Dreams Do Come True (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Eighten year old Courtney. A crazy fangirl whose life changed dramaticly when she find those five perfect angels on her doorstep.


1. Meeting the Boys & Finding Louis


I glanced over towards the clock again; it was 2:07pm. I sighed, a little under two hours left until school is done for the week, almost year. Punching some more calculations and scribbling them down on my piece of paper I finally finished the maths part of final assessment. 15 minutes left, might as well write my sales pitch for the zoo while im waiting.

After finishing the sales pitch we had to write I packed up my things into my green binder, which was covered in pictures of the boys. One Direction of course, who else? Yes One Direction may only just becoming popular here in Canada but being a British, teenage girl of course I love them more than anything else in the world. My life is based around those five perfect angels, especially Nialler. The bell rung as I quickly picked up my binder and magazine as the teacher dismissed us row by row. quickly walking to my locker and unlocking it making sure to get there before the boy in the locker above. I shovelled my folders One Direction books and homework into my bag ready to take off from the school after my last lesson, sewing.

On my way through the corridors I accidently bumped into Harry. No not Harry Styles, I wish! One of my classmates or as I like to call him boy obsessed with staplers because well, just because it’s true. I have a weird class. Finally weaving though crowds of grade 9 & 10 I arrived at class.

I threaded my machine before starting my work. The next hour consisted of ironing, sewing, pinning, Mrs Krysco yelling at me because im behind, sewing again then realising I done it wrong so removing the stitched with the stupid seam ripper. In the end I gave up throwing my project, the green apron into my box along with my thread and bobbin.

After doing my daily duties which was putting the irons and ironing boards away I leant against the wall as I pulled out my phone, nothing new really. Finally the bell sounded, the door flung open and I walked as fast as I could to my locker, unlocking it and taking out my backpack I locked my locker and jogged out of the school, and up to my mums silver truck.

"How’s your day?" She asked happily, of course she’s happy she gets to stay home all day doing nothing.

"Fine." I grumbled, turning up my One Direction CD and loudly singing the lyrics with windows down, roof open for the short drive home. I jumped out of the car eager to get on my laptop fangirling on twitter, tumblr and Facebook.

"There’s a McDonalds for you in the fridge!" My mother said after me and I climbed up the garage steps.

"Kay!" I sighed kicking off my TOMS, jumping over to the sofa as I flipped open the lid of my laptop letting it loads up. As my laptop slowly loaded up I ran over to the kitchen taking out my McDonalds while cooking some microwave sausages.  I went back over to the sofa going on the usual social networking sites talking to fans like me.

Niall POV

"Liiaammm when can we go surprise her? I can’t take it any longer!" I complained as I started at the beautiful directioner right in from of my eyes.

"Soon Nini" Harry said trying to keep me calm but it wasn’t working.

"I swear we're so alike!" I muttered running a hand through my damp hair. "Look she’s wearing a red polo shirt and eating loads!" I pointed out as she typed away on her blackberry and played temple run on her iPod which had a few big cracks on the screen and the bottom right corner was shattered. She even had a picture of me as her case! I started at her beautiful face, her mid-chest length brown hair, and her dark brown eyes. I laughed noticing the way she moved her lips as she was typing. It was so adorable the way she talks to her laptop while she’s typing whispering each word. Suddenly I felt Louis stabbing me in the ribs as I glared at him.

"Be quiet if you want this to be a surprise!" Liam hissed, I nodded pulling out my phone typing a new tweet.

@NiallOffical: Not long now :D

I smiled putting my phone back and resting my head against the wall.

Courtney POV

"Im going to Majka's, if the door rings answer it. I'm expecting someone" My mum told me shutting down her computer.

"Sure. Who?" I said curiously.

"You'll see." She replied, confused I shrugged it off as I had an incoming Skype call from my cousin Megan.

"Hey!" I smiled as I heard the garage doors shut.

"Hi!" Megan grinned

"How’s life?" I asked giggling.

"Same old, what 'bout you?" Megan told me.

"Nothing much, just the normal." I replied as the door knocked. "Hang on, someone's at the door. Gotta go for a bit." I said leaping up.

"Kay" she replied ending the call. I skipped over to this door wondering who this mysterious person could be.

