Dreams Do Come True (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Eighten year old Courtney. A crazy fangirl whose life changed dramaticly when she find those five perfect angels on her doorstep.


11. Shopping


“Court! Come and help me!” She insisted as I started to make bagels for breakfast.

“No thanks.” I giggled.

“I’ll give you a poster of Niall.” She said like she does whenever she wants anything from me.

“Why do I need a poster when I got the best version right here?” I grinned

“I’ll give you every poster of Niall I can find?” She tried

“Nope” I laughed

“What’s for breakfast?” Niall asked searching the fridge and bringing out the two boxes of pizza

“Oh my god! I forgot about that pizza. Take them to the studio.” I sighed. “Bacon and mushroom bagels.”

“Sure. I could do with something to eat while writing.” Niall shrugged as he turned around and snapped a picture of the boys in dresses and make-up.

“Zayn it’s alright you don’t need mascara but the rest of you do.” She sighed as I looked at the boys already wearing lipstick and eye shadow.

“You’re so lucky.” I giggled.

“I am, because I’ve got you.” He grinned as he leaned over the sink and managed to wrap his arms around my waist and pull me from the cooker.

“Hey do you want your breakfast to burn or not?” I chuckled; he shrugged as I turned around and pressed my lips to his. “You know, you any normal person this would look very weird because you are practically lying on the table.” I laughed.

“Eh, so. Since when were you normal?” He chuckled

“Since... never.” I shrugged.

“Come back come back!” Lowri yelled as the boys rushed off to the bedrooms.

“They have work you know.” I said as Niall awkwardly turned around and rolled off the counter.

“Owww!!”He exclaimed

“Yeah you’re almost as clumsy as me.” I laughed

“Shut up and kiss it better.” He smirked

“Where does it hurt?” I said poking my tongue out.

“My bum!” Niall grinned as he let out a stinky fart as I rolled my eyes.

“Pwease” He pouted.

“Maybe later.” I said rolling my eye as I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him.

“BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP” The smoke alarm went off.

“Ahh” I exclaimed as I turned the oven off.

“Guess we’re having cold pizza for breakfast.” I laughed as I sat down next to him grabbing a piece of chicken and onion pizza.

“You know what we should do?” Niall smirked

“Hmm?” I said stuffing more pizza in my mouth as I jumped up as went over to the fridge as I took out some lemonade for me and a pint for Niall.

“We should leave and make the boys think they’re late plus then they’ll get lost.” He chuckled.

“You wanna?” I asked.

“Yeah man. Then they’ll be the ones late for once and not me.”

“Let’s go then” I said picking up my phone and throwing Niall the keys to the truck.

“So how do I get there?” he said

“Go outta Steinbach onto highway 52 then you keep driving on highway 52 then turn left at the fifth traffic light.” I said as Niall nodded.

“You looked happy in your sleep.” Niall observed. “What were you dreaming about?”

“Err...” I said trying to remember. “Oh! It was all my memories with Bella.” I smiled.

“Like what?” He said

“Running down the streets with her, chasing her around the park. When I would panic when she spotted another dog because she doesn’t exactly get along with them. On the trampoline with her. All the pictures we took. Her sloppy doggy kisses how my parents would get really annoyed because whenever they walk in the house she would jump on them. Sneaking her upstairs because she wasn’t allowed. Dressing her up. How she would get really exited whenever I opened the draw that held her lead. How young she would look when she got her hair cut. How she would chase my hamster around while he was in his ball. Tickling her belly. Her little white patch on her chest. Lying on the rug with her watching TV. Talking to her about the most random things. Always wanting to take her on holiday. How she barked and barked and barked on that day we left. Playing and go seek with her. Secretly giving her some food when my mum said no. Watching her chase Jessie around the garden. When she would jump on my mum’s flowerbed to jump on the fence and bark at the dog next door called scrappy. Holding her paws and dancing around the kitchen with her to what makes you beautiful.” I giggled.

“Ill make sure you get to do all of those things all over again.” Niall smiled as he pulled into the stupid store car park.

“Coming for a coffee?” I asked as I got out.

“Sure. It’s not like the boys will be here anytime soon.” He laughed as he took my hand and headed into Starbucks. “What do you want?” he asked.

“Err.. Strawberry crème and a chocolate chip muffin.” I sat down at one of the tables and pulled out my phone.

“Strawberry crème and vanilla crème for my girlfriend loves Niall Horan.” The waiter announced as Niall sat down opposite me. I laughed at him.

“What I had to say something I can’t just go ‘Niall Horan’” Niall said in his announcer voice.

“Oh well.” I laughed

“Can I come shopping with y u until the boys come?” Niall asked, I gave him a weird look. “What?”

“Nothing. I’ve just never ever met a boy who wants to go shopping.” I laughed.

“Well I do.” He smiled.

