Love comes in to packages

Mandy and jess have crushes on the newest boys in high school. But someone's life gets ruined...


3. Tea time and morning

I was still upset about Eliza. She'd hurt me do much. I couldnt even eat my spag bol. My smile hid loads of tears.

"Are you okay, poppet? You look ill..." said mom, then she put her hand on mine.

"Yeah I am dont worry."

"Babes, dont eat all that spag bol if you don't want it. Go to bed when you want. Do you want to go to bed now?" said jess.

I nodded as to say yes. So then I went up to my room... And cried. After half an hour, jess came up and saw me asleep. I didn't wake up until 6am the next morning. Jess was already awake and dressed when I woke.

"I don't want to go to school... Because of her." I say crying.

Mom comes up the stairs, "Poppet, go back to sleep. Your not going to school today. You're obviously ill because you're crying."

"Can jess stay with me please!"

She nodded. I sat up while jess got changed into her pjs. I looked at her when she was changed and smiled. I felt better. But am I inside....
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