Dreams Do Come True (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Eighten year old Courtney. A crazy fangirl whose life changed dramaticly when she find those five perfect angels on her doorstep.


4. Friend Rules


I climbed off my bike kinda tired wheeling them into the garage. I locked the garage doors and sloppily jumped onto the couch.  

"Tired?" Niall asked sitting next to me. 

"Yup." I sighed.

"Go to sleep then" Niall said, his thick Irish accent taking over.

“I can’t though." I moaned

"Whatchu wanna do then?" he asked.

"I dunno? Chill online? You got your laptop or Mac Pro thingy apple super expensive tec, right?" I said meanwhile Niall chuckled.

"It's not my fault I got loads of money! Yeah I got it, it’s in my suitcases” Niall answered

"Cool and yes it is! You auditioned for X-Factor” I said poking out my tongue

"Whatever, I’ll go and get it yeah?" Niall said shaking his head.

"Sure, need some help?" I asked getting up.

"Nah I’ll be fine" Niall smiled getting up and heading towards the back door.

Soon I found my laptop lying on the floor, I put it on the couch letting it load up when I wondered over to the kitchen immediately opening the fridge, hmm fresh doughnuts. They'll do.

 I opened the box as Niall trotted into the living room.

"Pizza?" I asked getting out my phone and unlocking it. Niall eagerly nodded.

"Alright then, hasn’t had it in ages. You can order," I said while tossing him my phone. Niall shot me a grin as he picked up my phone.

Once Niall finished ordering I sat at the breakfast bar eating the doughnuts.

"Hey, i have an idea. Well it’s more fun that sitting on the internet all night." I said jumping up; Niall gave me a curious look.

"We could... go swimming?" I asked as a smile tugged on my lips.

"But the swimming pool will be shut now and im sure there’s no beach we could get to without having to drive." Niall concluded, I gigged and smirked.

"Who said we dont have a 15ft. swimming pool in the garden? Don't worry it’s not one of those kids paddling pools it’s a proper deep one with a metal frame and everything." i smirked; Niall looked at me kinda shocked.

"You do?" Niall asked smiling

"Uh-huh. After pizza we will" I promised

"Ding-dong" the doorbell sung.

"PIZZA!" I and Nialler yelled not caring that everyone was asleep as he sprinted to the door.

I grinned as Niall came into the kitchen with three pizza boxes, 1 for tonight and two for tomorrow.

I hopped down from the bar stool heading for the laundry room

"Courtney?" Niall asked.

"Yup?" i asked turning around

"Where you going?" Niall asked

"To go get my swim suit. You still wanna go in the pool right?" I said.

"Right, yup! I guess I'll go get my stuff out of my suitcase" Niall grinned, i nodded making my way to the laundry room. After finding my swim suit I locked the door stripping out of my clothes and changing into my swimsuit since I didn’t see any point in going to my bedroom. I threw my pyjamas in the laundry basket and threw my hair into a bun to make it easier the brush the knots out in the morning. I grabbed two towels then left the laundry room looking for Niall

"Right you ready?" I asked throwing him his towel because I knew for a fact that he would forget to get one.

"Yeah man" Niall chuckled.

"Alright c'mon then" i said climbing over a sleeping Zayn and out into the garden.

"Right im guessing my mum cleaned it and put in all those chemicals before, yup she did." i smiled pulling the cover off waiting for Niall to get in.

"Ladies first" he insisted smirking.

"Sure, whatever." i shrugged climbing the steps into the pool

"Hey wait up! What’s this?" Niall asked gesturing to a piece of paper on the fence, I giggled jumping into the pool and swimming over to the fence as Niall began the read the paper out loud.

"Dear future friends and boyfriends of Courtney, what the hell." Niall said, I laughed.

"It’s just a little thing my friend, sent me before I left the big city."  I smiled

“Number one; DO NOT let Courtney go hungry and make sure she is always fed. (If not be prepared for a panic attack.) Courtney needs at least 4 large meals a day, as long as she’s not sick.” Niall laughed. “You go into a panic attack?” Niall asked I nodded

“It happened a few days ago since my mum thinks I eat too much.”  I sighed.

“How could you ever eat too much? That’s like impossible there is no too much food ever.” Niall stated.

“Number two; when listening to One Direction don’t interfere with the volume on the radio/laptop/phone/iPod. Don’t ask either, don’t hint nothing.” Niall shook his head reading off the paper. “Notes taken.” Niall smiled

“Number three; don’t touch her phone. It will lead to DEATH! If Courtney wants to show you pictures of Niall don’t take the phone just look at it from her hand.”

“Number four; be as weird as Courtney.” Niall laughed.

Number five; if you want to get Courtney to do anything gives her posters of Niall and she will.” Niall read “Really?” I nodded

“P.S Learn from the master’s mistakes. “ By now Niall was in a laughing fit and so was I, I swear he nearly drowned himself.

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