Dreams Do Come True (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Eighten year old Courtney. A crazy fangirl whose life changed dramaticly when she find those five perfect angels on her doorstep.


5. You're Beautiful!


I jumped out of the pool after Niall grabbing our towels from the chair.

“That was fun, wait until the boys notice you’ve got a pool!” Niall chuckled.

“Oh I know” I sighed securing the towel around my body and grabbing another one for my hair

“Eh! My hair’s gunna be super curly and knotty if I don’t wash it tonight, but if I do ill wake the boys up.” I sighed

“Leave it. Do it in the morning have you seen the time?” Niall asked

“Nope? Im guessing it’s late though” I replied heading inside the house Niall behind me

“Are you sure I shouldn’t wash my hair? I mean look at it!” I huffed.

“Yes! You know we should really get to bed as soon as possible. The boys will probably be waking us up early nagging to go somewhere.” Niall laughed.

“I can live on a few hours’ sleep. I guess I should start thinking of where they would wanna go because you’ll have no idea.” I sighed walking past the sleeping Zayn.

“How about the beach? Niall asked, I looked at him like he was insane.

“In case you forgot were in the middle of nowhere its right in the middle of Canada” I laughed “how about the waterpark? Unless you want to go to a theme park full of toddlers.” I smirked

“There’s a waterpark?” Niall grinned, I nodded. “Were going!” Niall settled, I nodded my head.

“You can go and change in my mum’s room” I nodded towards the door. “There’s an ensuite and stuff aswell if you need it.” I said as Niall tuned into the bedroom.

I peeled off my wet bathing suit and threw it by the door for now. I dried my body and pulled on my underwear. I started at my reflection in the mirror as I tried to tame my wet hair with the brush before my hair turned into ringlets. Once my hair was good enough I threw my brush on the dresser as I stepped closer to the mirror.

I grabbed my stomach and pulled on it as if it would make me skinnier; I poked thighs as the tears streamed down my face. I grabbed the skin of my thighs as I began to quietly sob. I studied every flaw of my body from my scars on my knees to spots on my face. No wonder I’ve never had a boyfriend, no wonder I don’t have any friends I kept repeating I my head. Why can’t I just me normal for once? I though as I sucked in my breath trying to make my stomach as small as possible. I would be happy with this, just to lose a few pounds but no I can’t do that because im not normal im the most stupidest girl addicted to food, even if all the food I eat is healthy. I pushed and pulled on my stomach again as if I would suddenly be skinnier as my sobs because louder I couldn’t take it anymore as the things my mum and nan had said to me since I could remember. So many times I’ve thought about cutting but I didnt for the boys but now it was all I could think about. I turned back to the mirror regretting everything as the tears streamed down, my heart was beating a million times faster than usual as I started puffing out of breath. A knock at the door startled me.

“Courtney? You coming out sometime today?” Niall asked, I bit my lip trying to stop the tears from falling but they just fall quicker.

“I-I-I L-L-a-te-r” I stammered out as I grabbed my thighs in one hand gripping them tightly and pocking my stomach.

“Wait- Court! You’re crying!” Niall exclaimed slamming the door open an rushing over to me as he wrapping his arms around me.  I buried my face in Niall's chest as I clutched onto his shirt.

**Niall POV**

I ran into Courtney’s room as I heard her crying wrapping my arms around her. Courtney buried her face into my chest as she cried.

“Shh. It’s okay beautiful.” I cooed as I moved my hand up to her hair softly running my fingertips through her hair and over her scalp. I picked Courtney up lifting her into the bed. I sat crossed-leg on the bed as Court sat on my lap the tears still flowing out of her eyes her breathing jagged as she puffed. My eyes widened as I remembered Courtney’s application form! Of course how could I forget she’s asthmatic, I looked around the room to see a pump on the dresser next to me. I automatically picked it up noticing warm tears slowly trickle down my face. I can’t cry I have to be strong for her. The most beautiful angel ever. I placed the pump in the hands.

“C’mon babe. You’ll be okay.” I whispered, she took the pump and threw it on the floor. I rubbed her back as slowly Court’s breathing became normal. I trailed my fingertips over her shoulders and down her arm as I waited for Courtney to calm down

“What’s wrong?” I whispered in her ear, Courtney chewed her lip for a few seconds before replying.

