Take me to another world

When Naks goes to a one direction signing with her best friend, Ellie. She doesn't expect for A certain member to notice her, if she accepts a date with him she knows it will start a lot of hate, will she date the boy? Will she leave him hanging? Will she crack?


2. I'm just trying to read the singnals I'm receiving.

           Naks POV

"I swear if you step on my foot one more time I'll...." Ellie started to say, but I interrupted.

"Ellie! She's a little girl." I said

"I'm sorry, I'm just tired and.....Oh My GOD!" Ellie said shocked.

"what?" I asked.

"Don't look now but Harry Styles Is looking at you!" Ellie said.

"What?!? No way!!" I said shocked, I started to turn around when El stopped me.

"I said don't look!" Ellie yelled quietly.

"But I want to see this with my own eyes" I said, it wasn't everyday you caught Harry styles attention.

"um...just causally drop your bag, than causally turn around and pick it up, and as you turn around look! It's simple" El said.

"okay...I guess." I said. I 'Dropped' my bag, and as I bent down to pick it up, someone tripped over me. I flipped over several times. And a few people ran over to me.

"Here, let me help you" said a familiar British voice. I looked up and it was no other than Harry Styles offering me his hand.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"uh, yeah thanks" I said as he helped me up, I smiled at him and he started to blush, wait why was he blushing? I'm suppose to be the one blushing!

"um....well, I need I get back over there with the boys, see you later" he said nervously.

I stood there in shock, I just talked to Harry Styles! It took all that was in me not to fangirl my heart out. I walked back to a laughing Ellie.

"Smooth" she said sarcastically.

"that was the most embarrassing yet amazing moment of my Life!" I said ignoring her sarcasm.

"but being serious, are you ok?" she asked concerned.

"yeah, my head just hurts a bit" I answered.

"Okay, Good." she said starting to laugh again.
              * * * * * * * *

The line was WAY shorter now, me and El past the time by playing 'Eye Spy' and listening to our favorite artist(Other that One Direction) 'Mahnoor' on our iPods.
It was Finally our turn, we were the last ones in line.

"CD's girls" Paul said.

"Here ya go!" Ellie said.

"whoa Paul, you can take a break now, they're the last ones. We're good" Harry said while smiling at me.

"um...okay, just don't try anything stupid." Paul said.

"Stupids my middle name!" Ellie said.

"I was talking to the boys, but that goes for you too also." Paul said while smiling, and walking off.

"So, Vas Happenin Ladies?" Zayn said while smiling.

"oh my, you all are way hotter in person than you are on YouTube and TV!" Ellie said. All the boys, And me started laughing. El's face went Bright red.

"Who said that?!?" Ellie shouted.

"you did, hun." I said while patting El's shoulder.

"Haha, so what's your names?" Niall asked.

"I'm Ellie, but you can call me El" 

"And I'm Naks.....but you can call me Naks!"

"well, nice to meet you El and Naks!" Louis said.

                 * * * * * * * *

So after an hour of talking and just hanging out, I looked at my watch which read 4:47.

"OH CRAP!" I yelled.

"what's wrong Naks?" Harry asked.

"My mom was picking us up at three thirty!" I said

"Your right! We really need to go, your 
Mom does not like waiting" Ellie said. She was right my mom HATED waiting, and hated being late.

"Wait! Naks?" Harry said.

"yes Harry?" I asked.

"we should hang out sometime." Harry said. A million thoughts went through my head.

"uh....No Sorry" I said. Harry looked shocked by my answer.

"No? Did you just say no?" Ellis asked.

"Yes" I said back.

"Oh, so yes!" Harry said.

"NO!" I said getting quite annoyed.

"what?" Harry said sounding really confused.

"um...excuse us a minute" Ellie said. She yanked me by the arm over to a corner, where she slapped me.

"OW! What was that for?!" I asked yelling.

"I cannot believe you said NO! What, Are you Crazy?!?" Ellie shouted.

"I guess I am." I said back. "I just don't want to deal with Gossip, and paparazzi. And Fans, and death threats! That's why I said no."

"ugh whatever, talk to me when you get your priorities straight!" El said, walking back to the boys. I followed her.

"Yes" I said randomly, they all looked confused.

"what?" Harry asked.

"Yes, I'll hang out with you." I said back.

"Really! That's Great! Can I have your number?" Harry said surprised.

"Yeah, sure." I said while Harry gave me a pen and paper. I wrote down my number and gave it to him "There ya go" I said.

"Thanks." he said, giving me a smile, I returned the smile.

"well, we need to go, her moms probably getting annoyed, See you guys later!" Ellie said. Niall smiled and waved at her. 

"Bye!" they all said in unison.

"I thought you didn't want to date Harry!" El said.

"yeah I know...but you knew what they say!" 

"what?" she asked.

"YOLO!" I yelled. We both laughed.

"but you know, that was the best moment of my Life!" El squealed in my ear.

"I know right! And I think Niall likes you." I said.

"What? No!...........you think?" Ellie asked.

"Totally! His eyes were all OVER you girl!" I said laughing while we walked out of the door.
                 * * * * * * *

"Come on mom! Where are you!?" it's already Five Thirty-four!" I said talking to yet another voice mail.

"Wasn't she suppose to be here at three thirty?" El asked.


"Maybe she forgot!" El said hopefully.

"you know my mom, she doesn't just forget things, especially her OWN daughter!" I said. I was starting to get worried, when my phone started ringing.

     It was the call I was dreading...
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