Dreams Do Come True (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Eighten year old Courtney. A crazy fangirl whose life changed dramaticly when she find those five perfect angels on her doorstep.


3. Scary Movie & Nialler Time


The woman in black!" Zayn excalimed running in. My eyes widened as I bit my lip and rubbed my neck.  

"Courtney? Are you okay, you look worried, and pale?" Niall said moving closer to me and wrapping his arm around my waist.

"Im fine." I lied.

"Someones scared." Harry chuckled. I shot him my best death glare as I jumped up as moved in his direction. People say im really good at them. I dont see why but I can see a bit of worry in his eyes.

I pinned Harry down to the floor while grinning at him and smirking.

"Wanna say that again?" I said raising my eyebrows.

"Holy, you’re scary. No way!" He said.

"Great" I said walking back over to where Niall was sat against the sofa.

"Are you... always this freaky?" Harry asked, I laughed and shook my head.

"Nah, im innocent really. As long as you dont annoy me, which is very hard to do if you’re One Direction it won’t happen again." I promised.

"So what does annoy you?" Louis asked, I laughed.

"Hmp, the only things that annoy me are when people insult One Direction. Niall in particular." Louis shot us kissy faces, I just rolled my eyes. While Niall laughed his famous, beautiful laugh. "And when people take my phone without permission." I added.

"May I take your phone Miss... errs Horan?" Louis said in his best Londoner accent.

"Nah, oh btw thats not my last name but Horan will do." I laughed.

"Evil woman. Anyway I still think we should call one of your 'Cardiffian' friends." Louis said smiling.

"Sure! Lemme just go get my laptop." I said power jogging to my room picking my laptop up then walk/jogging back to the living room where I set my laptop in the middle of the rug as i sat as i was before.

"Who do you wanna call?" I asked the boys as my laptop slowly loaded.

"Your boyfriend." Louis said dreamily. I rolled my eyes and gave him the 'are you kidding me' look.

"You do realise that I've never dated a single person, no fling, no kiss, nothing in my past 18 years of existence." I admitted.

"Never?" Zayn asked.

"Ever." I confirmed, once Skype loaded I decided on calling my celeb friend, Luke Edwards.

"Luke ey? Tell us about him then." Niall said, i nodded.

  “I have known Luke since we were three, we went through school together. Luke has been the friend that I have stuck together with and helped me . Who was there amking me laugh in school with my annoying parents but most importantly he’s the only one who has been able to put up with my huge obsession because he realises how much you mean to me and I really dont know what I would do without you guys. My friends know you are my world, and I dont know what my life would be like without you, there not a minute that passes where you’re not on my mind. I get crazy, in a bad way and depressed and emotional if i go so long without listening to your music. In school if i didn’t have my One Direction book, I would be insane, depressed, I couldn’t concentrate and i dont really know what would happen. You guys keep me sane, some people probably think the opposite but i know it’s a fact, i know exactly what would happen if anything happened to any one of you and it’s not pretty.Its all worth it though, the arguments with my parents, the annoyed people in school here and back home. When my friends get annoyed with me because even if i try i cannot stop talking about you. Its surreal and well kinda embarrassing that im telling you this but my point is I love you, I put up with all this because I wouldn’t be able to live without you and that’s why im here right now. The people i have made friends with and the people who have unfriended me all because of you. Five normal teenage guys, who stole millions of hearts from young girls like me. The X-Factor and voting for you every week, using all of my credit i was allowed on my cheap phone two years ago. Torn, Video diaries, What Makes You Beautiful, staying up till god knows what time in the morning to watch twitcams, falling in love with the biggest boy band in the world. Number one album." There was tears streaming down my face, i took a deep breath and continued. "Spending all our money on posters, dolls, books, jewellery, tees, stuff that just reminded me of you. The Brits, Number one in US and here. The amount of times in the past few months I have made my mother drive to Winnipeg an hour away. So I can buy another copy of your CD or tees or recently your DVD. The embarrassing messages I've sent you on tumblr. The screaming and shouting and more screaming listening to you, finding new pictures, when they play your songs on the radio or when you tweet something new. My madness few months ago when Louis tweeted me Happy Birthday, the only thing in the world that made me speechless, made my world. I remember how my heart raced a billion beats when I found out I might be able to go to your concert next year, even though its 8 hours’ drive away. I would do anything at all to meet you, to hear you live, to be in the same room as you. The way I would scream and jump around and just make inhuman noises while watching you eing cute in interveiws" They chuckled, i ran my hand through my hair wiping my face and continuing. "How I would always quote you, get super exited when I realised a little fact about you. For example Niall's hair grows fast. Do anything and everything for you even though you would never find out I knew in my heart i had done it for you. How I look at pictures every day and just wish i could see that perfectness in real life for myself. The fact that my heart skips a beat when I realise in 397 days i would be in the same room as you. I will be traveling down to Minneapolis, who cares the wait or like i said to Niall  'I would walk through the desert, I would walk down the aisle, I would swim all the oceans just to see you smile. whatever it takes its fine' How I would always wish at 11:11 or on my birthday to see those perfect eyes, hair, smiles in real life-" there was SO many more things i wanted to say but I had to stop because I was bawling my eyes out. Niall pulled me on his lap, I buried my head in his chest clutching onto his body as if it was for dear life.