“Isn’t it obvious? Im fat im too freaking fat” She said, I started at her shocked.

“No you’re not. You’re beautiful. What makes you think that” I said. There’s no way in the world I would let this girl think she’s anything but beautiful. She took a deep breath before continuing.

“My mum, my nan, my family. They tell me every day. Im hopeless, as much use as a chocolate teapot, im fat, I need to lose weight, I eat too much, Im weir, Im alien, I let them down, I need to exercise, Im unfit because im asthmatic, im selfish the list goes on and on. “She sighed, I was so shocked. She dont deserve any of it. I rolled onto my back pulling her with me so Courtney was lying on my stomach. I gazed into her gorgeous brown eyes, Courtney needs to feel beautiful. I lifted my head and brushed my lips against hers before our lips moved in sync. I hope she doesn’t think im doing this because I feel sympathetic, I really love her. I’ve love her from the first moment I saw a picture of her. From the moment I read her application form.

“Nobody’s perfect, most far from it but you are just too beautiful for words. You my love are something special. Your amazing so don’t ever think your anything less than amazing. Your spectacular darling.” I smiled so did she. The boys have been begging me to do it since we met her and I guess right now it the time.

“So I’ve been thinking and it’s okay if you don’t want to but the moment I laid my eyes on you I knew there was something special, I knew you are the one I’ve been waiting almost 19 years for. I promise to make you my life, I promise to give you all my love and my heart forever. I’ll promise to keep you safe and make you feel beautiful and love each day. Courtney, will you be my girlfriend?” I let out a sigh of relief that I’d managed to say it without screwing up.

“Nialler! Are you kidding me? OF COURSE” she screamed as tears of happiness fell down our faces. I couldn’t stop grinning as I pressed my lips to her nose. Me and Courtney cuddled for a while not saying anything just listening to each others breathing.

“I better leave you to sleep now, we got a long day tomorrow.” I sighed jumping up.

“No!” She cried grabbing onto my arm “Stay? Please?” She begged hanging onto my arm. I smiled

“Fine then.” I laughed as I threw the duvet over her body. I walked around the other side taking off my shorts and shirt leaving me in my boxers before sliding in next to Courtney who was already half asleep. I kissed her hair before drifting off to

**Courtney POV**

I woke up to the sound of jumping around in the living room; I swear it sounds like a thunderstorm in there! I opened my eyes to see a beautiful sleeping angel; I giggled quietly rememebering last night.

“Morning babe.” I whispered before sliding out of bed as walking over to the walk in wardrobe. I decided to wear my green swim suit under my light pink spaghetti strap button up blouse with denim shorts. I took the clothes into the bathroom stripping out of my underwear and jumping in the shower.

Once I was done in the shower, I brushed my teeth and stuck my contacts in. I changed into the clothes I picked and started brushing my hair. After lots of changing my mind I had my hair in a high ponytail with a small plait on the side of my head. I applied my waterproof mascara and pulled my ray-band over my head.

Once I was happy with my appearance I grabbed my phone and pulled out a beige backpack an started stuffing it with things I’d need for the waterpark which I knew the boys would want to go to. I hung the backpack on the door of my room one I was done and left for the main room.

“She’s finally up!” Harry cheered as he paused the game of soccer on the Kinect.

“Hungry?” I asked, all the boys who were awake nodded, so Harry, Louis and Liam.

“Okay sure. While im cooking go get ready. We’re going to the waterpark.” I smiled walking over to the kitchen

“We are?” Louis asked

“Uh-huh” I confirmed as the boys scurried off except Liam. I took the chicken out of the freezer and placed a load onto a tray shoving it in the oven.

“Have you seen the Irish lad this morning?” He questioned

“Err... yeah... he’s in my room.” Said as I chewed my lip again. Liam raised an eyebrow giving me the look.

“No-no-no don’t worry we didn’t do anything really okay well maybe but it isn’t what you think I promise Li! We just couldn’t sleep after the movie.” I said, he sighed of relief and nodded.

“Anyway me and Louis were wondering if Dani and El come today.” Liam asked, I grinned.

“They’re here! I thought they were in Florida! Of course! It would be great to have some girlies around.” I smiled washing the lettuce.

