Take me to another world

When Naks goes to a one direction signing with her best friend, Ellie. She doesn't expect for A certain member to notice her, if she accepts a date with him she knows it will start a lot of hate, will she date the boy? Will she leave him hanging? Will she crack?


4. One for me, one for you.

               Niall's PoV

"What are we gonna do!" Harry yelled.

"uh...hide it! Just hurry, little tattle tale Liam went to get Paul!" I said back. We had just broke Josh's drum set...Again.

"Harry, Niall, what did you do!" Paul stormed in.

"Niall did it!" Harry said pointing at me.

"What?! No i didn't!...well I did, but Harry helped me brake it." I said back.

"Oh, so you broke it on purpose?" Paul said.

"No!" me and Harry yelled in unison, when josh came into the room.

"My Drums! Niall!" he yelled.

"It wasn't me!...well it was but...." I cut myself off when the blonde girl walked in with her friend.

"Hi!...whoa, what happened here?" the blonde asked.

"Niall did it." Harry and Josh said at the same time.

"Whatever..."I said. Boy, was that blonde perfect, her eyes, lips, hair, just prefect. 

"So, what are you both doing here?" I asked.

"oh we're staying with you guys until the concert cause my moms car broke down and couldn't pick us up." The brunette answered.

"That's Amazing!...I mean cool, very cool." I said starting to blush.

"hehe, you're so adorable, Niall" said the Blonde.

"No, you're adorable...I mean, uh I mean..."

"he means you're adorable for calling him adorable...yeah." Harry said covering up for my embarrassment.

"um, ok? Well I need to go to the ladies room, come with?" she asked. 

"Yes!" I said.

"I meant Naks..." she said.

"I know, I was joking...haha." I said blushing a deeper red then before.

"Of course you did, Niall." Naks said walking by me patting my shoulder. They both walked out of the room.

"That was very smooth." Harry said laughing.

"Shut up." I mumbled.

"You really like her don't you?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, I do." I answered.

"Well, I'm gonna try to get you to together!" he said.

"Actually, you both are going to clean this mess up." Josh interrupted.

"Ok, Niall you handle this and I'm going to set you up with pretty girl." Harry said running off.

"Harry!" I yelled after him. He turned Around and gave me a wink and headed off towards the back room.

"Get started." Paul said going back out to the bus."

"How did you even brake the drums anyway?" Josh asked.

"I honestly don't know." I answered, I was obviously lying, but they didn't know about the busted amplifier we dropped on the drums yet.

"Well, ok...see you later." josh said leaving the room.
              END OF POV

             HARRY's POV

"Oh shit..." I mumbled, trying to find pretty girl and her friend,
I forgot my phone in the bus, so I headed back to the bus. As I entered the bus I heard faint crying coming from the back. I instantly knew who it was.

"Louis?" I yelled softly.

"Um, hey mate...you need something?" he said coming out of the back room of the bus, his eyes were red from crying.

"What's wrong, Lou?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing." he answered.

"Why are you lying to me? We're best friends, you can trust me." I said.

"uh ok...I think me and Eleanor just broke up." he said tearing up.

"No...what happened?" I asked.

"She said I was being selfish, and if I didn't have time for her then she was leaving me.." Louis said.

"it's ok, you can do better then her anyway." I said.

"No I can't!" he said.

"yes you can, you are Louis fucking Tomlinson!" I yelled.

"...and she's Eleanor beautiful Calder." he whispered.

"Don't think that way, of course El was an amazing girl, but you'll find someone else." I said. When someone walked into the bus, it was my girlfriend Raygan.

"What are you doing here?" I said excitedly.

"I got off work early, and Louis?" she said.

"Yeah?" he said rubbing his eyes.

"Why was Eleanor crying? I sat with her for forty five minutes trying to calm her down." she said concerned. Louis started crying again.

"Ah, what did I say?" she asked.

"Nothing babe, so how was work?" I said putting my arm around her shoulder.

"It was great, I guess...so how was the signing?" she asked.

"It was amazing, we met this blonde girl named Ellie who Niall loves! And I met this beautiful brunette named Naks." I said not paying attention to what I was saying.

"What?" she said turning at me.

"I mean...she was beautiful, but not as pretty as you, of course....Love you!" I said trying to cover up my slip up.

"Well, then she must be something really special To you..." she said walking off.

"Raygan wait! I didn't mean it like that." I said grabbing her hand.
"I was just saying she was pretty, ok?" I said kissing her.

"fine, you are forgiven." she said smiling. As we walked back into the building hand in hand we ran into Naks and Ellie.

"Oh, sorry, Hi Harry" Naks said smiling.

"Hi, who are you?" Raygan asked.

"Uh Raygan, this is Naks and Ellie." I said. 'Oh god no' I thought in my head.

"Oh, so this is Naks!...nice to meet you…I guess." Raygan said, looking and sounding pissed.

"You ok?" Naks asked Raygan.

"Yeah, I'm fine...it's you who might not be fine in a couple of seconds..." Raygan started.

"....Whoa! Look at the time! We must be going now...see you later." I interrupted and dragged Raygan off with me.

"No need to be jealous, Babe…ok?" I said.

"I'm not jealous." she said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Well, maybe a little bit" she answered.

"Well don't be." I said kissing her cheek.

              END OF POV

BAM! Plot twist...you thought Naks and Harry would get together?...you were wrong! I have another plan for that couple tho, sorry for the long wait on the update, but I doubt any of you care, and what about Niall and Ellie? Or Eleanor and Louis? You'll have to wait and find out.

P.s I do not hate Eleanor, and I love her and Louis together, but I needed a story line...so yeah.

P.ss follow my twittah! @PayneGalaxy
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