Life's Just One Long Weekend

Hi. I'm Cecilia. I'm 18 years old and I have a best friend named Alyssa. I just call her Lyss for short. She's a few months younger than me, but honestly? She's my rock. My boyfriend of a year and three months, Randy, just broke up with me and she's been there for me when I had no one else. We've been the Terrible Two since the diaper days. Lately, she's been talking NONSTOP about this new boy band One Direction, but when she talks about them I usually just tune her out. 'Cause once she starts, she can't stop. I personally have never seen or heard of those boys. Little did I know, they'd soon change my life forever.


9. Did I dream the we were perfectly entwined?


*A/N Yep. Drugs, sex, alcohol, self harm, abuse. All of that is to be expected from now on. Basically I don’t think I’m gunna warn you anymore just idk expect it and if it’s a clean chapter then be surprised. I guess I’m just gunna write what’s relatable to me and since I’m 18 this is the stuff I talk about with my friends and stuff sooo*



            I took a quick shower and then I took Heaven a bath. She was a cheerful little girl, cute as can be. Pretty gray eyes and brown curly hair like mine. She only had four teeth, the front ones on top and the ones below them. She had slightly tanned skin like mine. And she was so chubby!! Ugh she’s just so cute!! And she’s so affectionate! It’s like she knows when you’re sad because she comes waddling in while you’re crying and she’ll and climb up on your bed and just cuddle with you. I used to do that. Heck, I still do that. I guess she’s my mini me. And my goodness the sass!! She’s so sassy and funny and blunt it’s ridiculous. And smart! I could go on and on about her, but you’ll see for yourself.

            Anyway, I’m taking her a bath and she was telling me about what she was doing back with Daddy in PR.

            “Gabby (Gabriel- one of his many embarrassing nicknames. She started it.) made moo cow fall! Was so funny, C!”  She said as I dried her off in her towel and put her in a diaper.

            Giggling, I said “He did?!” and she just went on and on gossiping about her adventures. She sat with me while I did my make up when she asked me a peculiar question.

            “C, who yellow hair boy?” She pondered while cleaning her already clean skirt.

            “His name is Niall. Can you say that for me?”


            “Close enough.” I giggled, having just finished perfecting my eye liner and mascara. I turned around to face her and she climbed onto my lap. I began to do her hair when the door bell rang.

            “Gabby! Would you go get that?!” I yelled and he walked passed my room and down the steps. I heard the door open, then slam, then vicious pounding on the door. Muffled open the damn door’s were coming from outside. I knew exactly who it was.

            “Heaven I need you to stay right here. Do not move, okay baby?” I whispered to her, placing her on my bed. Gabriel was striding up the stairs, heading straight for his room.

            “What the fuck is he doing here, C?!” He screamed as I walked into his room. He was rummaging through his closet, then, emerged with a metal bat. “I’m going to beat his face in! Who the fuck does he think he is showing up here like this?!” He bounded back down the stairs, skipping steps.

            “Gabby please, please, stop! I’ve got it don’t worry please!” I begged over his yelling. Before he got to the door I ran in front of it, blocking his path. This whole time, Randy had been trying to kick the door in, fist pounding against the wood. “Gabby, go upstairs. I’ve got it.” He looked at me with rage in his eyes. His normally hazel eyes eye black. He looked older, scarier. He set the bat down, right next to the door frame and ran up to his room. He punched a wall, I could hear it from where I stood.

            “Open the fucking door!” Randy bellowed and I obliged. I immediately regretted it when his angry fist made contact with my face. Over and over again he beat me. He kicked me in my stomach, and held me up against the wall by my neck. I couldn’t breathe. “Just like the good old days, right Ceci?” The venom in his voice stung, I started seeing white spots. I kicked and scratched and he just tightened his grip. Next thing I know, I’m on the floor, air seeping into my lungs, my vision still blurry. I heard distant shouting and I remember seeing three silhouettes and a body on the floor. Then I blacked out.

            When I woke up again, I was looking up at an angel. Am I dead?  I thought to myself. My vision cleared more and I realized that the angel I saw was Niall. He looked concerned. He looked up at a man that came into view and sat back. This man I’ve never seen before. He flashed a bright light in my eye and grabbed my wrist. Niall came back into view and started saying something to me. I could hear him, I could, but it was like hearing another language. I didn’t understand him. Where am I? I wanted to ask. I opened my mouth to speak but closed it again. I’d forgotten how to speak. What’s happening to me? I began to remember what happened, everything came back so clearly. Randy beating me, Gabby grabbing him off of me, he Harry and Niall both beating him unconscious. The police, an ambulance. I blacked out again. Why?


            Gabriel, Heaven, Harry, and I all waited in the waiting room. Harry and Heaven were talking in the corner, he was trying to keep her entertained. I paced back and forth. The police had left about 15 minutes ago, getting a report from us all about what happened.

            “What the fuck is taking so long?!” I yelled out.

            “Ay! Watch the language in front of my sister!” Gabriel almost growled at me.

            I mumbled an apology and we paced for about another five minutes before we heard Gabriel’s name. The doctor came over to us and told us that she’d be fine. She has a lot of bruising on her eye and ribs, but she’ll be okay. She’d be coming home with us. He directed us to her room and the four of us couldn’t have gotten there faster. Gabriel opened the door and she had her back to us.

            “Go away!” She said through sobs. We walked in anyway and Gabriel walked over to her. She quickly covered her face. “Don’t look at me! I’m hideous!” she cried out. Tears sprung in Gabriel’s eyes and he quickly turned and punched the nearest wall, scaring Cecilia and sending her into hysterics.