“Do they want to come over for breakfast?” I asked

“Sure.” Liam said happily as he went off to Louis as they called the girls.

Soon enough I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist form behind, I grinned and spinned around.

“Smell the food aye?” I giggled.

“Yup” he laughed as I finished the burgers up and shoved them back in the oven to keep warm.

“I guess we can have one now since the girls won’t be here for a while” I smiled as he took a burger.

“Wow, what is this?” Niall said scoffing his burger down as I did.

“It’s my mums recipe she calls it a Chicken big mac. Sometimes I used to eat like 4 a day if she let me.” I smiled.

“Well you’re distracting me babe go play on the Xbox or get your stuff ready for the waterpark otherwise ill forget something.

“Awh can’t you do that, get my stuff!” Niall huffed.

“I guess as long as you keep out of my way until the girls get here.” I shook my head.

“Okay I’ll go now.” Niall laughed.

“Good!” I said as I went around the house collecting stuff the boys might forget like sunscreen towels food etc.

When I was in the bedroom packing Niall’s stuff I heard the doorbell. “SOMEONE GET THAT” I yelled as I stuffed Niall’s stuff into one of his gym bags I found. One I was done I checked in the mirror and tided my outfit before leaving the room to meet the girls. Everyone was in the living playing on Kinect sports. At the moments they were playing volleyball El and Dani vs. Harry and Louis. I went to the kitchen to get the burgers then took the plate to the living room.

“Hungry?” I asked as every jumped on me. “Okay okay.” I laughed as I put the plate on the table as everyone dug in.

After we were done I sat down with the girls.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you! The lovely girls who make the boys so happy” I smiled giving them hugs.

“Awh thanks.” Eleanor smiled as we sat on the couch watching the boys.

After around an hour of messing about on the Xbox and chatting we finally left.

Louis Eleanor Liam and Danielle Zayn and Harry in one car then Niall decided he wanted to drive me in my dad’s truck to show off his driving skills even though he doesn’t have his licence, but neither do I.

“I really wish I could drive.” I moaned as I scrolled through twitter on my phone.

Niall chuckled” well at your age why can’t you.” He smirked.

“You haven’t taken your test.” I pointed out.

“But I can still drive” He grinned.

“My dad was meant to give my driving lessons but he’s always in work so yeah” I sighed.

“I can teach you?” Niall asked.

“You would?!” I exclaimed happily.

“Yeah of course. We get loads of time off when we’re recording and you’ll be with us so yeah.” He smiled.

“Right now concentrate on driving mister; I don’t wanna die before we even get there.” I laughed.

“Nah im a pro.” Niall winked.

“Shut up and drive.” I said as I burst into laughter realising I quoted the song.

“Whatever Miss-I-Know-Everything-Louise-Parson.” Niall smiled. I pulled out a packet of crisps and started eating them on the way.

One we got there Niall parked, crookedly may I add next to Louis.

“You parked crooked.” I smirked

“So? Trucks are harder to drive than cars.” He huffed.

“My dad had to drive a truck AND a 57 foot trailer.” I raised my eyebrow.

“What the- how the hell is that even possible?” He exclaimed.

“I don’t know but let’s go its hot and I wanna get wet! Your coming on the biggest one first with me!”  I grinned as I grabbed his hand and ran as fast as I could without getting out of breath towards the ticket booth.

“8 exclusive adult.” Liam confirmed

“You’re just like a little kid” Niall grinned “I swear my daisy and phoebe are more mature than you!” He exclaimed.

“Oh well.” I laughed as we followed the rest into the park I sat on a bench near the rest of the lads and girls as I pulled my blouse and shorts off, I slipped off my sandals and got out the sunscreen.

“Niallleerr” I pouted my lips as I held out the sunscreen, he chuckled as took it off me spraying my back and my arms, then my legs, then my neck-

“Ahh” I giggled as Niall tried to spray my neck and face “It-tickles” I laughed moving around. I took the sunscreen as he let me spray him.

“Ahh!! It tickles!” Niall mimicked his best welshy girl accent as I sprayed his neck.

“Oh shut up you!” I said as I threw our stuff in a locker.

“BUMPER BOATS WE GOO” Louis and El exclaimed as we all headed towards the bumper boats. This was going to be the best day EVER!

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