I heard laughing and whispering behind the door as I kept the eyes locked on my blackberry's small screen as I was talking to my friend back in the UK. I try to talk to my friends in the UK but since I moved here, to Canada five months ago from there it’s hard with the six hour time difference.  Knock knock!! the door banged, I sighed answering it

"Hi! We're One Direction!" My head shot up to see five beautiful angels standing right in front of my eyes. Holy fudgecakes, five beautiful angels by the name of One Direction were standing right in front of my eyes, it can’t be real, can it? Im dreaming like usual i know i am. I bit my lip rubbing my eyes but they were still there as I stared at them in shock.

"Aright' gorgeous, what's the craic?" Niall said breaking the silence while winking. I grinned recognising his pick up line.

"Bonjourno" I smiled trying to keep my cool. Suddenly it came to me, the reason they were here. It was strange I wasn’t jumping up and down actually and screaming my head off, because  but I dont wanna scare them off. The reason they're here, the competition, I swear I will kill my mother for not telling me I won!

"You gunna let us in or what?" Harry chuckled.

"Of course, c'mon in!" I cheered holding the door open as they waltzed into my small house. After Niall walked in I shut the door throwing a packet of cookies at him and putting a plate of fresh cakes onto the coffee table.

"Thanks babe" He whispered in my ear, I felt my whole face warm up as my cheeks blushed.

"No problem!" I said plonking my butt where it was before next to my laptop then throwing my jacket on the floor.

"Clean much." Zayn chuckled.

"Well I am clean but I prefer postponing everything till later or last minute, like cleaning and homework" I admitted as the guys sat down. “Usally when me and my best friend, Lowri have sleepovers she likes to clean up for me. Organize my stuff and stuff.” I said, giggling at my word choice.

Me and Niall spread out on my four seater couch, Harry on the foot rest, Zayn in the armchair, Liam on the brown beanbag then finally Louis on the floor.

"You should always do your homework first." Liam said, we all laughed.

"What- oh right...” making us laugh harder.

"Daddy direction." Louis grinned.

"I think we should check out her house." Harry stated, I shrugged while the boys nodded standing up and wondering about. I was still hungry so I decided to go to the kitchen get some more food. I scoffed down another cupcake before jumping up and wondering off to the kitchen.

   I decided on some fruit, chopping up some watermelon strawberries and kiwi also adding some raspberries then throwing them into a bowl. I turned around the notice Niall looking in searching some cupboards behind me.

"Lots of cupboards." He commented, I nodded offering him the bowl.

"For lots of food." I smiled jumping up onto the counter eating some fruit. Niall sat opposite me, munching on some leftover chips.

"Wait, is that a British accent we hear?" He laughed, I smirked and nodded.

"Cardiffian born and raised, fangirling is where i spent most of my days." I laughed along to the tune of Bel-Air.

"Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool. Giggling and laughing outside of the school." Niall continued laughing.

"When a couple of guys, they were up to no good. Started making' trouble in my neibourhood." I half sung waiting for him to finish.

"I got in one little fight, and my mom get scared, and said 'You're moving to Canada and meeting One Direction'" He finished we were both in fits of laughter now on the floor clutching our stomachs.

"Found your soul mate then Horan? Seriously you two are like twins!" Zayn interrupted.

"Maybe we are" Niall said winking at me while I brushed crumbs off my clothes.

"Whatever, well we need to go find Louis before he goes mental. Who knows what they're up to?" Zayn told us I nodded suspecting he's probably in my room since there’s not many rooms left in this house. I walked into my room to find Harry admiring my posters.

"Gotta collection here aye?" Niall said 

"Yup." I smiled “Now dont worry about me we have to find Louis. Where could that crazy boy be?" I wondered running my hand through my hair.

"Basement?" Harry asked.

"There’s no basement." I told him and they nodded.

"Laundry room?" Niall asked, I nodded and checked in there.

"Help! Help!" I heard coming from beneath us, the three boys looks at me curiously while I laughed getting on my knees and lifting the heavy cover from the crawl space.

"Oh! Hi!" Louis exclaimed waving at me while he was sat crossed legged in the small storage space beneath this house. I shook my head snapping a picture on my phone.

"C'mon Lou get out now."  I laughed standing up.

"Okaaayy" he sighed getting to his feet and climbing out.

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