Breaking The Rules ~ forbidden Harry Styles love story~

I live with my sister Danielle with her boyfriend. Yes that's right Liam Payne is my sisters boyfriend.
It's pretty awesome, except the 'rules'. Yes that's right 'rules' number 1: Never can i have a house party... read for more ;)


6. What Happened?


"ugh" i groaned, i had a major headache but i'm sure it was a hang over. i scratched my head while trying to go back to sleep when i stretched my hand banging it on... a lamp? since when sis i get a lamp, my eyes flew open. where am i, i sat up noticing that i was still in my clothes from last night. I got up hearing some one was in the shower, i quickly got my bag which laid on a couch by the door. i hurridly walked out trying to figure out how i could get home and what exactly happened last night. I ignored the strange looks i got, realizing i was across town from home, i pulled out my phone and called Gabbi, "why are you screaming?' i asked her while grabbing my fore head, oh my god it feels like i fell down a hole and hit a rock.  "No, i need a ride..... i dont' know, the corner of Breah way and Foscer street. .. i dont care who you are with, wait what? you're with Zayn. ... What exactly happened last night?" i asked her trying to remember. Okay i hung up Gabbi said she would be here in a few minutes, I found a bench and sat down the last thing i remember is when Louis and Eliza decided to jump in the pool, and I was with Harry talking about ... i dont exactly remember what we were talking about i just remember his lips moving slowly, "He has beautiful lips." i said to myself, "oh and his dimples" i could feel my cheeks heating and me being swooned by just the thought of him, wait did i just admit that i had feelings for Harry Styles, my sisters boyfriend's best friend, "Oh shit." i whispered out loud to myself. Gabbi arrived about 15 minutes after, i hoped in the car "So who lives here?" she asked while looking out her window, "Um.. i don't know.." she looked at me confused, "Who were you with?" she asked "I don't know, i woke up and ran out. someone was in the shower but i have no clue who." she looked at me i could tell she was worried, i was worried! who did i stay the nights at, it could be anyone someone from school, one of Carmen's or Eliza's friends, even someone i dont even know. "so you dont remember anything from last night?" she questioned, "i remember nothing." i confirmed. "Can we go home?" i asked refereeing to my home, "yeah." she said quietly.  My head was still killing me and as soon as i got home she gave me a bottle of Advil and some water, "thanks," i said taking 2 of them and sipping a drink of water. "You know we have school tomorrow? so everyone will be talking about the 'crazy ragger' at Veronica's it will be awesome!" she said enthusiastically apparently not remember the fact that i woke up in an unfamiliar bed. "that's great, but i can't remember shit and i woke up in someones bed!" i reminded her "well i mean i dont think anything happened you are still in your clothes from last night," she pointed out, 'but your right we need to find out what happened."   **seeing as i don't have a life this part will continue tomorrow. love you guys (chapters are just short for now, so you guys have something) lots of love***
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