Dreams Do Come True (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Eighten year old Courtney. A crazy fangirl whose life changed dramaticly when she find those five perfect angels on her doorstep.


9. Hi Watermelon




I sat in the back of the truck with Niall as we occasionally murmered something or stole a quick kiss, which was making Louis annoyed.

“Stop making out in the rear mirror!” Louis complained.

“No thanks.” I smirked.

“So when do you wanna tell the fans?” Niall asked.

“Whenever you want. We could leave just wait until the fans realise? But that wouldn’t take long.” I laughed.

“No it wouldn’t.” Niall agreed.

“Get out get out get outta my car! Food time!” Louis screamed. As I jumped out of the car I noticed my reflection and laughed.

“Good work on my hair Niall.” I winked sarcastically.

“Yup. I should have become a hairdresser.” Niall chuckled.

“You wish.” I rolled my eye going into the takeaway place gaining weird looks from customers. Oh well, who cares!

“Parson!” the people called out, I then realised of course they wouldn’t use their names or the fans would notice. I took the food off the counter and ran to the car.

On the short ride back to and Niall were just eating the prawn crackers and talking about Cardiff.

“So what are your friends like?” Niall asked as he took a loose strand of hair and tucked it behind my ear.

“Great! I miss some of them so much! Lunch time over here is so boring without them.” I sighed.

“What are their names?” Niall asked

Well I guess I’ll just tell you my best friends from school. You remember Luke right? He’s an amazing singer.” I laughed taking out my phone. I went on YouTube and found his cover of A Team; it is my favourite song by Ed Sheeran. I gave Niall my phone as I rested my head on his shoulder and smiled at my friend he’s going to become really famous soon. I know it, everyone knows it.

Once the song Niall started at the screen creasing his forehead.

“It’s not auto tuned or anything is it?” Niall asked

“Nope it’s just his natural voice.” I laughed.

“He has something. Has he auditioned for X-Factor?” Niall said.

“Erm well he auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent when he was ehh twelve I think and when he was 13 he won Cardiff’s got talent and since then he’s been in a singing school thing err oh when he was twelve he also come second on kids got talent.

“Im showing this to Simon.” Niall grinned.

“You will?” I exclaimed.

“Yeah! Simon will love him” Niall nodded.

“Thank You.” I smiled kissing his cheek.

“So about your other friends?” Niall said.

“Oh yes! Well there’s Amy and Ashling, Ash is super Harry obsessed.” I laughed.

“Like your super Niall obsessed? Niall chuckled.

“Yup, but not so.. Unique.” I laughed.

“Right she’s more normal then.” Niall smirked

“Eh, I would say normal definitely not normal just a little bit less crazier.” I laughed.

“Right because no directioner is normal. Not with Louis.” Niall laughed.

“That’s right.”

“What’s her twitter name?” Niall asked as I gave him the name.

“She’s gunna freak.” I laughed as we pulled up to the house.

I walked into the house with Louis behind us as Lori helped me dish up the orders correctly. Another thing about me, im forgetful, very forgetful for example I usually can’t remember anything about the day before or even what happened a few hours ago most of the time unless it involves the boys. My theory is that my brain is so full with One Direction it can’t contain any more so it just gets rid of everything else. To me what’s done is done so after about ten minutes my brain gets rid of most things so it’s just filled with One Direction, worry, flaws and Niall.

I was eating mine as Lowri finished dishing up but she kept hitting me because ‘im meant to wait for everyone else.’ Whatever, im hungry.

“BOYS” I screamed once she was almost done I sat down cutting the lamb with my fork.

“Use a knife!” She sighed!

“See!” I excalimed.

“Incise I forgot to mention she’s like a mother to me even though im 2 years older.” I sighed. The boys laughed.

“For example the other day she slept over my house and well by 12 my room was just covered in clothes. You couldn’t see anything so as I do I just shoved everything in my draws or at the bottom of my wardrobe but no ‘You mustn’t do that! Fold I’” I sighed.

