Breaking The Rules ~ forbidden Harry Styles love story~

I live with my sister Danielle with her boyfriend. Yes that's right Liam Payne is my sisters boyfriend.
It's pretty awesome, except the 'rules'. Yes that's right 'rules' number 1: Never can i have a house party... read for more ;)




Veronica's POV *KNOCK KNOCK* "Look V, i know you're still mad about the news from yesterday, but we need to talk more before you go to school." "Fine." i said flatly just getting out of my bed, and changed from my clothes. I stepped out my door to be welcomed by Liam Bumping into me with one of his suitcasses "Oh sorry, love." he passed "sure you are." i whispered under my breath while rolling my eyes.  I went to the kitchen and made me some tea, "Okay now that you're out we need to talk about the details." Danielle warned me, "Fine, I know you guys are  leaving there is some money in the cookie jar, you expect me to not break any of those rules of yours, and the whole reasen you aren't taking me is because you guys need a break... FROM ME! I know I'm not the best and i could be better," i started tearing up, while daneille stared at me shocked from acccross the counter which mademe cry harder " And i know that you probably are thinking of sending me back but don't please don't i don't want to go back to live with mum and father!" i was now sobbing "veronica, what is wrong with you? why would you think that?" Daneille said while putting her cup of tea down and rushing over to comfort me. She hugged me why would we do that, you have followed all the rules. You have gotten good grades, Veronica why would you think that?" "Because... i just dont know." i said vulnerably. Danielle hugged me tighter and kissed my head, "look we appreciat the fact that you follow the rules and we are sorry that we are going too miss your birthday,  but we have a surprise for you on your birthday, so inite some friends over and have a sleepover." "and she means girl friends okay not guys." by that time Liam was done putting all the luggage in his car. He walked over and hugged us both, "Okay, i am good, please stop this group hug." i pleaded trying to break free of their grips.  "Okay we are leaving but we can give you a ride so go eat." Daneille said as Liam was rushing around the house like crazy i laughed a little.  I ate breakfast and was dropped off at school but before i got out Liam decided to have a chat "Okay the money is in the cookie Jar, and you have our numbers so thats good, and we love you and will call to check in." i was getting out and nodded "love you too." i shut the door and waved as they drove away. Gabbriella's POV *YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH BUW BUW BUW BUW GET UP!* my alarm went off. i moved my arm groping around for my phone, i found it and turned the home screen on . '6am 4missed text omissed calls' i got up ready to get back to school, with all this drama with my mom not believing me it has been a little tense. I got up and dressed and walked downstairs not wanting to eat breakfast. I looked at my Carmen, Eliza, and Veronica all had a ride so it was spared some times and went to STARBUCKS. I got out my car to be welcomed by a a little group of girls screaming, I walked past them "OH EM GEE!! OG EM GEE! It's Veronica's friend!" they scremed a little louder i pause to look at them but quickly walked into the shop to see them waving wildly. i looked back while walking "what the what is wrong-" i bumped into somebody. "oh im sor-" i began "oh its cool" He smiled, oh there was the answer to why those girls were outside it was Zayn Malik. "oh so you're the reason those girls are out there." i said while laughing, "they seemed to know you." he jokingly while stepping up in line, "well, I'm Zayn." he said while giving me a cheeky smile and leaning on the edge of the counter. "I'm Gabbi, well Gabriella but my friends call me Gabbi." i said sort of rambling, "May i help you?" the girl at the counter directed towards Zayn, "oh sorry, yeah..." he ordered and was served. "well Gabbi, see you around?maybe i could get your number?" i smiled wide flattered. he looked around "um.." 'oh oh sorry ha ha,-" "may i help you?" the girl asked me this time. "one moment i'm sorry." i got a pen out of my bag, "here," i said grabbing his wrist while writing on it "is my number." i said then closing the cap to my sharpie. "nice." he said he nodded and i nodded he turned and walked out the door, "okay i am ready now! ha ha okay i want a vanilla bean cookies and creme frapeccino," she took my order and leaned over the cash register "He was hot!" she said smiling, "he was nice.. sweet." i added, she handed me my drink.  I made my way to school, I got there and saw  Veronica, Carmen and Eliza all sitting at the picnic table we usually meet up at before school starts. i walked up to the table "Yeah, they are leaving to a trip and I am stuck alone on my birthday!" I made it on time to hear Veronica complain, "Really?" i asked as i sat down, putting my bag on the table, "Yes!" she said while putting her head on the table, "it's Brilliant!" i said, and was rewarded all their stares, "Hello, is no one listening? No one will be home, lets throw a party!" i said, "They did say i could have some people for a sleepover." veronica put her head up "No not like a sleep over like a party, like booze and crap," Carmen told them exactly what i had in mind. "Are you crazy?!?" Veronica yelled loud enough that the kids around us turned to listen to our conversation, "yes but no its perfect i mean its your guys's seventeenth birthday lets have a party." i whispered, "Oh yes lets do it," Eliza agreed, we high fived, "You see Eliza's in." i stated but Carmen and veronica both looked iffy, "I dont know, i mean it sounds fun." Carmen said now braiding Eliza's hair, We all looked at Veronica "Fine! Fine, but what if they find out?" "Liam and Danielle wont find out." Eliza said flatly "Okay well i am not going to be the one that gets the booze and crap," Veronica went on. "Carmen and i will" i said, "But who would come?" V asked, "Well Everybody,  Eliza will make fliers for it tomorrow." i looked at Eliza, "sure" she said. "then it's a plan." i said "but for now lets go to class."  ## "This is going to be awesome!" Eliza announced as we all got into my car, we were all pretty siked about this well still Veronica was worried she was telling us about the rules again. "Okay, just shut up and live!" I finally shut her up, "I told my mum i had a study session so we are good there." "You still hadn't clead that whole thing up?" Veronica looked at me wide eyed. "No im sorry," i said sympathetically while turning on the radio, we were going to Veronica's so we could drop her off  so that the rest of us could go over the details for the party.  at the end of the night we have made the fliers vvvv haha creations, well by then we were all so tired and decided to call it a night, Everyone went home when i got a text "hey :)"  "Um.. Hello, Who is this?" i texted back a minute later i got another "It's Zayn, coffee shop guy :D" and that was the beginning to our conversation that lasted till 2am. Veronica's POV Daneille had called to 'check in' and i told her i was going to have a party on saturday although i did leav out the fact that both genders would be there, it would be way past curfew, and that it was going to be way more than five people. ~rule 9: Lying, in the process of breaking rule 12: No house parties~  
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