Dreams Do Come True (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Eighten year old Courtney. A crazy fangirl whose life changed dramaticly when she find those five perfect angels on her doorstep.


2. Paynecakes & Monsters


as now with the boys in our previous positions in the living room. I slipped the laptop on my lap as the boys were on their phones or watching TV.

"Whatchu doing?" Niall asked quietly wrapping a strong arm around my waist. I was silently freaking out inside, I couldn’t believe this was happening but I had to stay calm.

"Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr." I told Niall as I rested my head on the crook of his neck. "You?" I whispered fiddling with the buttons on my shirt.

"Same, what’s your twitter name love?" Niall asked,  I bit my lip realising that he would find out about all those tweets about how much i love him. Oh well I've always wanted him to see them. “CoUrTz_Luvs_1D” I blushed.

“Followed” Niall grinned. "And Facebook?"  He said turning his head to face me.

Oh god! No I can’t tell him wait he'll get suspicious if I dont tell. I clicked on account setting trying to change my name from Courtney Parson-Horan to Courtney Parson.

Facebook cannot do this action please try again later.

No! Why now?! I saw him peek over my shoulder.

"C'mon tell me then- wait your changing it! Just tell me you lil' dragon." He laughed taking my laptop from my hands.

"No!! No! Wait!" I cried drawing attention to us.

"Vas hapenin?" Zayn said I just glared at him.

"What did I do now!" he exclaimed while I just turned my attention back to Niall.

"Courtney Parson-Horan! So that’s what you were hiding!" Niall smirked while chuckling; I just buried my face in my hands. “I like it, move your hands and stop covering your beautiful face." He smiled, wait what did Niall just call me? Beautiful? No way!

"Well im going to make tea!" I said standing up and walking over to the kitchen.  I decided since it is One Direction and Louis loves them I might as well make pancakes, the flour isn’t any good here in Canada. Not like the UK so I'll have to make them with ready made powder stuff.

   I poured the powder into a bowl adding water and following the instruction until it was pancake batter. I got out four frying pans to put on the stove since I better make lots of pancakes and pouring the batter into the pans.

   A few minutes’ later five bored and hungry boys were surrounding me.

"How long left?”

"I'm hungry!

"Why can't they be ready made?" 

I laughed at the boys constant questions.

"How about we do something while they're cooking?" I suggestion the boys nodding eagerly. "Quick-fire? Since I know everything about you, you can ask me stuff?" I suggested again, the boys agreed.

"Do you have any siblings?" Liam asked.

"Nope or as my French teacher got stuck in my head in year 8 'Je suis fille unique'" I laughed.

"You speak French?" Zayn asked.

"Yup, since year 7." I told them jumping up onto the counter.

"Do you speak any other languages?" Niall asked sitting next to me.

"Hmm let’s see One Direction language, English French and Welsh." I told the curious boys.

"Say something in Welsh!" Niall pouted.

"Umm let’s see. Haven’t done this in years. Rwy'n hoffi One Direction?" I smiled.

"And that means?" Harry asked.

"I like One Direction" I giggled.

"Course yah do, who dont!" Niall winked.

"We want another one!" Louis exclaimed.

"What you want me to say then?" I laughed

"We love our fans." Niall grinned getting his phone out, I laughed. Niall was going to tweet this. "Hang on! Erm okay go!" I chuckled.

"Rydym wrth ein bodd ein cefnogwyr" I said.

"How the Nandos and chicken do you spell that?" Niall complained, I shook my head laughing.

"Do you want me to type it for you?" I asked.

"Ooh! Yup please!" he smiled handing me his iPhone, I typed it in and handed Niall's phone back. Soon my phone went off with Niall's solo from more than this, indicating Niall had sent a new tweet. I unlocked my phone reading it.

Niall Horan | @NiallOffical: eres a challenged for all! Bet no1 knows what this says! :P Rydym wrth ein bodd ein cefnogwyr :)

Courtneey Xx | @CoUrTz_Luvs_1D: I do :P Mwahaha

Niall Horan | @NiallOffical: Course you do :P pfft shu up u!

I laughed shoving my phone in my pocket, by now all the pancakes were ready so I separated them into two piles. I set a pile of plates and called the boys over making sure there will still be enough pancakes for the morning. After the boys had theirs i took a few too as I stored the plate safe away in the fridge.

"It’s... PAYNECAKES!" Louis shouted, I laughed shaking my head.

After finishing my pile of pancakes I left the table leaving the boys to eat in peace, well not in peace but you know what I mean. Deciding they might want to am alone I left to my room, closing the door. Once I was alone I slipped out of my clothes and underwear throwing them in the washing basket and walking over to my en suite.

After taking a shower I wrapped a towel securely around my body leaving for my room. I entered my walk in wardrobe deciding what to wear. I decided on my glow in the dark pyjama vest and shorts since it was really hot today. I pinned my hair up into a messy bun before sitting on my bed realising my laptop was in the living room where the boys were, I couldn’t sit here forever without it so opening my door slowly, I glanced down at my appearance. I would never walk in front of somebody like this, since I wasn’t the skinniest of girls. You could see my overweight stomach and chubby legs. I grabbed my phone and plugged my earphones in playing One Direction, so I wouldn’t hear their private conversation. I bit my lip before bravely for me opening to door and sneaking out hoping the boys wouldn’t see me. 

The boys were gathered around the dining table, yes! Sneaking behind the kitchen, crouching behind the units and crawling behind the sofa, nearly got it.

"Bang!" I looked up to see I hit the glass unit.

