Holiday Excitement

This is MY diary, it's all true, I never wrote it down. I'm just kinda remembering it, it was over a week ago you know!! =D


2. Arriving

We woke up in the morning and search for a restaurant that serves breakfast, we end up at burger king. Then we are on the road again.For most of the journey I have my LadyGaGa Beats in listening to my playlist:the charts. Soon we arrive at our holiday destination, not perfect, but fantastic to us.

Yet again we would be camping in a tent, an embarassing subject for me. I liked the idea of mini-holidays but I didnt like the idea of 'camping'. In my eyes it was a cheap thing for 'cheap' people. But, at least we were with a group of people which made it fun.


Finally we arrive at St. Ives Bay Holiday Park. My cousin's and their parents were already there and we set up our home for 8 days. Shortly after we are set up, my cousin's next-door-neighbors arrive. We help them set up, and then me, being the oldest, look after all the young one's and decide to take them up the sand-dunes. Their eldest is 9 and was playing football with my brother. Their children's ages are 2,4,7,9. Their youngest(Mally) is so cute!! Me being the oldest got to carry him up all the parts he thought were to 'high'. Awww. 


Later on that night, once everyone was set up, we had dinner and after head down to the beach to see the amazing sunset.

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