Life's Just One Long Weekend

Hi. I'm Cecilia. I'm 18 years old and I have a best friend named Alyssa. I just call her Lyss for short. She's a few months younger than me, but honestly? She's my rock. My boyfriend of a year and three months, Randy, just broke up with me and she's been there for me when I had no one else. We've been the Terrible Two since the diaper days. Lately, she's been talking NONSTOP about this new boy band One Direction, but when she talks about them I usually just tune her out. 'Cause once she starts, she can't stop. I personally have never seen or heard of those boys. Little did I know, they'd soon change my life forever.


2. A Haunting Past


     I was running down a sidewalk in a very nice neighbourhood. Well, the houses were nice, and compared to where I grew up in the ghettos of New York City, there was like no crime ever. Except for tonight. I'd just escaped the grip of my attacker, blood streaming down my face. I wanted to go home. At least back home, there would be people out side. You see, people have this huge misconception about the Bronx. People think that everyone from the Bronx are uneducated thugs and gangsters, but that's not true. For the most part, we're very smart people who got the short end of the stick so to say. I mean, yeah, we do have some of those kind of people who fuck it up for everyone else. But we're not all bad. But most of all, we have each others back. See, if this we're happening to me back in my neighbourhood, my attacker would probably be in some deep shit with the boys who hang in front of my building. But no. I'm on his turf. So I ran and ran and he, of course caught up to me. He slammed his fist into my face and everything went black.

    When I woke up, it was sun down and I was in a van. My hands tied behind my back and my mouth taped shut. When he spoke, the sound made my skin crawl. "We'll hello there, darlin'." He said as he caressed my face. I flinched at his touch. "Don't worry. Papi (he said it like Poppy) will take real good care of ya." His hand made his way up my skirt. This was NOT happening. Not to me. I was a good girl. I was still a virgin. I was just 15. I let out a muffled scream and then. Then I was shaken awake by my father. I was crying and screaming. My dad was crying too, because he knew I was having a flashback of that awful night. So I guess I should explain the rest of the story. So when he was done doing what he wanted to do, I thought the worst was over. Then I opened my eyes and he was staring at a gun in his hand.

     But don't worry, this is where the story lightens up. Apparently, someone heard my muffles screams and called the police. So right before he cocked the gun he had pointed right at my heart, we heard the siren that had saved my life. When the man heard it, he turned around, and yes he did pull the trigger. But it was no longer pointed at my heart. He didn't realize what he was doing and unconsciously lowered the gun and the bullet hit me on the shoulder. Then the police, my heros, busted the windows open and arrested my attacker. The policeman who busted the window open came directly to me and took me out of the van, untied me and asked me if I was okay. I pointed to my shoulder and he got me to an ambulance. He rode with me to the hospital and stood by my side while I healed, along with my family. Jake. He was a new cop and had never been in that situation before and he felt responsible for me. And I was forever grateful to him. 

     My dad then crawled into bed with me and stood with me while I slept, incase I had the dream again.  I woke up to the sound of his snoring in my ear. That man snored so loudly I could swear you could hear it outside of our house. We'd moved to a beautiful house in Staten Island not too long after I was released from the hospital. I was okay with it because I was closer to Lyss who lived a block away from my new home and guess who lives three houses down from her? Jake! So I was close to my best friend and my savior and I felt safe there. Three years have passed and Jake got married and had a beautiful baby girl, who Jake and his wife Daphne had named after me.

     I decided to get out of bed. It was 8:00 A.M and I wasn't gunna be able to go back to sleep with this snore machine in my bed. So I decided to get dressed and head over to Alyssa's house. Her family considered me family and gave me an extra key when I was 10. So I just walked in and went straight to Lyss' room since everyone was sleeping. Including Lyss. But I didn't care, which is why I was jumping on her bed. "Why do you hate me?!" She screamed and I giggled. I sat Indian style on her bed and played with my strawberry blond and lavender dip dyed hair. "I'm bored. Let's go to Coney today." Coney Island was our favorite place and once I mentioned the word she had jumped out of bed and began to get ready. As she was in the shower, I went through her makeup and found  BareMineral's Stiletto black eye shadow and an eyeliner brush. I wet the brush, dipped it into the black powder, and put it on like eyeliner. (A/N If you own BareMineral make up, you know that you could use the eye shadow as eyeliner) When I was happy with the liner, I applied some mascara and lip gloss and looked in the mirror. I was wearing light blue denim shorts, a tribal print loose cami and my favorite white sandals. When Lyss was done, we hopped on the train and got to Coney Island. 

