Take me to another world

When Naks goes to a one direction signing with her best friend, Ellie. She doesn't expect for A certain member to notice her, if she accepts a date with him she knows it will start a lot of hate, will she date the boy? Will she leave him hanging? Will she crack?


1. Is that me, is that you?

                  Nak's POV

I woke up to the sound of my best friend Ellie singing at the top of her lungs. Of course she was singing the 'Its time to get up song' as any Directioner would know, was just a funny little song by one direction. Next thing I know she's jumping on my bed yelling "GET UP! Do you even know what day it is?!?."

"Yeah, it's Saturday.....WAIT! It's Saturday!" it hit me, today was the I've been waiting for, the day I've dreamt about, today was the day I was going to meet one direction.

"Exactly.....so GO GO GO! Take a shower, brush your teeth, fix your hair, you aren't going in pajamas are you?!"

"Ellie! Calm down!.......we have 3 hours till the signing."

"Sorry, but I've waited a whole month for this day, and I refuse to be late!"

"we won't be late"

"we will if you don't hurry up" Ellie said as she jumped off my bed and ran out of my room.

As much as I wanted to stay in my bed, I was too excited to stay still. So I hopped up, said Goodbye to my bed, and went straight to the bathroom across the hall to take a shower.

When I got out of the shower, I noticed Ellie had already pulled out an outfit for me to wear.

"I thought you would like to wear one of my dresses" Ellie said standing in the doorway.

It was a navy blue and white striped dress, with a red blazer, and navy converse.

"Go now, try it on" Ellie said as she exited the room.

I put on the dress, blazer, and shoes. Than blow dried my hair. I decided to pull my long black hair into a ponytail, and I put on a little makeup. I stepped In front of my long mirror to admire myself. It took me a minute to realize I looked like a girl version of Louis! "ELLIE!" I yelled. Ellie came prancing into the room. She was wearing a white dress, red varsity jacket, and blue ballet flats. Her hair was left down with little curls at the end. She was dressed like Zayn. 

"Care to explain why I look like Louis Tomlinson?" I asked.

"haha silly, you don't look like Lou, you look like Larry Stylinson!" she said while adjusting her outfit in front of my mirror.

"How?" I asked

"see your dress is Louis, your blazer is Harry, and your shoes are also Harry! So all together your Larry Stylinson!" said Ellie. I had to admit she had good fashion since.

"I don't want to wear this" I said.

"I knew you wouldn't, so that's why I also brought this!" she said as she pulled out a pink dress. "Better?" she asked?

"Much better" I said. I yanked off the 'Larry Dress' and put on the pink dress. I was about to change shoes when Ellie stopped me. "NO! Keep the shoes!" Ellie protested. 

"Fine" I said. I stood in front of El for her opinion "Oh my, you look better than me!" she said while laughing. I laughed to as I grabbed my bag and looked at the time, it was 12:45. "El?" I asked

"yes?" she said back.

"What time is the signing?" I said

"1 'o clock" she answered.

"And how far is the mall from here?" I asked.

"Um.....about an hour, Why?" she said

"Because, It's already Twelve Forty five!" I yelled. 

"SERIOUSLY?!? We need to go!" she yelled. We ran down the stairs, into the kitchen where my mom was. "Hey mom, don't mean to rush you but we need to leave now!" I said.

"ok, go get in the car girls!" said my mom happily. We ran to the car, got in and waited for my mom who was grabbing her purse.
When she finally came out and got in the car, we put on the radio.

"Now we'll be playing a hit by the British boyband One Direction, this is 'What makes you beautiful'. Said the radio DJ.

"UGH. And Irish!" shouted Ellie.

"Here we go again" I said under my breath.

The rest of the car drive there, was full of Ellie ranting about 'Directionators'. When we finally pulled up to the mall it was about 1:40 pm. Me and EL jumped out of the car, my mom rolled down the window and said "Naks, I'll pick you both up at around 3:40Ish." "Okay, Bye!" I said back.
My mom drove off. "Okay, let's go!" said Ellie excitedly. When we walked in the mall my jaw dropped. There was thousands and thousands of girls and boys.

"Oh my god" I said

"um...well at least we know boy Directioners actually Exist!" Ellie said.

               END OF POV

              Harry's POV

"HARRY! Can you please sign my ARM!?!" some girl yelled in my face.

"Sure Love" I said as I gave her a smile and signed her arm. So far I've signed 50 girls arms, Kissed 85 cheeks, hugged 102 people, and 10 girls have fainted, so pretty busy day so far.

"Not gonna jump to conclusions, but I think the next person to walk up to this table is my princess!" Niall said

"Niall, you say that at every signing." Liam said.

"I know, but this time I mean it!" Niall said. His eyes widened as the next person to step up was a guy.

"Yep Niall, theirs your special princess!" Louis said while laughing. We all joined in including Niall.

"haha ok, but I know she's here in this crowed somewhere!" Niall Said hopefully.
                * * * * * * * * *

The line grew shorter and shorter, maybe 200 girls and guys left. I was in my own little world signing CD's when Niall gasped. 

"GUY'S! I found her, I found my princess!" Niall said pointing.

He was pointing to the end of the line, it was a girl with beautiful Blonde hair, and gorgeous Blue eyes. But my eyes drifted to the girl beside her. She had long black hair, and beautiful deep brown eyes.

"Me too Niall." I replied.

                  END OF POV
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