"Awh. Shh...” Niall cooed as he played with my damp hair, curling, twirling it, and plaiting it.

"It’s okay" Niall whispered, i could hear his smile in his perfect voice. I sniffled rubbing my eyes even though the tears were still streaming down my face. I laid my head against Niall shoulder as he smiled down at me.

"You cute, you know that?" Niall said, I blushed and shook my head.

"Well now yah do" He laughed.

"How did telling us about your friend turn into a loonng speech about your directioner love?" Harry asked, I shrugged.

"Almost everything I say turns into something related to One Direction." I concluded.

"Well I think we should watch the movie now!" Zayn said, I sighed.

"You'll live." Niall chuckled as Zayn put the movie on.


Two hours later, plus lots of screaming and burying my head in Niall's chest the movie was finally finished. Thank God! Louis and Harry had fallen asleep half way through, Zayn fell asleep as soon as the movie finished, and Liam had wondered off after about 20 minutes.


"That WAS scary." Niall whispered.


"Especially for a PG 12" I added.


"I bet you we won't get any sleep for a few hours." Niall said, I nodded in agreement.


"I need to do something to get it off my mind" I sighed.


"Yeah... but what?" He asked tilting his head.


"Well... We could do something I do in the day with my friends?" I asked, he nodded for me to continue. "Walk or take the bikes to the park chill out, walk around the streets of Steinbach 'til the early hours of the morning." I laughed.


"Sounds perfect." He smiled helping me up I walked to the closet grabbing my favourite green jacking and throwing Niall one too before slipping on my TOMS then grabbing my phone


"Bikes?" I whispered while Niall put on his Supras.


"Yeah buddy." Niall smiled, I grinned back and sneaked into the garage getting the bikes ready. A few seconded later Niall joined me as we wheeled the bikes out of the garage. Deciding we would go to the park father away since it was more convenient I peddled my bike down the drive and out onto the quiet road.


"Do you do this often?" Niall asked me as he rode up next to me


"Usally every weekend with my sister." I told him pulling out my phone and resting it on the bike handle.

"How the- How do you use your phone and ride?" He asked, I giggled.

"Practice, I can't live without my phone. With what over almost three thousand pictures, music, bbm, tumblr, Facebook and twitter." I smiled. "So how long are you here for?" I asked "Aren’t you meant to be you know recording the album now that your tour is almost done."

"You dont read the small print do you?" Niall chuckled.

"Nope!" I laughed riding down the path next to the construction site which will be my school next year.

"You naughty girl" Niall smirked while colliding his front wheel with mine, I ginned hitting him back. After checking my emails and realising I had nothing I slid my phone back into my pocket.

"So since you know all about me tell me about yourself" Niall smiled.

"Erm what about me?" I asked racing ahead.

"Your family?" Niall shrugged.

"I have a pretty crazy family." I admitted, Niall laughed. "Not as crazy as me, I'm the most random, hyper, obsessed, unique, and crazy of us all. Followed by my cousins and best friend"

"Tell me about this best friend of yours?" Niall asked, I nodded smiling.

"Lowri is three years younger than me, sixteen. She feels so much like my sister since I don’t have one. Lowri moved here five years ago, and then I moved here because my dad got a job with her dad." I told Niall.

"Who’s her fav?" Niall chuckled.

"Zayn." I smiled, Niall laughed. "Lowri is often annoying be can be great if she wants to. She loves annoying me about how much I love you; she takes it to an advantage." I sighed as I pulled into the park. I jumped off my bike and ran over to sit on the top of the monkey bars where I usually chill on my phone.

"How?" Niall asked sitting next to me, I leaned on his shoulder as my lips tugged into a smile. This boy always makes me smile.

“Oh just stupid things joking around. I have nearly broke one of her bones a few times because she said 'everyone in One Direction is hot except Niall' Usally its almost drowning her or fashing her down the stairs or off the trampelineand she likes to say I should hammer rusty Nail (Niall) down to the floor." I bit my lip looking at him.

"You did that? For... me?" Niall asked looking into my plain brown eyes

"Course I did you crazy leprechaun." I giggled. Niall leaned closer and closer until his face was inches away from mine. My eyes flashed down to his perfect lips; suddenly I couldn’t take it anymore so I closed the small gap between our lips crashing mine into his. Meanwhile my chest tickled and I felt butterflies in my stomach. Niall's kiss was soft, delicate and sweet as his warm lips moved against mine. After over a minute we both pulled away gasping for air.

I closed my eyes enjoying the silence and just thinking Niall.

"Niall?" I whispered after a few minutes of silence.

"Hm?" he murmured resting his head on top of mine.

"How long you staying for?" I said quietly again, it wasn’t a whisper but it wasn’t loud either.

"Oh I guess we forgot to tell you about that... Well, you’re kinda staying with us for the world tour and we've managed to persuade management to let you come with us until then while we record stuff for the new album. We're leaving on Wednesday." Niall grinned; I stared at him in shock, no way. No way!

"Well it’s getting late, you’re probably tired. We should get back." Niall said hopping down.

"Yeah, we'll be busy today." I agreed jumping down and happily walking over to the bikes

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