You're new in a small town called Realtan Woods, your family had to move there because of your dads job, your new school has a lot of weird dudes, you got invited to a party by one of the popular kids, you obviously go, and something bad happens, what can it be? Would you get saved of it?


1. New begging

"Come on Sarah! Hurry up the plane is going to leave us!" says your mom as you pack your one direction CD in your backpack, "coming" you answer, you rush down stairs and get in the car, your dad turns on the car and rush to the airport, "so" your mom says "are you sure that Ed will pick every box left in the house and take it to Realta Woods before friday?" "yes honey, he said he will get everything in his truck today and leave, we will have our stuff before friday" as your mom and dad talk how awesome it will be Realta Woods, you wonder what would it be like, school, your new house, and if the people will be nice.

As you arrive to the airport you notice there aren't so many people, your mom and dad go directly to the aereoline station, you follow them, you do the check in and the go to the wait for the plane. After 30 minutes the plane arrives and you get in it, you put your iPod and start hearing to one direction, the 3hours to get to Realta pass really quick.
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