“Then she decided she has the tidy my WHOLE room which took two hours and I wasn’t allowed to help because im too messy so I was sent away to tumblr to be quiet. How the hell am I Courtney Louise Parson the loudest craziest randomest person ever how is it possible for me to keep quiet.” I sighed poking my tongue out at Lowri, she rolled her eyes.

“Okay fair point that is impossible for you.” Harry laughed.

“Exactly. My point exactly.”

“I bet you would keep quiet for Niall.” She smirked.

“How can you say that? You KNOW I would do ANYTHING for Nialler” I said.

"True." She giggled.

"So do you wanna sleep over?" I laughed.

"Do I ever say no?" She laughed getting up to hug me.

"Dont think so."  I shrugged. "Just checking."

"Ooooh yay! SLEEPOVER!" Louis yelled. Me and Lowri gave him a 'wtf' look.

"What? Now you can teach us what girls do at sleepovers." he grinned. I shook my head putting my plate in the dishwasher.

 I shot Lowri a worried look as I sat down. "We are NOT playing truth or dare." I said knowing it would be embarrassing. 

"Awh why! Just because you dont wanna snog your poster in front of Niall!" She teased. The boys laughed as I jumped up chasing her around the house while sending her death glares. I went into Lowri’s room to see her kicking her legs like a baby as I held her down.

"Fine. No Zayn for you." I smirked.

"I WANT ZAYN!" She screamed.

"Nope." I grinned.

"IM SORRY!!IM SORRY!" she shouted, I grinned walking away.

"She seriously makes you do that?" Niall laughed.

"Yeah? I've had worst poster dares." I shrugged.

"Like what!" Harry said, I looked down as my cheeks flushed red.

"Erm.." I said chewing my lip.

"Just tell them, or I will." Lowri said jumping on the couch.

"Erm well.. After my granddad’s death me and my cousin Megan because really close and every month we used to have these sleepovers where we just talk do make up play truth or dare until four in the morning and at my last one before I moved here. Megan...Uhh. Kinda dared me to...”I said gritting my teeth.

"You sound like Harry!" Zayn exclaimed.

"She made me pretend to have sex with my poster." I sighed. "Therefore we are NOT playing truth or dare anymore unless we use that version you got on your iPod." I told her.

"C'mon I'll be fun. We can play our version instead." Louis begged.

"Fine- oh crap look at the time. We better go back to mine." I said.

"Yeah lets go" The boys agreed as we got into the trucks.

On the drive back me and Lowri sat in the back belting out the lyrics to Up All Night as we dances jumping around in the car. Liam told us off for the last one because we were making the car shake.

“You’re making the car shake!” Liam exclaimed again.

“Sorry daddy.” We said pouting before getting back to our fun.

“How do I open the garage?” Harry said confused. I laughed as I reached forward and pressed the button on the dashboard. I jumped out of the truck and ran into the house.

“Food!” I screamed as I ran into the kitchen.

“Hi Watermelon! How are you citrus fruit? I wonder if Oreos want to be eaten. Yup they do! OREOS AND MILK AND CEREALS!” I screamed as I got my food joining the guys.

“Do you normally talk to food?” Harry said giving me a weird look.

“Yup! It’s so fun! The chicken is so talkative I could sit there for hours and talk to them and then there like ‘NOO DON’T EAT ME LETS TALK’ so im like sure and I eat something else.” I grinned as I ate my cereals.

“Uhh. Are you sure there’s not something mentally wrong with you?” Harry said as they look as me.

“C’mon Haz. She’s just my crazy girl. She’s fine, aren’t you darling.” Niall chuckled.

“Totally und utterly FOOD.” I grinned as I shared my Oreos with Niall.

“He’s sharing!” Louis exclaimed.

“Niall James Haran is sharing his food with a girl!”  Zayn said.

“He loves me that’s why.” I smiled resting my head on his shoulder.

“Lowri. We need to makeover this room into a SLEEPOVER ROOM!” I exclaimed.

“We do!” She grinned as we hurried into the spare room to get everything.

“Pillows? Fairylights? Tent? Blankets? Board games? Make up? Dressing up stuff? More clothes? Did I miss anything” she said thinking.

“Ehh we can come get it if we did.” I shrugged bring all the stuff into the living room. 

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