. Lately, she's been talking NONSTOP about this new boy band One Direction, but when she talks about them I usually just tune her out. 'Cause once she starts, she can't stop. I personally have never seen or heard of those boys. Little did I know, they'd soon change my life forever.


6. This Means War


Cecilia's POV:

     Once I was sure the boys were upstairs, I ran over to the shed with the girls trailing behind me. I opened the shed door and ran inside. The shed was filled with water fight weapons. My family had a lot of those in the summer. We actually spent all the other seasons stocking up. We had water grenades, water guns, and water balloons galore. Alexe and Lyss went over to get water guns, one for each of us. To be fair, we gave each of the boys their own gun, one water grenade each, and about five water balloons per boy. I left it on the table for them and walked back to the shed to help build up our ammo. Alexe and Lyss filled the grenades, Carri was a wicked fast water balloon filler, Ana filled the water guns, and I went on got face paint.*Did we forget to fill the boys guns? Yes. Thatta girl.*

     I applied multi colored Indian war paint on myself and the girls and left the face paint out next to the boys water guns. We took all our ammo back over to our base, which was on the other side of the pool hidden behind a bush, and we went over to the boys side of the battle field. Then we hid and waited. After five minutes of hiding, the boys came out and found the guns we'd left for them along with a note Carri wrote. " 'Dear boys," Liam read out while the boys inspected their weapons, "We had enough heart to give you a chance to defend yourselves. You might want to load up though. We are armed. Do not underestimate us.' Well then." "If it's a war you want, a war we shall have!" Louis screamed out to us. There was a giggle. "We should load up. We don't know when they'll attack or from where." Niall said and the boys walked over to the pool. Once they were all bent over, filling their guns, I walked over to them with the girls following my lead. We stood behind them and waited.

Niall's POV:

     I smirked as we filled our guns. This is going to be interesting. I couldn't shake the feeling we were being watched. I made sure my gun was completely full and stood up, stretching my back. When I turned around, I couldn't believe what I was looking at. They all had face paint- like we did- but they used it the right way. They had war paint like you see in the movies with Indians verses the Pilgrims. They were all posed like they knew what they were doing too. Carri had little balloons that looked like grenades, tossing one in her hand, Alexe had a bucket filled with multi colored water balloons in one had and a gun in the other, Ana had a water launcher pointed at us, and Alyssa had a hand water gun and a large one. Cecilia had her gun in a strap on her back, connected to a bag full of water. I couldn't help but notice her piercings. She had her belly-button pierced, which is a normal piercing for a girl. But she also had her hips (like her hip bones) pierced, which I've never seen before and found oddly very attractive. She looked amazing. Then I caught on to something and I couldn't help but laugh. All their bathing suits were camouflage print. They took this seriously. They were laughing too, but I knew why and my laughter died down and I felt my face flush.

     You see, we had face paint too, but it wasn't war paint. I looked at the boys who looked nervous, and chuckled. Harry had a whole bunch of hearts and flowers all over his face, Liam looked like he had the chicken pocks with all the colors of the rainbow, Louis looked like a clown, and Zayn looked like a woman. Oh my goodness, what did I look like?! I didn't have time to look because Ceci had drawn her gun and had it pointed at me. "And here I was thinking you were straight." she said with a smirk on her face, probably referring to my face. Thanks Zayn. I drew my gun and the boys followed, waiting for the first squirt. It came from Carri, who had hit Zayn in the chest. And the war began.

     After about half an hour, Liam pulled me aside. "Let's take a hostage. Our base is the house, and we're losing man." he was breathless. "Yeah, I agree. But who?" I asked and looked at our enemies. I had to admit, they were good. They had a strategy and everything. Next time, I call Cecilia, Luana, and Alyssa on my team. They seem like the core of their group. "Just follow my lead." Liam said and ran out from our hiding place. I followed him, and saw who we were going to "kidnap". Genius. "Put me down! Put me down! Put me down! You will regret this! They will avenge me!" she screamed as Liam ran with Cecilia over his shoulder. She was smiling, and I loved her smile. *Woah. 'Love'? Nah, man. Chill out. Not you again. As many bitches you have, are you going to settle down? Shut up. I don't want to hear it.* Conversations with my conscious. Fucking cool.

     We sat her down and she struggled against Liam's grip. "Niall, hold her down!" he yelled and I obeyed. I wrapped my armed around her and held her hands behind her back. "And here I was thinking you were the dominant one" she whispered into my ear, teasing me. "I'm the one holding you down, aren't I?" I teased back. She smirked and pressed her lips against my neck, kissing and sucking on it in a way that gave me chills. I turned my head and kissed her, running my tongue over her bottom lip, asking for an entry into her mouth. An entry she gave me. As our tongues danced, I let go of her hands and placed mine on her hips. I ran my thumbs over her hip piercings and played with them. Did they really need us to play with them?

