Stole My Heart.

Lily, Ellen, Summer and Eve are all going to university to do a music course. Lily is a guitarist, Ellen is a singer, Summer is a pianist and Eve is a drummer. They all meet up, and find they have lots in common, and a strong friendship blossoms. But when they meet 5 boys, and a bitchy girl who threatens to ruin everything, will their friendship survive? Hearts will be stolen.


2. Moving(Ellen)

~~~~Ellen's Perspective~~~~


 Looking around the small flat we’d been getting  by in for the last 6 years of my life in I almost felt a small part of me going to miss this run down place.

It’d been a last resort after my father walked out on me and my mum, and the only option was to move here if I had my heart set on going to university. I hugged my mum tight, breathing in the perfume I loved so much, I picked up my backpack and my small suitcase of clothes and took a last look round the flat. ‘I love you’ I breathed as I hugged her for the final time till my summer break. ‘Go blow their minds’ she whispered in my ear as she squeezed my hand. I dragged my bags down the stairs to the taxi waiting outside. I could see my Mum waving from behind one of the old curtains.
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