The Day the Comet Came

Two rival gangs of children rule a council estate. Within the Starlit Vampire Parade camp, Eve holds a secret love for her best friend and co-leader of the group, Raven, but unfortunately he is already taken.
But what does any of this really matter when the world is about to end in a matter of weeks?


8. Ambulance

After two hours of sitting in his bedroom feeling angry at Saskia, Raven began to think that he had been too harsh. His reddened eyes found the photos he had torn down from his walls. They were strewn like rubble across the floorboards. When those scenes from their relationship – Saskia’s birthday meal, their day at the beach, all those nights by the tree – flooded across his eyes, he decided that he needed to apologise. Saskia had not treated him well, but everyone deserves forgiveness. The thought of the comet had made everyone a little mad. He did not want to have to face the end of the world without Saskia’s smile.

         It was almost midnight, but Raven guessed she would be too upset to sleep. Her parents would still be awake, drinking.

         Quite a few of the streetlights along the short journey to Saskia’s house had been broken and it was very dark. Raven jumped when he heard the ambulance siren from behind him. He laughed at himself. He ought to be used to it by now; there were enough drunken accidents around the estate.

         When he turned onto Saskia’s road, Raven found that he was following the ambulance. The siren was loud in his ears. It echoed in his head like a warning. He hoped that Saskia’s parents had not had too many ciders and fallen down the stairs. Whilst they were often very strict with their daughter, they were generally great people.

         However, whilst the ambulance was parked across from their house, the couple were outside and seemed unhurt. Their daughter was not with them. That was when Raven’s breaths started to get shorter. As he ran over, he saw that Saskia’s father held her crying mother with one arm and his bottle of beer in the other.

         Seeing Raven, her father yelled, “She’s dead, you idiot! There’s no point running now!”

         But Raven was trapped in his snow globe again, turning over and over. He could not break out because the glass was so thick. That was why Saskia’s father’s voice barely reached his ears. That was why the man from the ambulance could not grab him and prevent him running up to Saskia’s room. That was why he could barely read the note on her desk – “Better sooner than later.”

         All Raven saw was a beautiful little girl, so lately his beautiful little girl, hanging from her bunk bed by her school tie.  

         He gave a cry like his namesake. But the sound just whirled around inside his glass dome, unable to get out.

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