     "My eyes!!" Liam playfully screamed and we both looked up at him sheepishly. He had found some rope and was walking towards Ceci, who had gotten up and was backing away from us. Jus as Liam was about to pass me, I stopped him. His evil grin turned into a confused look, up until he looked at what I was looking at. I had never seen anyone so afraid in my life. She was literally shaking. She looked at us with tears forming in her eyes, blushed, and ran up the stairs. "Did I do anything wrong?" Liam was just about as confused as I was. He put the rope down and we both went upstairs and to her room.

Cecilia's POV:

     Why the fuck am I crying? Again! Niall must think I'm beyond weak.. But how'd that rope get in the house? We don't have rope in the house, do we? Not after what happened... I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and I quickly wiped away my tears. I ran to my door and locked it. Not because I didn't want Liam to come in. But well, because I decided to change and I was a bit naked. Niall, I couldn't really care. He'd already seen me naked. But still. It was very unlady like. They knocked on the door and asked why the door was locked, if I was okay, and to let them in. But I told them I would let them in when I was finished changing and they waited. I changed into a pair of denim shorts and a black tank top with cheetah print on the back. I walked over to the door and unlocked it for them and they came in. Niall checked me out, and I wouldn't have minded if he didn't look at me like I was a piece of meat.

     I rolled my eyes and walked over to my vanity, where I began to apply my makeup. Niall walked over to me and gently kissed my neck. "You don't need that." He kissed me again. "I don't know what to say to that." I said as I began applying my eyeliner. "What happened down there?" Liam asked from my bed. "Nothing." I said in my most uninterested voice possible. "But you-" Niall began but I cut him off. "I said it's nothing, okay?" They both looked at each other but didn't say anything. I finished my makeup without saying another word. Once I was done, I turned to them. They were both just looking at me. 'What?" I said, thinking they thought I looked stupid. Niall opened his mouth to speak, but Liam beat him to it. "You make it look so natural.." "Thank you... I think?" "You look great." Niall responded, looking a little annoyed that Liam had complimented me.

     We went downstairs and everyone had come inside and was drying off. They all went upstairs to where their clothes were and changed. Liam and Niall sat on the sofa in the living room and Harry came with me to the dryer where I had taken his clothes after he pushed me in. I'd taken the rest of the boys clothes out earlier. "Did you wash these?" he asked, smelling his clothes and looking down at me. "Yeah. I figured I might as well clean your clothes before I dried them" "You didn't have to do that." "I know." I smiled, patted his shoulder, and went over to where Niall and Liam were sitting. When I passed the place where we kept the menus, I took the menu to the Chinese place and then handed it to them. They told me what they wanted and I wrote it down. The rest of the gang came back down stairs and the boys told me what they wanted.

      As I began to dial the numbers, Louis asked "Aren't you going to ask the girls what they want?" I shook my head and Ana answered for me. "She already knows what we want." She had a smile on her face like if she were so proud of that. Gotta love her. I place the massive order and we began to watch a movie. Ted. Great movie, already seen it though. And had so much on my mind. The guy on the phone said our food would come out to $50.00, so I gave the money to Harry and told him to pay when they got here, since he was closer to the door.

      As the images of the movie flashed on the screen, I thought quietly to myself. *We should think rationally. About what? About how you're feeling. Randy hurt you, and you need help getting over him. Niall could be the one to help you. But what if he's just here to sleep with you, or because he has nothing better to do than hang out with us? I don't think I could handle that. Me either. So what do I do? Honestly, you should put your guard up. Build the walls so he can't hurt you. But what if he's sincere? Well, let's do this. He has your number, so let him know that you won't call or text him first. Say it's because you don't know his schedule. If he makes the effort, lower the wall, just a little bit, and work from there. We know that we don't want to blindly jump into anything serious, so ask him if it'd be okay to take it slow. Friends first, maybe friends with benefits first, and go on from there. Sounds pretty smart. But I'm not sure about the 'friends with benefits' thing. Come on. Don't you remember last night. Yeah... That was pretty great. Alright then. It's settled. Friends first and we'll see where it goes.*

     I was snapped out of it when Lyss nudged me, telling me the food was here. We all sat together at the dinning room table and ate. Kind of like a family would. Looked around at everyone. Everyone was laughing, talking, and eating. It was really nice to see how wel'l we all got along. Someone wrapped their warm arm around my shoulder and rubbed it. Niall. "You okay? You haven't touched your food." That accent. That accent was trouble. I knew, somewhere in the back of my head, that I could easily fall for him. His eyes, his hair, his accent, his soft skin. "Yeah, I'm fine." I said and began to eat.

