The Day the Comet Came

Two rival gangs of children rule a council estate. Within the Starlit Vampire Parade camp, Eve holds a secret love for her best friend and co-leader of the group, Raven, but unfortunately he is already taken.
But what does any of this really matter when the world is about to end in a matter of weeks?


3. The Meeting

With Eve’s speed, the two girls were soon at the field in Johnson’s Square. This was a rough, fairly large patch of grass dotted with the occasional tree. At the east end of the field was the Starlit Vampire Parade base; at the west, that of the Goldrats. There had been many “battles” in which one of the gangs had tried to conquer the whole patch, but neither group had ever manage to claim complete victory nor had suffered entire defeat. Reluctantly, given the lack of any other place to meet, the teams had been forced to share the field. This did not, however, prevent frequent invasions, attacks like the one on Aoife or copious amounts of glowering across the grass.

         As Eve hurried towards the east side, she spotted Raven already perched in the upper branches of the wizened tree that constituted the Starlit Vampire Parade throne. Raven was Eve’s co-leader of the Vampires. He was also her best friend. Even from a distance, with the wind ruffling his long, dark hair, Eve caught her breath.

         “Curse that Saskia,” she muttered.

         The other black-clad members, assembled in front of the tree, parted, bowing, as Eve led in Aoife. Pulling back the turf that buried the gang’s supplies, she tossed aside sweets, water guns and a box of Stephen King novels until she found the medical kit. Like a mother, Eve carefully patted a giraffe plaster onto Aoife’s hand where she had grazed it against the wall. She held the child close.

         “You’re a very brave girl,” she whispered. Aoife smiled proudly before running away to her other friends in the crowd.

         Once she had taken her seat on the throne, Eve informed Raven of the incident. He made the official announcement to the group.

         “I am sad to make you aware that tonight there has been an attack on our youngest member, Aoife, by that Goldrat thug, Ste.”

         Raven’s voice was as serious as a newsreader for the beginning of the announcement but drifted into a tone of disgust when forced to deal with the other gang. At the mention of Ste’s name, several members of the gang booed. Many were veterans of the notorious teenager’s attacks. Glares were flung from the other end of the field where Becki and Charlie were holding their meeting.

         “Now, to revenge,” proclaimed Eve.


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