Dreams Do Come True (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Eighten year old Courtney. A crazy fangirl whose life changed dramaticly when she find those five perfect angels on her doorstep.


6. I Love The Boy From Mullingar


Once in line for the bumper boats they made me and Niall wear life jackets, stupid people. So apparently if you’re under 18 you have to wear a life jacket in case you “fall” off the boat and you can’t swim. We can swim thank you very much. Anyway I had to wear a life jacket because I under 18 and Niall had to wear a life jacket because they didn’t believe he’s 18 but they didn’t make the one who can’t swim wear a life jacket. What nonsense is that?  So since there was only six boats Daniele and Liam went together and Louis and Eleanor went together.

   It’s pretty obvious that when the 4 minutes were up every single one of us were soaked already.

“C’mon Nialler! You’re coming on the dragon with me!” I said throwing my life jacket on the bench and dragging Niall by his arm up the hill.

“Wait up!” He complained trying to catch up with me.

“There’s no time to waste the park closes at six” I complained.

“You really love it here don’t you?” Niall chuckled.

“Duh!” I laughed as we approached the que for the dragon.

“Im going first, I wanna see your reaction when you come out!” I exclaimed.

“Alright.” Niall shrugged.

“You looking forward to go home, I mean back to Cardiff.” Niall asked, I looked at him confused

“We’re going back?” I asked.

“Of course! Then you can show me and the boys around your city. We thougth you would wanna go back as we know how hard it is to be away from your family for so long, heck a few weeks away from the UK is hard enough but almost 6 months?” Niall said, I leaped on him wrapping my leg around his waist.

“Thank you. So much.” I whispered in his ear.

“Anything for you.” Niall chuckled.

“Speaking of the boys where are they?” I asked.

“Probably on a different waterslide.” Niall shrugged, I nodded,

“After this were going for food!” I grinned.

“Deal!” Niall said as he high-fived me.

“Do you miss your family?” Niall asked.

“Some of them, more than other I guess. Well I more miss family on my mum’s side because my mum has a big family and I hardly ever saw my dad’s family anyway. I mean I don’t miss my annoying Nan some of my annoying cousins but I miss Megan, Poppy my cousin’s daughter, Beth and Amie. I kinda miss Dylan. My Aunts and Uncles on my mum’s side, especially Wayne and Michelle.” I sighed.

“Why don’t you see your dad’s family?” Niall asked confused.

“Well there’s only my Nan, cousins Dylan Chloe Casey and her son Blaine, my auntie and her boyfriend. The rest either died or moved away to north wales/England.” I shrugged.

“So a lot of your family died? Im sorry.” Niall said creasing his forehead.

“Eh, I wasn’t close to most of them. I don’t need sympathy this was like 10 years ago. It was hard for my dad because he lost his dad and his sister within the same week.” I said biting my lip.

“The same week?” Niall said.

“Yup. My auntie died in a car crash then a few days later he got a letter from his sisters saying his dad died.” I said.

“Wow.” Niall whispered.

“It didn’t affect me much because I rarely saw my dad’s sister Beverly and I never met my dad’s dad in my life because he lives in Ireland.” I said.

“He lives in Ireland?” Niall said his eyes twinkling.

“Yeah my dad’s half Irish Im a quarter Irish.” I laughed.

“My girlfriends Irish and I didn’t even know!” Niall exclaimed.

“Yeah im a lot of things. I guess you could say im kinda Canadian, I’m Welsh, I’m English, who knows what else I am? Maybe im Scottish too.” I laughed.

“Or maybe your part directioner.” Niall winked.

“Im 100% directioner you dumbass.” I laughed.

The person in front of me disappeared down the slide and I say down at the top. After about thirty seconds the man told me to go.

As soon as I was swept into the tunnel by the water I screamed ’NIALL’ on the top of my lungs like I usually do as I fell down the vertical drop. I loved this waterslide as it has so many drops and twists and bumps along the way so I can scream lots. I grinned as I splashed into the pool my heart beating so fast as I swam over to the edge to get a good view when Niall came out. As I went over to the edge I noticed a very familiar face, it was Lowri!

“LOWRI” I screamed as I sat on the edge my eyes fixed on the tunnel.

“Sister! She yelled as she sat next to me. ”Why didn’t you tell me you were here? I was gunna ask you to come with me but your mum said your busy.” She said.

“Stupid mother hand on he’ll be out any second. Don’t scream PLEASE.” I grinned, Lowri knew me inside out and she definitely knew how much I was in love with Niall.

“Sure. Hmm let’s see have you finally gotta boyfriend after all these years?” She asked.

