Breaking The Rules ~ forbidden Harry Styles love story~

I live with my sister Danielle with her boyfriend. Yes that's right Liam Payne is my sisters boyfriend.
It's pretty awesome, except the 'rules'. Yes that's right 'rules' number 1: Never can i have a house party... read for more ;)


2. wait.. what?

(GUYS, KEEP IN MIND THIS IS 2013 SO LIAM AND DANIELLE HAVE BEEN LIVING IN THE SAME HOUSE FOR 2 YEARS_ they are two years older) Veronica's POV i opened my eyes, to be welcomed by the smell of bacon and pancake batter. i rolled off my bed, heading to my closet to find out what i was going to wear today. I got dressed and walked into the kitchen with had a breakfast bar i took my seat and watched Liam make breakfast. "why are you just staring at me?" Liam asked while laughing, "oh i dont know" i said shrugging my shoulders when Danielle cam from behind and span the stool i was sitting on. [polyvore] "Hey lovely," she said while giving Liam a kiss, grabbing a piece of bacon in the process. i gagged but failed my attempt, by giggling. "haha... What's the bag for?" Liam asked me. "oh i'm going over to Gabbi's, i asked you Monday about it." i reminding them. "oh yeah, When is she picking you up?" "oh... soon, but you know i still have time to eat." i said with a cheeky smile towards the end. "Of course you are." Danielle said while grabing her cup of tea and rolling her eyes playfully. Liam handed me a plate with a pancake disguised as a face with strawberries and bacon, i smiled down, the first time we met mum was making breakfast and i complained about it because i wanted to go out 'but look it's not the same because at Henrietta's they always make the pancake like a face.' i pointed out then Liam took the berries and the bacon and decorated the pancake, and he has done that ever since.  "thank-you!" i said  enthusiastically yelled, i mean yeah its a little, a lot immature but i like the fact that liam and i have a inside joke. I finished breakfast when someone knocked on our door, "WHO IS IT!?!" i screamed, usually i wouldn't do that but Liam and Danielle left to go to some press thing with the band, "who do you think?" Gabbi said sarcastically. i threw my bag over my shoulder and walked out the house, "oh let me tell them im leaving." i said while taking my phone out of my back pocket, "of course," she said mocking my responsibility or what she calls it, my goodyness. *dial* "okay Hey, sorry to call just wanted to tell you im leaving the house,... yeah cool love you too, bye." i hung up. Gabbi laughed throwing her head back while hopping into her car, "You are too good." she told me. i rolled my eyes "shut up and drive." # Mindy's POV "Why the hell is Veronica Peazer here?"  I asked mum, "Because she is your sisters friend sweet heart, and because she is a good influence." She answered while putting the last item in the fridge. "You do know Sydney's coming over, right?" i asked. She closed the fridge door"No i didn't because you never ask you tell, and im really getting tired.." *DING DONG* "well nice talk mum, Sydney's here so yeah." i said ending the conversation. i answered the door "Hey biotch," i said while opening the door for her, "you will never guess who is here," i paused giving her time to answer, she just shook her head while walking up the stairs, "Veronica Peazer." i said while putting my lips together and moving my eyebrows upward. she stopped on the last step "why is she here?" she asked quite loudly i might add, "shh! she is write there," i whispered/yelled at her. her eyes got wide "sorry." we walked in my room [tumblr_ljjrkrsV1Y1qza0fjo1_500_thumb] "so why is she here?" she pleaded jumping into my bed, "i just made that," i said a little pissed. "because you know how here and Gabriella have their little skank tribe, well they are having a sleepover." "not all of them, right" "no just them, duh!"  "Maybe its fate," she siad giving me a sinister smile "what?!" i asked confused. "i mean we have two skanks, no offence, in the same house as us. Hello, revenge." "yeah revenge for being skanks," i said doubtful "oh what ever works for me." i shrugged. # Gabriella's POV "DiNNER!!" Angie called at us, we got up and walked out the door to be welcomed by the annoying brat (Mindy) with her friend, who by the way i don't like. "Oh Hi.." i said in disgust she just ignored me walking down to where Angie had set up 5 plates at the table. "thanks," i said while grabbing a chair and motioning for veronica to sit on the one to the right of me. We sat there and ate until Mindy interrupted  the awkward silence "May, we be excused?" i turned to face her, what the hell has gotten into her since when did she have manners, "what are you looking at?!" she said rudely to me and Sydney giggled, i rolled my eyes. "sure," Angie answered also a little shocked by the phase of the question. Veronica and i finished diner and walked to my room, "we should skype Carmen," she suggested, "sure, Eliza is probably with her," we agreed while calling her.  Gabbi & Veronica: Purple Carmen & Eliza: Green Skype Call: Hey, CARMEN! get over here, sorry she is getting us popcorn, Eliza said popping her Ps Nice, ugh Mindy has Sydney over, yeah i know! i said throwing my hands in the air. Man that sucks, hey so whats the plans for our birthday, its coming soon. Eliza asked eager about turning 17 i turned to Veronica, i dont know, I haven't talked with Danielle about it so .. she shrugged her shoulders i peirced my lips together, nodding and looking at the ground trying not to laugh oh shut up guys, i mean its like this: they gave me rules i follow them and if i dont i get in trouble, and maybe have the chance of going back to live with my parents. she explained her self when i patted her headhun, that's why you dont get caught. Oh my gosh, you're a horrid influence you are! Carmen laughed while eating some popcorn. maybe, i just want you guys to have a good birth- "GABRIELLA AND MINDY GET DOWN HERE NOW!" Angie yelled from downstairs my eyes got wide, i'll be back... probably I joked handing veronica the computer. i got down stairs welcomed by Angie and Mindy both looking at me "yes?" i asked concerned, "I had €20 on the counter now it is gone, and your sister has informed me about veronica's past with stealing." she finished "step- sister." i corrected her quickly "wait... what? veronica stealing? are you mental?" i asked the last question at Mindy , "no use in lying now," she said while smirking behind my back, THAT'S WHEN IT HIT ME wow, mindy was trying to make angie not like veronic so she couldnt come over anymore. "she didn't-" i started to be interrupted  "look i won't tell her sister, but i want the €2o and i don't want you hanging out with her anymore ." i shook my head and turned around stomping up the  stairs, when i saw Sydney laughing in Mindy's room. So now my step-mum thinks that one of my best friends is a thief, veronica was not going to take this well. she didn't steal it somehow i was going to prove it to Angie but right now i just dont know how. ~rule number 16 don't get into any trouble~ **Hey guys, how are you liking it so far? How do you think Veronica will react to Gabbi's step-mum not liking her, do you think Gabbi will be able to prove Veronica's innocence? One rule broken, it might be minor but it's still a rule. Well have a great day :)xx** 

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