The Day the Comet Came

Two rival gangs of children rule a council estate. Within the Starlit Vampire Parade camp, Eve holds a secret love for her best friend and co-leader of the group, Raven, but unfortunately he is already taken.
But what does any of this really matter when the world is about to end in a matter of weeks?


5. Important Things

As the sky became darker, the children got tired and fewer attempts were made at sabotaging the enemy. The music remained on, however, and the majority kept dancing.

         Over at the Vampire camp, a slightly slower love song began to play. Still wheeling around with the two little girls who always had energy for dancing, Eve stole a fleeting glance at Raven. He was with Saskia. They had drawn away a little from the rest of the group, Raven’s authority ensuring that he would not be interrupted. Underneath the tree, they held each other in the moonlight. Even from where she stood, Eve could see that Saskia was just as perfect as Raven. Her glossy hair was perfectly straight and her pale skin had not a single blemish. Her huge blue eyes were perfectly outlined with mascara and eyeliner. Her lips were smooth and red as Raven kissed them, his eyes closed in happiness. Eve gazed down at her muddy trainers, fiddling with a strand of her scruffily-plaited ginger hair. She blushed, knowing that it was foolish for her to even entertain the idea of being able to compete with Saskia. Eve gazed back at the couple until there were tears in her eyes.

         But then Sofia tugged at Eve’s sleeve and she knew that there were other, more important things. Putting on her well-worn fake smile, she let herself be whisked away into the dance.

         Eve was right in thinking that there were more important things to be considered. As the Goldrats and the Starlit Vampire Parade fought, they all knew at the back of their minds that these petty rivalries really made no difference.

         In two weeks, a comet would hit the Earth. Poisonous gases would fill the sky. Fires would start. Scientists, astronauts, politicians; they were all useless. Try as they might, they could not prevent it.

         They had two weeks to live.

         Many members of both gangs had become upset and depressed. Some of the children were really too young to understand what was happening. The eldest of any of them was sixteen. They felt cheated of their futures and as though there was little point in living through their last few weeks. Both gangs’ leaders had attempted to boost morale with more pranks and games, but it was difficult enough to hide their own sorrow without trying to protect the others. Saskia had refused to talk about it, claiming it was better to just enjoy the last few days as they were. As a consequence, Raven had been round at Eve’s house three evenings in the past week because he was so afraid and so tired of trying to be brave with the others. Of course, Eve’s heart leapt every time he confided in her like this, but it was all bittersweet. No matter what happened between the two of them they would be separated soon.    

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