     After everyone finished eating, the boys cleaned up the plates. I looked out the window, it was sunset. The boys finished and walked over to us. Liam walked over to Carri and wrapped his arms around her. "We should go." he said, looking down at her. He legit looked like he didn't want to leave. "Thanks for having us." he said to me, looking me in the eyes with a small smile on his face. "We had a brilliant time." Louis said, walking towards Alexe. I noticed that everyone was cuddling with their partner. I didn't want to look at Niall because I didn't want him to think I expected him to be like that with me. But out of the corner of my eye, I saw him move closer to me. When he got to me, he took my hands in his. "I'd like to stay, if that's alright with you." he whispered loud enough so that only I could hear. I smiled and nodded my head, he leaned in for a kiss but I panicked. I looked down at my feet, and he paused, but continued leaning in and kissed my forehead. Everyone left, the girls to their houses and the boys (excluding Niall) to their hotel. I should get this conversation over with tonight.

Niall's POV:'

      She locked the door and turned to look at me. I walked over to her and checked her out with a smirk on my face. She had curves in all the right places. And she had a great bum. She sucked her teeth and brushed passed me. Wait, what'd I do? She began walking up the stairs and I followed. "Hey, you alright?" she seemed annoyed, but just a minute ago she was fine. "Yep." she popped the 'p'. We walked into her room and she went to her wooden bureau and took out a rather large pair of sweats and a long tee. I doubted she would fit in that and I thought it was weird that she had it. "This is my brothers. I think this should fit you well enough." she said not looking at me, but at her phone. Alright. Something's up.

     "Thanks... Are you sure you're okay? You seem kind" I hoped I didn't offend her. She didn't even bother to look up at me. "Yes, Niall. I'm fine." she said as she walked over to her bed and lay down. I sighed and began to undress. "Woah!" she exclaimed and held out her hand, as if it cover my lowered pants, and looked away. "What?" "Um. Aren't you going to go to the bathroom to change or something?" she sounded uncomfortable. "Oh..." I pulled my pants back up and walked out of the room. *What is going on? Maybe she's not as interested as I thought she was... Nah. Come on man. You're Niall Horan. You're a memeber of the world famous boyband One Direction. She loves you man. Yeah. You're right. She must be focused on her phone conversation or whatever. Yeah, that's it... She does look good though, doesn't she. Yeah man, she's fucking beautiful. Let's get some tonight. Sounds like a plan.* I folded my clothes from which I just came out of and walked back into her room.

     "The bathroom down the hall is nice, but the one in your room? Freakin' epic!" I put my clothes next to my shoes in the corner of the room and sat next to her. While I was changed, she had changed too. She was in grey sweats and a white tank top. I'm convinced that it's impossible to hide her body. She'd tied up her hair into a messy bun. It was cute, the purple and blond in her hair intertwining together, a few loose strands falling in the sides and some at the front of her face. She looked amazing. "Thanks." she smiled- finally- and layed down to watch TV. No, we're not watching TV, hunny. I smirked and layed next to her and kissed her cheek, then her neck. I put my hand on her waist and caressed her. I looked at her and chuckled. She was smirking at me. She took my shirt in her hands and pulled me on top of her, kissing me. She reached over into a drawer in the table next to her bed and took out a condom. I took it from her and kissed her neck again. My heart was pounding in my chest.

     My breath had slowed down, but m heart was still racing. I looke over at the clock, 3 am. I looked down to my chest, where Cecilia was laying, and smiled. She had fallen asleep and she looked beautiful. The window was open and the moonlight shone on her skin. She was amazing. Haven't felt this good in a while. *Let's keep her around. You know, for when we're in town. She's actually really fun to be around too. She's an all around good time. Yeah, she's a good girl too. But that's besides the point.*

     I woke up to the sun hitting my face. What time was it? 7 am? Damn. I noticed that Cecilia wasn't in bed. I got out of bed and made it, and got dressed. Headed downstairs and noticed a tray with a metal top in it, like the ones from the hotels in movies. The top had a note on it. i walked over to it and picked up the note. It read: "Went out. I had a good time last night. You have my number, just in case. Make sure you lock the door behind you when you leave. Xoxo, C." She left? Why? I sighed and looked at the tray. So the top was obviously covering the plate, there was a cup of orange juice, a cup of tea, a small, nice container of sugar, and a small, also nice, pitcher of milk and on the other side of the plate was the remote to the TV. I lifted the metal top and sat down. She made scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. "She's pretty great." I mumbled to myself and began to eat.

