Stole My Heart.

Lily, Ellen, Summer and Eve are all going to university to do a music course. Lily is a guitarist, Ellen is a singer, Summer is a pianist and Eve is a drummer. They all meet up, and find they have lots in common, and a strong friendship blossoms. But when they meet 5 boys, and a bitchy girl who threatens to ruin everything, will their friendship survive? Hearts will be stolen.


1. Moving(Lily)

~~~~Lily's Perspective~~~~


"I'm going to miss you guys" I said, as I gave my mum, dad and brother a hug."We're going to miss you too Lily sweetie!" My mother replied, wiping away a slow falling tear. I looked around my hallway, at all the photo's of us on the wall, a few missing, as I was taking some with me. It had taken me two whole weeks to pack, and even now I was wishing I had more things. I was taking two big suitcases, one for clothes, and one for items.My dad grabbed a suitcase in each hand, and manoeuvred them out of the front door, and started to load them into the boot of his car. I ran my eyes over the pictures, trying to memorise each one. My mum had to slowly push me out of the door, holding my hand, and led me to the car, where my brother and dad were already seated and ready. I turned back around to face my house, my home, the place where I had lived for 19 years of my life. And I wasn't going to see it again for another year. Until I came back home to visit. Sure, univerisity would be fun. And I was training to do the job I have always wanted to do, a fashion designer. I sighed, and climbed into the car, blowing a kiss at my dog who was watching from the window.

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