Breaking The Rules ~ forbidden Harry Styles love story~

I live with my sister Danielle with her boyfriend. Yes that's right Liam Payne is my sisters boyfriend.
It's pretty awesome, except the 'rules'. Yes that's right 'rules' number 1: Never can i have a house party... read for more ;)


3. But my birthday.

Veronica's POV   i woke up to be welcomes by Gabbi's feet in my face, I got up remembering that Mrs. Angie thinks I'm a thief, Mindy and Sydney hate me not that i care but to lie like that, What is wrong with them? Gabbi said she would work it out but still her mum said we couldn't hang out, ugh this sucks. I got up not even getting dressed, i had got a text from Liam saying that he was going to pick me up and that he was needing to tell me something. I got all my stuff together, "hey I'm leaving." i whispered in Gabbi's ear she mumbled something, okay. i walked down the stairs trying to avoid not only Mindy but now also her mum. Luckily everyone was asleep still, so i walked out making sure to lock the door behind me. i turned to be facing a van with five heads... oh my gosh! Liam just decides to bring the band with him, i look like crap, I'm in my pajamas! I looked at the ground while hopping in the car my face expressionless. i opened the door forced to sit in the back, "thanks guys." i said jokingly when they refused to move. i sat in the back where there was three seats but only Harry was back there, "ha ha nice outfit, love." Louis said while winking, "yeah well we can't all look as good as Zayn." i said while turning my head to face him fixing his hair, he looked at me with the 'what did i do' look and put his hands down and looked forward we all laughed. i sat back and buckled up, when out of no where a fruit... yes a fruit came and hit me, "What the-." i paused seeing that Liam was looking at me through the mirror "flack?" i said while looking at Lou, out of all the boys i was probably closest to him all though we still weren't all that close he is kind of like a brother nothing more, even if i wanted it to be i couldn't be. "just thought you were hungry for breakfast," he said letting Liam come and finish his sentence " yeah, Danielle is rehearsing we thought it would be nice to come with the boys and i to our meet and greet. that was before i saw that you were in you pajamas, do you have a change of clothes?" he asked "Nope." i said flatly regretting my laziness. Niall was laughing i couldn't help but smiling his laugh was so great, Zayn joined in and of course Louis was acting crazy in the front while Harry was just quiet by my side. "well i have my wallet ill just have to buy some new clothes," i said mostly to myself but Liam shook his head signaling he heard me. # we walked in the mall with the guards hovering over us from all sides, i know the boys needed it but I'm sure none of their fans know who i am plus not many were here yet. we kept on walking when a hand touched my right shoulder i jumped "oh sorry sweety, just wanted to say hi." oh it was Paul. "Hey," i smiled "you scared me half to death."  "i noticed, there is no worry honey, i know these fans seem a little crazy but you will be fine." i smiled he turned around waving to me, i guess he had something better to do, like i don't know his job, i laughed to my self but stopped abruptly noticing it wasn't really that funny, at all. we were seated, i didn't sit though, "Liam i need to go to the store still." i said quietly "oh yes." he said "Paul do you want to take Veronica to a shop for me?" Paul hook his head yes, "oh I'll come to," i saw Liam look at Harry awkwardly, did he just volunteer to go shopping with me? "well you know to see the fans." he added and Liam's face softened, 'i don't mind, but i really do feel weird standing in my pajamas right now." harry grabbed his coat "lets go." he motioned. We walked to my favorite shop that was in the mall, "okay," i said looking at both Paul and Harry "oh we have to go in with you, it could be dangerous." Paul said while Harry added "yeah," I turned around :okay then" i said while looking through the racks, i walked around finding nothing i turned to Harry "You know for Harry Styles, you are pretty quiet.' i told him "yeah ell people make me out to be super loud." he said flashing  me a smile, he was helping me look around "this is cool." he said handing me a hanger with a black shirt on it with a wolf, "it is." i said shocked, he laughed "i will go try it on." i walked over to the shorts and grabbed a plain pair of jean shorts, going into the dressing room, i  got changed. I came out smiling, " i like it," i stated "me too,' he said while smiling I'll take it, i bought it and we left. By the time we made it back to the table there was allot more fans, and allot more cheering. I winced when we walked by some girls shrieked because of Harry. We sat down, i was behind them on my phone checking the school paper we have a two week break but it ends tomorrow.  After about 5 crazed fans a girl about a year older then me came, "Hi," she walked towards the boys, she whispered something but to tell you the truth i didn't really care i wasn't as nosy as some people would be. "yeah sure." Liam said then turned to me. "veronica you want to be in the picture?" "Really?" I asked i looked at the girl "Do you even know who i am?" i asked. "Uh Yeah! You're Danielle's sister you are sixteen and single." she spoke clear and fast, "how do you know my relationship status?" I asked wide eyed the boys laughed clearly knowing something i didn't. "Never underestimate a directioner." she smiled "okay so i was thinking we would be by each other in between Harry and Niall." she said Niall's name blushing. i agreed and walked over to Harry, "okay guys funny picture!" she said while giggling. I turned seeing Liam making his monkey face Niall had his arm around the directioner, and Zayn making a face which he should never make again and im not really sure what louis was doing but it was funny all right. I was debating what too do when Harry picked me up wedding style, "what?!" i screamed "take the picture!" Liam mumbled having trouble holding his breath. *flash* We all laughed and the girl got her picture, "wow." she said "You and Harry are so cute, Varry!" she said while walking away. 'Varry'? i left that question in my head. # After what felt like five thousand pictures, which i had been invited in most, they were done. We were walking to the car i was exhausted and still confused about what Varry was. I was second to get in the car, again it was just me and Harry. I was so tired, i started to slowly daze of, my head started to fall and i let my eyelids closed i leaned over on Harry "you don't mind do you?" i yawned. "No. of course not.' he said shaking his head. "Thanks." i adjusted his head on his shoulder and he put his arm around, me it wasn't anything like that but he needed some where to put his arm so i allowed it. ## i woke up, still in the clothes from the meet and greet, but on the couch. The sun was shinning through the window and i sat up, Liam and Danielle were both looking at me Liam had his arm around Danielle and they were both drinking tea. "Hello," i said questioning why they were both staring at me. "we have something to tell you." Danielle answered "oh yeah i forgot you told me yesterday." they shook their head yes. "well t he management has given a chance to go down to Hawaii for a vacation/press thing" she told me "it only had two tickets so Liam and I will be leaving tomorrow for Hawaii and will be gone for two weeks." she stopped. i took a moment to process all this, "But my birthday? Are you serious?! you are going to leave five days before my birthday to go to Hawaii, my i add without me!" I sort of yelled, how could they? "Veronica we understand why you are upset." Liam tried to calm me. "are you kidding me what the fuck?! What did you get tired of me?" i screamed going into my room and slamming the door. "oh V it's not like that." I heard Danielle say, "just let her get angry its good, we will talk about it later.' Liam assured. I laid on my bed and tears formed in my eyes, they are getting tired of me.  ~rule number 43: no back talk, rule 4: no slamming the door, it messes up the frame~  **didn't really mention Gabriella's plan. What did you guys think? How would you feel if you were left alone on your birthday, Does Veronica have the right to be pissed? Well think about that and comment on what you think. have a nice day! Love you guys!**

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