     As I ate, I went on twitter on my phone. "Niall found his princess" was trending. Oh man, why'd I say that? *'Cause you like her. Aren't you usually all like "Oh, just fuck her." Blah blah blah? Yeah, but you like her, don't you? Well.. I don't know. You do have a point when you say I could have whoever I want. I'm not sure if I want to give that up. It's simple. It is? Yeah. Friends with benefits. Keep her around as a friend so you can have fun and be normal, then wip out that good ol' Irish charm and get in her pants. It's the best of both worlds. Good point.* I finished eating, got dressed and left, locking the door behind me, and headed back to the hotel.

Cecilia's POV:

     I walked over to Ana's house with Alyssa. We were going shopping today. Lyss was going on and on about Harry and I just tuned out. Like, I know. I was there. My mind wandered over the previous day, then over to the night. That was amazing. I haven't felt that way in a really long time. My phone vibrated in my pocket. I took it out and my heart fluttered. A text from Niall? "Can't wait to see you tonight. I hope you enjoy the show. Oh, and I had fun last night too. ;)" "'See you tonight'?" I asked out loud. Lyss closed her mouth and looked at her feet. "Lyss, what did you do?" "Well, I told Harry we would go see them tonight at their show." "Why? I don't want to go." "What? Why not?" I don't know. I'm tired. I just want to shop and stay home." "Aw come on. Please?" "Lyss, no. Really. I want to see them, but another time. I don't have it in me." "Fine. But next time you can't say no."

     Ana, Lyss, and I got to the mall. i bought a few outfits, a new cover to my phone, and some new bras and panties. Ana and Lyss shopped for tonight. When we got home, the girls changed into their new outfits and I just helped them get ready. I finished curling Ana's hair while Lyss finished her makeup. When they left, I decided I wanted to go to the hair salon and change my hair color. When I got there, I decided with my hair dresser Chaz that I would go back to my natural brunette hair color and let it grow out, but have pink dip dye. Also, bangs. When my hair was done, I was pleased. I headed home and watched some TV. My phone vibrated, Niall texted me. "I hear you're not coming.."

"You heard right."


"Idk. Not up for it."

"Oh.. Well, can you come 2mm?"

"Uh.. Idk? Where's the show?"

"IZOD Center."

"Haha. No. That's too far."

"Even by car?"

"Idk about by car, but I don't have a car."

"Lol. I'll take care of it."

"Nah, you don't have to."

"Shut up. I'll pick you up at 2. Be ready."

"Lol. Yes, master."

     We texted back and forth all day up until his show. I took a picture of my hair and sent it to him. "I love it! You look great. You're naturally a brunette? Didn't know." I laughed. "Well, now you know." His show started and by the time it finished, I'd fallen asleep on the couch. I woke up at 12 and checked my phone. 10 missed calls from Ana and Lyss, and about 32 text messages. What? I called Ana and she picked up after one ring. "CECI YOU MISSED IT YOU WOULD'VE HAD SO MUCH FUN. THE BOYS SANG ABOUT US, NIALL SANG ABOUT YOU LIKE FIVE TIMES AND SOMEONE ASKED A QUESTION ABOUT YOU ON TWITTER AND HE SAID HE LIKED YOU BUT THAT YOU WERE FRIENDS BUT THEN HARRY WAS LIKE YEAH RIGHT AND HE STARTED BLUSHING AND I'M SO MAD AT YOU FOR MISSING IT THEY BROUGHT US ON STAGE AND INTRODUCED US AND YOU COULD HAVE SANG TO THEM BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU'VE GOT AN AMAZING VOICE AND OMG I CAN'T BREATHE!!" I was laughing uncontrollably the whole time she was telling me this. "Ana!! Relax. It was over like to hours ago. Chill." "I know but it was so amazing." I giggled. "Ana, chill out. I'm tired. I'm going to go to bed. Talk to you in the morning. Love you." "Love you too babe. And so does Niall!" "He does not!" I giggled and hung up. I sat up and let it sink in.

     Niall sang about me. He spoke about me, trying to deny me, but when Harry called him out on it, he blushed. Niall liked me. But.. Why? He denied me. And I just denied him. I looked at the 32 texts and 30 of them where from Lyss and Ana, but two were from Niall. "Miss you tonight. Would've been fun if you'd been there. You must be sleeping, I'll text you in the morning. Night buddy!" Buddy. Alright, this is good. We're friends. He'd just confirmed that. Maybe this could work. I smile to myself and went to bed.

Niall's POV:

     I pressed send and waited for a reply. After five minutes, I didn't get one. She hadn't said goodnight to me. That shouldn't bother me. But it did. A lot.


A/N: Sorry it's been so long! I had some technical difficulties. Let me know what you guys think! :) -Kc

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