Dreams Do Come True (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Eighten year old Courtney. A crazy fangirl whose life changed dramaticly when she find those five perfect angels on her doorstep.


10. Bella


“Im gunna fall!” Niall yelled as he hung up the fairy lights.

“I’ll save you snuggle bug!” Harry yelled as Niall jumped off Liam’s shoulders and Harry caught him.

“Isn’t this so amazing?” I grinned into Lowri’s ear.

“For you I get.” She laughed.

“Are we done?” Zayn asked.

“Wait, hang on.” Lowri said as she closed the curtains. “Now we are.”

“So what do you do at your girl sleepovers first?” Harry asked

“Here’s the plan; Fashion show, costume party, truth or dare, spin the bottle, board games, Kinect, charades, flashlight tag at the park, never have I ever, water gun fiigght! Dairy queen! We won’t get to do all of it but oh well” she shrugged.

“Fashion show first!” We grinned as we dragged the boys into my room

“Sit!” I instructed as I pointed to the bed. I sorted the clothes we might use and set up changing stations as Lowri set up her make-up and hair station.

“Who’s first?” I asked as I looked over at.

“Im not.” Harry complains.

“Me either.” Zayn said

“No way.” Liam sighed.

“Fine! You all are.” I smirked

“What do I wear?” the boys asked


“WINTER!” she yelled.

“Right this and this.” Throwing the boys hoodies and joggers. “WAIT!” I shouted as I threw lots of hats and scarves on the bed.

“Lowri! I’ll pick for you, you pick for me.” I said she nodded and skipped off to my drawers. I picked an h=outfit out for Lowri as I looked at what she picked out for me; Red skinny jeans, a while and purple leopard print top with a long wool cardigan. Along with bed socks a panda hat a scarf and a Niall doll.

I shook my head as I changed into my clothes. Lowri was wearing fleece pyjamas with a red sleeveless jacket. On her feet she was wearing pink bed socks and she was holding two big stuffed animals. On her head she was wearing a fur winter hat and devil horns.

“Let’s go strut our stuff.” She winked as she leaded the way out of the room.

“Ahh it’s too hot!” I complained removing everything but my jeans and top.

“Hey love” Niall whispered as he wrapped arms around my neck.

“Hey boy who can be adorable and sexy at the same time and still be the most perfect angel in the world. You know you look amazing!” I grinned.

“So do you. That top looks fantastic you should wear it more often.” Niall chuckled.

“It’s a bit long.” I shrugged.

“So?” He laughed

“Okay C’mon SUMMER!” Lowri yelled.

“I’ll sit this one out.” Liam said sitting on one of the beanbags.

“Okay, then were going in couples!” Lowri said excitedly

“Whooo!” I giggled.

“Okay I guess Harry Louis Zayn go in that room.” Lowri nodded as she followed the boys. I dragged Niall’s suitcase into my room and started looking through my wardrobes and draws...

“Arrgg! This is Soo hard!” I sighed.

“Wear this? Or this? or this?” Niall said holding up a short denim short that I’ve had about ten years so it hardly covers me them he held up a dress, last Niall held up a bikini. I rolled my eyes picking up a pair of light denim shorts.

“Or you could just go in your underwear.” He chuckled.

“You wish Horan.” I rolled my eyes. I decided on changing into a red tank top under my one shoulder long sleeved top that had a union jack on the front.

“Yay you’re done, now pick for me.” Niall begged his suitcases now empty and his clothes all over my room.

“I thought you were meant to be the tidiest?” I said laughing.

“Ehh, I don’t know just help me” he shrugged. I threw him a pair red and white shorts that were hanging over my guitar. Niall came over to me and picked up the guitar.

“You play?” He asked strumming a few chords after he changed.

“Used to. I had lessons when I was in school for about two years and the occasional lesson from my cousin.” I sighed. “I wish I continued them instead of quitting them for keyboard.”

“So you play keyboard?” Niall asked pulling me onto the bed.

“Yup.” I smiled

“Play something.” Niall insisted.

“Do you see a piano in here? It’s in the music room.”

“Then let’s go to the music room!” Niall said as I walked into the garage. I’d had it sectioned off since it was so big so my dad could have his garage them I could have my music room. Niall sat down on one of the cool chairs I had by the Xbox while I sat at the piano.

“What should I play?” I said as I played a few keys.

“What can you play?” Niall said as he spun on the chair.

“Erm, all your songs, A Team, a bunch of random stuff I learnt in school, Christmas songs, the welsh national anthem the theme tune for eastender.” I laughed

“Play stuff the you learn in school and the welsh national anthem.” Niall said “Then you have to teach me.” He smiled.

“Okay but first you have to borrow my electric guitar and remind me how to play guitar since I can only remember Chasing Cars.” I told them as he shrugged.

“sing too!” he exclaimed, I rolled my eyes as my music fell on the floor.

“Wait you got sheet music? Lemme play with you” he exclaimed, I shrugged and passed him he music. “Kay go.”

