Being Mommy

Annabelle Gerard, or Anna Bee as the boys call her, is the stylist of One Direction. Her & the boys were like, brothers & sister. But when things get busy, and the boys get really famous, the pressure to keep the boys in line is getting more & more harsh on Anna. This is what its like Being Mommy.


2. Me Again.

I hop into the car, pushing the key into the ignition and turning it so my engine starts. As I'm about to pull out of the hotel driveway, I get a text from my ex-boyfriend. 'When is it your week with Lilla? She's your little girl too you know.' was what he had sent. I quickly reply. 'I'm in London for the next few days, I'll pick her up tonight.' and then shut off my phone. I follow behind the lads tour bus closely, being careful not to go off route. Once we arrive at their venue, I quickly hop out of my car, rushing behind the body guards and into the building with the boys. 

"Ah, we're here!" Niall shouts into the high ceilings. His voice echo's through the building. 

"Shush Ni, we're working now." I say, grabbing his wrist and tugging him towards where their dressing rooms were assigned. Once we get there, Harry starts pouting. 

"What?" I ask, folding my arms. 

"When is Lilla comingggg?" he whines, sticking out his lower lip.

"I'm picking her up from her dad's tonight, now shut up." I stick out my tongue at him and he laughs. 

"Okay, good. I miss the twerp." Lou laughs. I glare at him. "I'm kidding, she's my favourite kid in the world, duh!" he rolls his eyes. 

"Well then lads lets get changed." I say, and they all laugh. Harry slowly strips teasingly as I stand with my arms folded. 

"Oh c'mon Anna Bee, you know you want to." he winks, and I laugh sarcastically.

"Hardy har." I say, chucking his clothes at him. He pouts. 

"I can go get Lilla now if you guys behave." I propose and their faces light up. 

"PLEASE?!" Zayn smiles, and Liam echoes him with another 'please'. 

"Okay, I'll be half an hour, Pauly Boy will be back in a sec too, please, PLEASE, I can't stress it enough, do NOT ruin anything." I say, holding my hands like I'm praying.

"You worry too much, go get the little squirt!" Lou smiles, pushing me out the door and closing it behind me. Wow. I feel wanted.

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