"Confetti cakes!" I hissed under my breath hoping the boys didn’t hear that. I lifted my head and pulled one of my headphones out.

"What was that?" Harry asked.

"I dunno, let’s go see!" Niall said as I heard the chair scratching the floor.

"What yah doing there?" Zayn asked smirking.

"Oh hi!" I squealed trying to look as innocent as possible. "I was just getting my laptop." I told them, I picking up my laptop off the table and getting up.

"You monster." Niall chuckled.

"You hot monster." Harry added, I blushed looking down. I clutched my stomach suddenly feeling insecure.

"What’s wrong love?" Niall asked stepping closer and gripping my shoulders.

"Nothing." I whispred biting my nails. Niall raised his eyebrows.

"Fine, maybe I’ll tell you later. Kay?" I sighed handing my laptop under my arm.

"Sure" he smiled. I kissed his cheek before scurrying away.

"Wait!" I called turning on my heels. "Where are you gunna sleep?" I asked, they all shrugged.

"On the couch, if you don’t mind." Harry suggested, I shook my head in disbelief.

"You cannot sleep on my couch, you ARE One Direction for god’s sake! How about I get out some matrasses?" I suggested shocked they would even want to stay at my house.

"Sure, whatever suits you?" Zayn said. I made my way to the laundry room where the piled mattresses were. I started pulling them out when Niall stopped me.

"Love what are you doing? Let me do that for you, its late your proba- no I know you're tired. Get back to what you were doing." Niall smiled, I looked at him shocked, and I swear I've never known or met a nicer boy in my life, wow. I went to get the blankets and pillows leaving them in a big pile on the sofa before escaping back into my room. I put my laptop on my bed flipping open the lid taking my laptop off the stand-by mode I accidently left it on the opening YouTube, tumblr, twitter and Facebook. 

Once YouTube was loaded I started playing my usual One Direction playlist well no One Direction songs but from concerts and appreciation videos. The video End Of May started playing, it had video clips showing Niall on X-Factor to now, not too bad, I do get quite emotional at the beginning though. I switched to Facebook, and tumblr. It was just the normal.

On twitter I had quite a few mentions, probably hate. Instead I decided to tweet some of my close friends. 

Courtneey Xx | @CoUrTz_Luvs_1D: @Megeyymooz @EdwardsMusic @lowrilewis1 @niaatrick You’ll never guess what, I won a 1D comp! Ahh. Im DYING!!! DM me?

I giggled nervously shutting the lid of my laptop and putting it on my dressing table and relaxing onto my bed. 

'Shut the door-' Played out of my phone's speakers indication I had a new text. I chuckled; since I live with them now I might change that

I smiled opening up my twitter on my blackberry realising it was a new mention.

 Niall Horan | @NiallOffical: Watching a movie if we can find 1 in this alien place ;P haha! Congratulations to the completion winner, wanna watch a dvd ?

I smiled springing from me bed and happily skipping into the living room where I assumed the boys were.

"She escaped the cave!“ Louis exclaimed.

"Not again. Shut-up!" I sighed jumping onto the sofa.

"Hmph! fine be that way!" He moaned turning his back to me. We all bust out laughing, even Louis a little.

"Movies?" Niall asked sitting on my legs. "Where are they then...” Niall said waiting for an answer.

"Garage." I said in my best Canadian accent causing the boys the burst into another round of laughter, well so did I so I can't really blame then.

"You know, you’re not the best at Canadian accents for a person who has spent years on end with just Canadian peoples." Harry commented.

"I know!" I smiled. “I can only do Niall Zayn erm yeah like Harry and really bad Louis, Liam has a similar accent to me so... yeah" I told them awkwardly.

"You can?!" Niall proclaimed excitedly. "Do it!" I laughed.

"What the craic?  Yeah, I’m Niall. I’m from Mullingar, me best mates Sean. Yeah man, and err oh I love Nandos!" I said in my best Niall accent.

"Spot on. When you say Nandos its bril!" Louis winked, I rolled my eyes.

"It’s not that good." I said as my eyes turned to my feet.

"Not that good? You’re brilliant!" Harry said, I smiled.

"That's 'mazing love! You sound like someone from back in Mullingar!" Niall laughed.

"Well carrying on. Someone go in the garage, there should be a box labelled 'DVDS' yeah we haven’t lived here in Canada that long.”

"I'll go!" Zayn said, I nodded.

"What do you wanna do?" I asked sitting up.

"We should... Call one of your friends" Louis said, shrugged and nodded.

"Uk or Canada?" I asked.

"Wait you have friends in UK?" Harry asked, I chuckled.

"Course I do, spent most of my life there you know." I said like it was obvious.

"Really?" Liam asked, I nodded. "How come?" I smirked and turned my head to Niall who was counting.

"1 2 3 GO!" Niall smiled.

Cardiffian born and raised, fangirling is where i spent most of my days." I starting smirking while the rest of the boys gave us weird look.

"Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool. Giggling and laughing outside of the school." Niall continued laughing.

"When a couple of guys, they were up to no good. Started making' trouble in my neibourhood."  I said as serious as i could trying not to laugh, but failing..

"you got in one little fight, and your mom get scared, and said 'You're moving to Canada and meeting One Direction'" He finished we were both in fits of laughter now on the floor clutching our stomachs.  Once again

"You two are weird." Louis commented.

" But if we wern't weird life would be boring!" I complained lieing on the rug.

"But...why are you so right!" He moaned, I laughed and smirked.

"We're awesome" Niall said lieing on his side, propped up on one elbow.

"We are." I agreed.

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