            “Come on, mate. You’re scaring her. Take a breather and we’ll come back when you’re more relaxed.” Harry said and escorted Gabriel out of the room, leaving me alone with Cecilia. Her sobbing had subsided to silent sniffling. Did she know I was here? “Cecilia.” I said quietly. She stiffened up. I could see her face in the reflection in the window. She noticed that I was looking at her and quickly covered her face. I walked over to her and bent down in front of her. “Cecilia, look at me.” I pried her hands from her face and she looked away from me, brunette hair falling over her face. It kind of reminded me of that dream I had. Remember? From the garden? “Cecilia it isn’t possible for you to look ugly.” I whispered to her.

            Carefully, I reached up and pulled her hair away from her face, placing it over her shoulder. She looked at me with such sad eyes. Her left eye was bruised really badly, a busted lip and a cut on her right cheek. She was still in her hospital gown, clothes folded neatly next to her. I opened the front her gown, only to have her cover herself again.

            “Let me see.” I mumbled and opened her gown again. She let me this time. My eyes scanned her body, inspecting her bandaged ribs. Her hands folded to cover her breasts. I laughed to myself, taking her hands in mind and kissing them both. She was wearing a navy blue bra with black lace on it and its matching knickers. I could imagine how great her bum looked in it. I leaned in and placed a kiss to her ribs as gently as I could, but I could still feel her wince. I kissed her chest, her breasts, her collar bone. I kissed up to her neck and when I got to her ear, I stopped. “You can never be anything less than beautiful, Cecilia.” I whispered and kissed the spot right behind it. I placed kisses all over her face, being extra gentle where she was hurting. My lips began to taste like salt, she’d been crying after all.

            “You saved me.” She whispered. I took her shirt and unfolded it. Taking her hand and gently as I could, I helped her stand up. I helped her out of her gown and into her shirt, placing soft kisses to her lips. They I grabbed her by her waist and held her to me as she began to cry again.

            “I’d do it again, Cecilia.” I whispered to her, rubbing circles into her back. Now, last time we did this whole crying business, she’d tried to push me away. So you could imagine my surprise when she wrapped her arms around my waist and held on tight. “Sh sh. It’s okay Baby. I’m here.”

            “What about your show?” She asked with her face buried in my chest.

            “It starts in an hour.”

            “You should get going.” She began to loosen her grip but I held her tighter. You’re not going anywhere, Babe. “Niall, go.” She pushed against my chest and looked up at me. Tears stained her face and her eyes were puffy. “You have a job to do and I am no one to get in the way of that.” When I didn’t budge, she scoffed and pushed me again. “Go, you idiot. Your girls are waiting for you.”

            I placed a kiss on her forehead and helped her into her jeans. When they were buttoned, she sat on the bed and I wiped the remaining tears from her pretty brown eyes. I kissed her again and walked towards the door. Should I stay? They could live one show without me, right? But then I can’t do that to the boys so last minute. I looked through the little window in the door and Harry was looking at me anxiously. I opened the door and turned back. We locked eyes and she gave me a small smile. “I’m coming back for you.” I said finally, allowing Gabriel to walk in and get her home.

            The ride back to the arena was silent for a little while. His hands were still swollen, like mine, from beating Randy’s stupid little face in.

            “H-How is she mate?” He asked, taking his eyes off the road as we waited for the light to go from red to green.

            “Not good. He hurt her. Not only physically, but emotionally. You know?”

            “What kind of man would beat a woman? Especially one like Ceci?” he said, anger clear in his voice.

            “I dunno man. But honestly, part of me is glad he did. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want anyone to go through what Cecilia has gone through. But if he didn’t I wouldn’t have had the chance I have with her now, you know? She’d still be with him.”

            “I get it. I know you wouldn’t ever hurt anyone like that.” It got quiet again, the both of us lost in thought.

            “Hey mate?” I questioningly broke the silence.


            “Men don’t hit women. I’m a man. I would never lay my hands on her.” Unless she wanted me to. I silently recalled our conversation about spanking.

            “I know, Niall. I know.”

            We got to the arena, finished the last show of, and I went straight back to Cecilia’s house, skipping the after party. When I got there at around one in the morning, she was sleeping. Gabriel let me in. He became a bit fonder of me since I defended his sister. She wasn’t just his sister, though. She was... She was… mine. I quietly slipped into her room and stripped myself of my clothing. I climbed into bed as gently as I could and wrapped my arm around her, pulling her in. She whimpered at my touch. Shit, I thought to myself, her ribs. She turned over to face me and kissed me. It was a soft kiss at first, but it became much deeper. It wasn’t one of those “hot ‘n’ heavy” kisses, though. There was an emotion emanating (big boy word, I know) from the both of us. We broke the kiss and she nuzzled her face into my chest. I kissed the top of her head and hummed Truly, Madly, Deeply softly into her ear until her breath slowed and she was asleep again before I drifted off to sleep myself.



This was pretty hard to write. I did this in a span of 24 hours though so that’s good. Idk what else to say other than thanks for reading. This isn’t the end of the story but yeah… Thanks. If you wanna follow me on Twitter, it’s @JustCallMeKc_18. And feel free to look up my YouTube page and watch me sing. That one is you just search up “youadorekcx3”. That’s my channel. Don’t ask. So yeah. Love you guys!! Xoxo -Kc


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