Breaking The Rules ~ forbidden Harry Styles love story~

I live with my sister Danielle with her boyfriend. Yes that's right Liam Payne is my sisters boyfriend.
It's pretty awesome, except the 'rules'. Yes that's right 'rules' number 1: Never can i have a house party... read for more ;)


5. It's Time


(It's Friday guys)  Veronica's POV  "It's time to go to school." i sung while washing my face, "what is wrong with me?" i looked in my mirror and shrugged, yes lately i have been talking to myself (more than usual that is) I got dressed and called Gabriella,         CONVERSATION V:PURPLE GABBI:GREEN what's up? i think im goiing to walk to school. why, oh did i tell you i have met Zayn? wait, like Liam's Zayn? yeah, we have been texting, i could hear her smiling  Oh well that's good, weird kind of yeah it is isn't it yeah okay well i dont need a ride so i'll see you at school love yah love you too. our conversation ended. i turned the corner as a girl came running up to me, "OH EM GEE, Veronica?" "um, yes." i answered confused. "oh my god, they said you wouldn't be home but i knew you would to bad huh, i mean with your birthday coming up and Liam and Danielle on vacation." "yep, im sorry so your a one direction fan?"  asked her "oh no i am a directioner, I'm Rebecca, i am from america im on vacation." she said smiling 'that's cool," i said still in a bit of shock "so are you and harry dating?" i blushed, why am i blushing i asked myself "um, well um no." i said while looking down, "well you two are cute together i mean Varry is sweet." :what is varry?" i said flash backing back to the meet and greet. "oh it's your guys's ship name, like well Diam, liam and your sisters." "oh i see." i said finally understanding, she asked for a picture and i agreed 'have a nice day." i said while waving "you too, do you have a twitter? because i have one.' she said while handing me a peice of paper with '@1dlovesbecca' on it, "i dont but i'll make one soon." i smiled and walked away still shocked that she knew me. i got to school and through out the whole day Gabbi and Carmen were telling me about all the party details, "you guys are coming early right?' i asked  "well duh.' Eliza said while getting in Gabbi's car. "nice, so you know people are coming?" i looked at carmen "yeah, look we got everything cleared so calm down!" she ordered "okay fine i'll just go home, bye, love you!" i sarcastically blew a kiss. # i was finished with my homework, and got ready for bed. i looked at the clock "It's only 6pm... holy crap." i got out my laptop remembering that i told that girl Rebecca i would make a twitter. okay so this will be easy. i made mine Veronica Peazer_ @Vreal  i nodded my head, "sounds okay."  i followed rebecca and sent her a tweet 'hey, it's veronica :)' i got off and called it a night. ## i woke up to the banging of my door, "IM COMING, GOD!" I screamed. i walked to the door and looked through the peep hole, it was Carmen "Hey." she greeted "did you just wake up?" she asked looking me up and down. "no i just like made my hair all crazy and wear my pajamas to parties." i said sarcastically. "well eliza and Gabbi are getting the drinks and i'm here to help you and to make sure all breakables are stored." "oh well i need to get dressed, as you already pointed out so go do that and yeah." i said while walking back to my room and throwing on what ever i felt like, me.  i walked out of my room, carmen was sitting on the couch and flipped the telly on.  ## it was thirty minutes past and about the whole school was here, I was freaking out! "calm down," gabbi handed me her drink, "I am calmed down," i said taking a sip of her drink but choking on it.  she laughed "everyone is having a good time but you-" *ring ring ring* our eyes got wide as we looked at each other, "who is calling, i ran into my room making sure to grab a home phone, "it's Liam's cell." i said while looking at Eliza "well answer it!" she demanded, while shutting the door to block out some of the noise. "umm Hello?" i said slowly "Hey sweetie, are you having fun?" it was Danielle "Yeah, just a little sleepover so yeah." well Liam and I just wanted to call and tell you "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" they both screamed into the phone. i laughed 'thanks, yeah so Gabbi is like yelling for me to-" i began trying to end the conversation that could or could not get my ass in a heep of trouble. "i know but your surprise should be there any minute." she said excited, "MY SURPRISE?!" i screamed "*cough* i mean what surprise?" "Liam and i told you there was a surprise call me when 'it' arrives." she hung up but i could still hear the sneakiness in her voice, i put the phone down ".... there is  surprise coming." i said flatly to the girls. "Oh fuck!" Carmen said while looking down, "No, No guys we are fine look veronica ad i will go out side and wait to find out what the hell the surprise is then you guys just keepp the inside calm." Gabbi told us. "KEEP IT CALM? CALM, PEOPLE ARE THROWING CRAP OUT THERE!" Eliza yelled, "IS THAT WHAT CALM IS?!" APPARENTLY She wasn't ready for what this party was full of - fucking craziness. Gabbi rolled her eyes while grabbing my wrist taking me out the front door, "what do you think it is?" i asked letting my mind wonder, "I have no clue, but it looks like we have more guest," she answered looking at a nice car pulling up, "Fuck me." i said under my breath, "those are the boys..... oh my." Gabbi noticed. The boys (except for liam of course) stepped out holding a cake box and having confused expressions glued on their face, Gabbi walked up to them "So what do we have to do to get you not to tell Liam?" she pleaded, "well you could-' zayn stepped up before being pulled back by Louis "group talk!" he said as they huddled, "okay so we will just stand right here.." Gabbi said while awkwardly pointing at the ground beneath our feet. they finally came out of there huddle, "we have a proposition," Louis began, "yeah buddy!" Niall said while laughing,  i smiled what is wrong with him? "you see we will not tell liam and your lovely sister that you guys are having a rag-" "Can we join?" Harry said cutting Louis off, "i was getting there," Louis said while shoving Harry's shoulder they just laughed. Gabbi and I looked at each other "It's not like we have a choice," i said while looking at her  then i turned my head "fine, fine." i agreed, "whoop whoop! Yeahyuh!' they cheered i smiled. "so, are you going to give me my cake?" i said looking at Niall who obviously wanted a slice. "Yeah. lets go inside." Zayn said while smirking at Gabbi, 

~rules: Curfew, No House Parties, Lying, Boys in the house~ ** okay i know what im doing now, YAY! **

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