I started playing the fairly easy tune

Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi,

Gwlad beirdd a chantorion, enwogion o fri;

Ei gwrol ryfelwyr, gwladgarwyr tra mâd,

Tros ryddid gollasant eu gwaed.


Gwlad, Gwlad, pleidiol wyf i'm gwlad.

Tra môr yn fur i'r bur hoff bau,

O bydded i'r hen iaith barhau.

Hen Gymru fynyddig, paradwys y bardd,

Pob dyffryn, pob clogwyn i'm golwg sydd hardd;

Trwy deimlad gwladgarol, mor swynol yw si

Ei nentydd, afonydd i mi.

Os treisiodd y gelyn fy ngwald tan ei droed,

Mae hen iaith y Cymry mor fyw ac erioed,

Ni luddiwyd yr awen gan erchyll law brad,

Na thelyn berseiniol fy ngwlad.


I sing the lyrics I’ve known off by heart ever since I can remember. I turned around the hear clapping, I blushed.

“Wow, that was brilliant.” Harry said.

“Thanks.” I smiled

“Anyway there is no way you are missing pyjama theme so hurry up” Lowri said, I sighed and got up as I went with Niall into the bedroom. I changed into my all in one fleece then Turned to Niall.

“Hello.“ I grinned.

“ ‘ello!” Niall laughed. I sat on my bed as I flipped through a notebook I found under my bed.

“what’s that? Niall asked as he put his head in my lap.

“An old scrapbook.” I chuckled. “Oh gosh, this was when I was like 7.” I sighed as I admired the pictures.

“Awh look at you and your dog.” He chuckled.

“So tell me about your old house and pets.” Niall smiled.

“You want to know every single detail about my life don’t you.” I laughed.

“Yup. Well I should know everything about you since I am your boyfriend.” He reminded me.

“Well from when I was born to when I was three my parents had this dog called Jessie. She was 18 when she got ill and the vets decided to put her down. For a few years them I didn’t have any pets then when I was about 6 we got a rabbit called, she was called Jessie too. She was a fat white rabbit with red eyes and all she done was stay in her cage for eight years she would growl  and scratch you if you took her out. A few months later I got Bella.” I said as I bit my lip. I put the scrapbook aside and pulled out my iPod as I scrolled through the many pictures of Bella. Me and Bella, Bella at the park, Bella as I puppy, Bella running around the wreck.

“you know, I remember the day we got her so well and my parents were discussing what to call her. I wanted to name her after one of the teletubbies so bad! I was determined to name her Po.” I giggled through the tears welling in my eyes.

“You miss her don’t you.” Niall whispered as he wiped a tear my eye with him thumb.

“So much Niall.” I whispered as I dug my head into his neck.

“I’ll get her back, I can tell she means so much to you.” Niall whispered, my eyes widens.

2You will? But it’s like $500 to ship her here!” I said.

“Anything for you, I’ll make the call in fact I’ll do it now” Niall grinned as he stood up. I couldn’t be happier, the fact that he was doing this to make me happy was overwhelming.

I stood up and walked into the living room to see everyone fell asleep while waiting for us. I giggled and snapped a picture as I looked at all the boys wearing pink dressed and make-up Niall wrapped his arms around my waist before scooping me up.

“Guess what.” Niall exclaimed

“She’ll be here by tomorrow tea time!” he grinned.

“Oh my god! How did you do it?” I said jumping around

“Well you know we wanted a dog on tour for ages? pulled a few string and she’s on the way to the airport right now!” Niall said. “Well we got a big day tomorrow, time for bed.” I nodded as I pulled off the all in one fleece I was wearing, too tired to find a pair of pyjamas so I just slipped into my bed next to Niall resting my hands on his waist.

“I love you.” I whispered.

“Love you too babe.” Niall smiled before drifting off the sleep.


I awoke to Niall’s perfect features, his blue eyes, messy bed hair, adorable smile.

“How long have you been staring at me?” I laughed

“About ehh an hour?” he shrugged. I rolled my eyes.

“Haven’t you got work today?” I asked trying to refresh my memory as I lay there with Nialler who was still in his boxers.

“Yeah.” He sighed. “Come with me?”

“Can’t going shopping, but the studio is across the road from the mall.” I said.

“At least ride with me then?” He pleaded.

“Sure.” I smiled rolling out of bed and opening my wardrobe. I grabbed my floral jumpsuit and went into the bathroom.

“shit! I forgot we were meant to be going to that part tonight.  Ugh Lowri and the boys can go.” I sighed as I slid into my jumpsuit, I liked it because it made me look a bit skinnier. I looked at my hair.

“Uhh Niall.. How many plaits are in my hair?” I sighed.

“I don’t know? About twenty?” Niall laughed as he pulled on his shorts.

I shook my head as I started taking out the plaits with Niall's help I was done in about ten minutes.

“Yay your hair’s frizzy like Dani’s” Niall exclaimed, I admit it does look kinda good, I applied some hairspray and pinned some of it back then put on my mascara.

“Woah!” Niall laughed “You look. Hot.” Niall smirked.

“Whatever floats your boat.” I shrugged.

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