“Sure, I have no clue where El is anyway.” I shrugged as I got up and dragged Niall into the first shop I saw which was urban outfitters. I picked up a few tops and payed for them as Niall was looking at the jeans.

“C’mon Ni!” I said as I waited outside.

“Wait you already paid?” He asked

“Yup.” I smirked.

“But I wanted to pay!” He moaned.

“Well I did now. Shut up. We’ll be going to lots more shop anyway/” I laughed as I skipped down the aisle before stopping in front of bluenotes.

“Yay!” I grinned as I stepped inside


“Court?” Niall mumbled

“Yus!” I jumped like a kangaroo over to him

“Promise me you’ll let me pay for everything?” He pleaded

“Fine. If it makes you happy?” I shrugged as I done the inbetweeners dance into bluenotes.

I picked up a few graphic tees. The first one read, keep calm and love pandas, the next one said ‘Free hug (cute boys only.)’

“Hey you should get this!” Niall laughed as he picked up a black shirt that said ‘Belieber’ I rolled my eyes and continued looking. I decided on another blue yeah buddie t-shirt even if I already have a green one. Once I had searched the whole shop at least twice and had a of pile of clothes that I couldn’t even see over. I picked up quite a few pairs of jeans too since most of my clothes were for summer and we will be in UK for over 6 months.

After paying Ieft for claries. In claries I ought a few hair accessories but that was about it.

“Where to now?” Niall asked after insisting that he carry all my stuff

“Shouldn’t you be in the studio by now?” I laughed

“Oh well, aren’t you supposed to be with El?” He said

“True.” I shrugged. “Ooh aeropostale! “ I ran into aeropostale searching through the racks of clothing. I picked out two jackets before returning to Niall.

“Done?” Niall said.

“Yup. Nialler?” I said.

“What baby?” Niall smiled as he looked into my eyes.

“I love you, so much. Thank you for caring and loving me like no person ever has.” I smiled

“You deserve it princess” Niall said as he kissed my nose.

“No I don’t.” I sighed.

“What did you just say?” Niall challenged

“Nothing.” I smirked

“Oh, I know what you said.” Niall chuckled as he pinned me so the wall as he kissed me. “Don’t listen to them. Never ever ever. You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, never forget that.”

“Whatever you say Horan.” I smiled as I walked into foot locker.

“Hey im buying you some Supras.” Niall grinned.

“You will?” I asked. I litrally only have three pairs of shoes.

“Yes.” He smiled as I wondered over to the pastrys.

“Want any” Niall chuckled as I realised I was staring at all the pastrys which were obviously too expensive.

“I can’t.” I sighed.

“Why not?”

“They’re too expensive.” I said.

“There no such thing as too expensive when Niall Horan is paying for you now pick.” He smiled

“Arrg! I dont know you pick. They’re all so nice!” I exclaimed, Niall laughed shrugging.

“What’s your size.” He asked

“In Canada, errrmm eight I think.” I told him as he picked out two boxes.

“Not two!” I huffed.

“Yes two.” He chuckled.

“But that will be like hundreds of dollars and I bet you’ve already spent at least a thousand knowing me. One outfit usually costs at least about 200 dollars.” I sighed.

“You really worry about money don’t you?” He laughed.

“My parents have forced me to. I mean I love spending money but I’ve been forced to learn not to spend over about 50 dollars.” I said.

“Well don’t worry about that anymore.” He smiled.

I smiled as I walked up with Nialler to the counter

“One more shop.” I couldn’t stop grinning as I pulled Niall into build-a-bear-workshop. Niall gave me a confused look.

“Poppy and Bella.” I explained.

“You pick one for poppy.”  I laughed; I hadn’t been in here since I was around seven. Niall instantly picked out a cute Irish bear, of course. I decided on a smurf.

“Awh they look so cute!” Niall laughed as we paid for them.

“Time for food?” I asked

“Time for food.” He confirmed as we hurried, Niall ordered us a KFC.

“Its 1. Oops I got a billion messages off el.” I giggled.

“Oops. I got a billion messages off the boys.” Niall copied.

“When we go back we should have a water gun fight with the boys, but with food colouring.” I smirked.

“Yeah!”Niall grinned. “That would be sick!” I nodded as we walked to the truck.

Niall pulled out of the car park as his phone started ringing.

“Answer it please babe? Its probally one of the boys.” He sighed passing me his phone.

“Hello?” I answered

“Hello. Is Mr. Horan there?” He responded.

“Umm, he’s busy. Can I take the message?” I asked.

“Alright. The dog will be ready at Winnipeg Airport in one hour.” He said, I grinned.

“Thank you.” I said as he put the phone down.

“Who was it?” Niall asked. “Was it management?”  Niall sighed.

“BELLA!” I screamed Niall chuckled.

“When do we go get her?” He asked.

“In an hour.” I smiled as Niall drove to the airport.

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