Holiday Excitement

This is MY diary, it's all true, I never wrote it down. I'm just kinda remembering it, it was over a week ago you know!! =D


1. At Home

So, it's the day!! My last day of school and the last day of waiting!! Tonight, I would be in the car on my way to a hotel!! And the next day I would be there, Cornwall. Well, it's not the BEST holiday destination, but to me, it was a fun holiday!! I HAD been waiting almost a year for this day so it would be worth it. 

I get at school at eight o'clock, 45 minutes early like every day, but today was different, it was my last day of being the youngest at school, and in less than 7 hours i would be year eight. I would miss pretty much everyone in my class, except SOME people, but if they didn't like me, I wouldn't like them,simple. So we have our first two lessons, P.E and History. In P.E we did a game of rounders and History we watched Oliver Twist,boring. And then we go to a celebration assembly, students get rewarded for outstanding achievements during the year, bladdy bladdy blahh. Besides, me and my best friend can just talk and discuss who we like and who we don't like. Until they steal her away from me,I know it was just for an award, but they stole her, from me!! Finally, we go into a classroom and eat and talk until the end of the half a day (1-30). All the popular girls sit flirting with the boys and then us un-popular people sit talking amongst ourselves. I get the bus home, as usual, with my Year 7 Friends. We walk to the bus stop and a group of girls from our school are knocking on the door of someone famous from 'The Only Way Is Essex'. Sad, sad,sad.

I get home and my dad is already packing the car for holiday. I run upstairs and check facebook, my daily app. I think I was mainly excited (for holiday) because we go in a big group: my cousins aunt and uncle, their next door neighbours and our friends and then us lot.

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