“I guess you could say that.” I giggled as Niall splashed out of the slide his face showed excitement.  I jumped in and swam over to him. Niall wrapped him arms around me and pulled me underwater.

“Niall!” I complained but he cut me off by kissing me.

“What if they see? The paps?” I asked.

“Uh, let the paps take all the picture they want and write all those silly stories. Oh and I heard you ‘NIALL NIALL NIALL. I LOVE YOU NIALL’” Niall mocked in a girly voice

“Whatever, c’mon” I said as I grabbed him hand and swam over to Lowri who I think was about to faint.

“Lowri!” I moaned shaking her shoulders.

“What?” She said sitting up.

“Niall, this is Lowri. Who is in complete and utter shock and is going to beg me to get Zayn any minute now.” I laughed.

“Is the real life?” She asked.

“I hope so.” I said

“Y-Your dating N-N-Niall” She stuttered.

“Yup.” I grinned

“Right Niall go wake up Zayn. He’s probably sleeping.” I said

“Anything princess.” Niall said and jumped out.

“I can’t believe it.” Lowri whispered.

“Me neither.” I said jumping up.

“How?” She asked still stunned.

“Won a competition.” I grinned.

“Wait, so you’ll be leaving me? For like a year” Lowri replied. I could see the tears in her eyes. It was hard for us to be apart; well we missed each other enough when she went to work in the states with few dad for about 5 days. I’ve never gone longer than eight days since I moved here 6 months ago without her.

“Yeah...” I bit my lip. “You can come visit! I’ll pay!  If you get together with Zayn you’ll be able to come!” I exclaimed.

“Oh my god! Yeah!” She giggled.

“Now come on, get to work. I need you to come with me!” I winked walking over to where Niall land Zayn were talking on the towels laid out under a tree.

“Hey babe.” Zayn smiled as I sat down next to Niall. “Is this your hot friend Niall was talking about?” Zayn said.

“Yup! Zayn meet Lowri.” I said shoving Lowri in Zayn’s direction.

“Food time?” I asked turning to Niall

“Let’s go!” Niall said helping me up. I went to the locket to get my phone and my purse.

“And this is exactly why I can’t leave my phone.” I said motioning to the 47 emails 15 texts, 7 BBM messages, 7 Facebook notifications and a few twitter notifications.

“Woah, that like as much as me.” Niall said.

“Probably” I sighed reading my emails. “I’m paying, what you want?” Asked turning away from my phone.

“Im paying. What do you want?” Niall said emphasising the ‘you’.

“Nope I am.” I grinned.

“NO! I’m paying. Let me see, who’s the famous one here who has a job and is employed by Simon Cowell. I’m also your boyfriend so I get to pay for you.” Niall raised his eyebrows.

“I don’t care if you got lots of money I care about you. Heck I would still love you if you had no money, voice or looks.” I said pecking his lips.

“Next.” The old lady at the desk said.

“I’m paying!” Niall insisting quickly rushing towards the desk.

“What do you want love?” Niall said tilting his head.

“Ehh extra-large chicken burger combo with lemonade.” I said looking up at the menu.

“And I’ll have the same with water.” Niall said the woman who gave us the order number telling us to wait at the next booth.

“You really mean it?” Niall smirked.

“Of course! I mean who wouldn’t, you perfect angel. Carefree mofo. Funny. Hungry. You care so much for the fans. Not to forget so much like me you could be my long lost twin who was born a year and a half before me, but you’re just more perfect.” I smiled; Niall met my eyes before looking around then leaning down and kissed me. “You know I could say so much more about you.” I giggled.

“I love you.” Niall breathed, I blushed. It just felt so right. We both know we’ve only really known each other for less than 24 hours but I guess it was just love at first sight.

“You know… I love the carefree teenager from Mullingar not just the boy who ha to grow up fast. Okay I wouldn’t even know you existed if it wasn’t for fame but it’s your personality that matters. Yeah, my parents feel different about why they want us to get married blah de dah but that’s them not wanting me to be as tight on money as they are right now.” I sighed as I fixed my hands into his soft hair.

“So they want me to marry you.” Niall winked.

“Oh shut up!” I said shaking my head.

“Awh! Looked at the new couple getting all loved up” Louis interrupted as I heard Eleanor giggle. Niall glared at him.

“What Lou?” Niall sighed.

“Oh I don’t know. The boys told me to get you?” Louis said innocently.

“Uh fine, let me get my food first.” Niall said taking the foo from the counter.

“Oh right that’s right were meant to get food for them too El.” Louis said as he and El danced over to the end of the line.

I took Niall's hand and started skipping past the waterslide while munching on a few chips or what they call them here “fries”.

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