Love comes in to packages

Mandy and jess have crushes on the newest boys in high school. But someone's life gets ruined...


2. Diary timere

When me and jess arrived at home we went up into our rooms. We talked about things we hate and people. Then we wrote in out diarys. Mine was...

August 2nd 2012.

Today was horrible at school. Eliza striked again! She bullied me in front of jess! We both the Eliza. She thinks she's the best in the whole school. She also thinks she's popular. But everyone knows she isn't. Mom is making tea right now. But I'm not hungry and I don't care. The Olympics are on now. My dad is there. I miss him so much.
Bye diary.

I didn't feel better at all. But my smile hid all my tears. I felt like bursting into tears when I ate my tea. I haven't told mom about anything about Eliza. I've only told jess, she's like my secret diary. She never tells anyone about my secrets and makes sure nobody finds out. I really don know what I'd do without her.

"You alright, babes? You look ill," said jess.

"She's right poppet. Don't eat all that bolenase
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