Love comes in to packages

Mandy and jess have crushes on the newest boys in high school. But someone's life gets ruined...


1. High school ding bats

Hey I'm Mandy. And my big sister Jess is like my best friend. She listens to everything I say, she understands when I'm heartbroken and she trys to cheer me up. I don't know what I'd do with our her.

I'm sat I'm math with the geeks. I'm not one myself! It's just because I'm smart. Mrs debanham was grading our SATs papers, while the rest of the class and I were doing hard math sums. I was not bothered by the hard sums.

Yes! School finishes in 30 mins. We are just having a break. Eliza (the one who thinks she's popular) walked over to me when I was with Jess.

"You Mong. You dont have friends. I can't believe your sister even likes you." Eliza said right to our faces.
"But I....."
"Hey you! Pick on my little sister again and you won't have a mouth. Ok?..." shouted Jess.
Why do you let them speak that way to you? She asked.
I shrugged.

Me and jess walked home talking about funny things. I knew it was too cheer me up. But I was still sad.....
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