     When we got there, there was a big commotion. Girls screaming everywhere. We decided to ignore it and we got on line for a ride. We looked behind us and the commotion had subsided. There was a group of boys that had gotten in line behind us and Lyss whispers to me in a panic. "What?" I said loudly. "SHHH!!! One Direction is behind us right now." she whispered. I nonchalantly turned around and saw a pair of crystal blue eyes staring into mine. "Hello." Niall said and smiled. I smiled back and said hi back. "How are you? Are you enjoying yourselves?" asked Louis to which Lyss replied "Oh my god YES!!" I giggled and Niall smiled at me. Outside I kept my cool, but inside I was shining. It was soon our turn to get on the ride and I sat down and Lyss sat to my right. And who else but Niall would decide to sit to my left. "Do you mind if I join you ladies?" "Not at all!" Lyss exclaimed. But he was looking at me as if he were asking me, not her. "Help your self." I said pointing to the seat next to me. He smiled and winked at me and took his seat. After we were all strapped in, the ride started. As the ride jolted to a start, Niall grabbed my hand. As cliché as it may sound, I felt sparks fly. I looked from our hands to Niall who was already looking at me in excitement. "You ready?" he asked and I nodded my head and smiled, blushing. The ride finished and Lyss squealed. "OH MY GOD! LUANA?!?!" When I heard that name, I snapped out of the conversation I was having with Niall and Zayn and ran over to where she was hugging another childhood friend of ours, Luana (a.k.a Ana) . When Luana, Alyssa, and I became best friends we went from the Terrible Two to the Terrible Three. She joined the pack and Zayn and Ana seemed to hit it off very nicely.

     After we all got on some more rides, Niall invited Lyss, Ana and I to join him and the rest of  the lads to eat. Lyss screamed an acceptance (in my ear, mind you) and we walked over to the boys van. We drove for a while, and I watched as the scenery went from Brooklyn, through Queens, and then City Island in the Bronx. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, The Lobster Box. We all ate and laughed and had a blast. Every now and then I'd catch Niall staring and he'd look away and blush slightly. After we all ate and paid (I insisted on paying for Ana, Lyss, and I, but Liam wasn't having it.) Zayn and Ana, Lyss and Harry, and Niall and I had split off. Liam and Louis went back to the hotel. "You know, I'm really glad I met you." Niall said, breaking the silence as we were watching the sunset on the harbor. I looked at him questioningly. "Why's that?" "Because I don't get to meet many down to earth girls these days. Most of them are screaming in my face and I don't really like that." "Like Lyss?" I laughed and he joined me. "Yeah, but Harry likes the attention. And it seems that your friend has caught his eye. Zayn too. He likes Ana a lot." "Well I'm glad. They're really big fans." I said. "And you?" Niall asked after a while. "Me what?" "Are you a fan?" "Yeah. I'm a new one though. I've only found out about you about two months ago." "Well, welcome to the family then." He smirked and lightly pushed me. "Thank you!" I giggled and gave a big smile.

     After about another hour of talking and laughing, I said "I should be going home soon." He looked slightly upset by this, but I didn't think he should be so I brushed it off as me seeing things. "Let me give you a ride then." He offered. We walked over to the van that'd been waiting for us since he dropped Liam and Louis off at their hotel. When we got to my house, he walked me up to the door. I stopped at the door and he stopped in front of me. He took my hands in his and looked down at them as he spoke. "I'd like to see you again Cecilia." he said quietly. "Y-you would?" I stammered. Niall Horan wanted to see me again? Why? He looked up at me, into my eyes and gave me a perfect half smile. I felt like my heart stopped. "Yes, I would." He took my iPhone out of my pocket and put his number in it. He called the number and saved it into his phone. Then, he took a picture of himself and saved it on my phone, and took a picture of me with his. "I should go inside." I said and he leaned in and ever so gently kissed my cheek. "Good night Ceci." he whispered and walked back to the van. I watched the van disappear, headed back inside and got ready for bed. I sat at  vanity set I had in my bathroom brushing my cleaned, wet hair going over the day. Niall wanted to see me again. He looked me in the eyes and said he'd actually like to see me again. I went to bed with a smile on my face, and dreamed for the second time of Niall James Horan.


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